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for those who are looking to lose weight my best piece of advice is not mess it up the second you wake up sadly misinformation is very common online when it comes to fitness and nutrition this includes a variety of topics such as how to speed up your metabolism and if you really need to eat breakfast every day another dodgy piece of information is if it is safe to work out before you have eaten anything which includes both food and water it’s not very difficult to understand why people commonly make these mistakes in the first place I would like to tell you all the morning habits that prevent you to lose weight backed by science and facts hopefully as you go through these tips you’ll make some changes to your morning routine and you will soon see that your road to weight loss will be more or less of a journey rather than a struggle the most obvious sign is eating traditional breakfast foods it is commonly known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but is it many people decide to eat pancakes waffles toast bagels eggs or even bacon for their first meal of the day eating foods like these traditional breakfast foods may result in weight gain rather than opposed to weight loss even though you may supply your mind and body with proteins fats and healthy carbs all of these foods are high in refined flour and sugar both of these are linked to obesity as well as insulin resistance and diabetes once your blood sugar spikes weight-loss is difficult this is because when the blood sugar levels are abnormally high all of your organs are working hard to make sure the entire body is in check the kidneys more specifically are working to ensure that the body can stay at equilibrium this doesn’t mean that you cannot have carbs for breakfast you should stick to foods that are not processed and contain zero preservatives think refined carbohydrates instead of simple carbs such as bread and potatoes berries nuts Greek yogurt coffee oatmeal and green tea are great low-carb options if you are looking for a feast I suggest having an omelet or even avocado toast on whole grain toast you will fill yourself become fuller quicker due to the high fiber content and your blood Sugar’s will be at a regular level for a longer amount of time and you won’t get any hunger cravings until at least mid-afternoon another morning habit that prevents weight loss is binge eating and impulse eating commonly known as emotional eating we may find ourselves craving certain foods whenever we are stressed out impulse eating is directly correlated to eating large amounts of food in one sitting the foods you crave during this time are almost 100 percent high carb foods after a high carb breakfast the flavors inside the foods you eat will trick your brain into thinking that you want more and this behavior can become addictive after a while artificial flavors and sugars in food will abuse your taste buds by tricking the neurotransmitters in your brain to seeking out foods for lunch and dinner or even snacks that have the same high caloric intake this is a very bad habit that will prohibit weight loss for every reason you can think of in order to find out more please check the link below to get more information

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