best supplements to gain muscle in india

Hey Guys my name is Karan Asthana and welcome
to my Channel Indian Bodybuilding Formulas and in this video I will tell you about the
best supplements to build muscles in India So, the very first supplement that I recommend
is Creatine Monohydrate & the good thing about this product that is is affordable,it costs
around 400 to 700 rupees based on different brands and another good thing about this product
that it last for 60 servings that means it will last for 2 months, so the average cost
per month will be around from 200 rupees to 350 rupees which is very affordable as far
as results are concerned with this product,results are very good because it increases your muscle
mass and it allows your muscles to hold more water which will eventually turn into muscle
mass and it also increase the strength of your for lifting for heavier it increases
your muscle volume it helps you to get those extra reps which were not possible before,so
this is why it is a really helpful supplement.Another supplement that I recommend is a whey protein
supplement.Not going any brand specific you can go for any whey protein brand and a whey
protein is not necessary if you are able to complete your daily protein requirements by
your diet I Recommend whey protein to vegetarians and especially pure vegetarians who don’t
have lean protein sources like Egg or NonVeg.That’s it for this video and if you have any query
I please do let me know in the comment section down below.Make sure you subscribe because
I am going to make videos on how to use these supplements and are there any side effects
of these supplements very soon, so Stay tuned to the Channel guys!Iwill see you in the next

45 thoughts on “best supplements to gain muscle in india

  1. Im santhosh from hyd I'm 5.10 & 120 kg I lost 12 kg in four months I think I hit platue suggest me something to loose weight again I do workout six days a week please bro

  2. Hello sir i have been going to gym from the past 6 months now .. i want to know which supplement i should go for the growth of muscles…

  3. bhaiya ji agar aap hindi bolenge to apne desh k bahot se ese logo ka bhala hoga jo kam padhe likhe h jaruri nhi ki English bolne wala hi body bana sakta jisko English ati wo us ke tip bhi le sakta h

  4. i am abhinav from vijayawada 5'6 height .weight 52 kg i have to gain weight so which u recommend brother

  5. i m very thin,,i want to become good bodybilder… i daily do workout at home and i really wants to gain my muceles fast nd nice …..i m a sportsmen ..u suggest me what to do ..?? how to gain my mucele fast>?? please help me

  6. Hello Karan, thank you for your reviews. I appreciate your method of explaining how the supplements work, in  simple language. I will respect and be thankful your efforts very much if you can tell us anything about The products on this website are VERY IMPRESSIVE! It also appears to be genuine, because the website does not shy away from giving any details about the product.

  7. bhai day 1 of gyming se le skte hain kya creatine?
    muje on n off krte huye 8 mhine hogye hain

    aur continuous 4 months

  8. hey bro,..! im a skinny guy (51 kgs) i have started gyming for past 1 month .. can you suggest me some supplements?? i would be very useful bro

  9. +Indian BodyBuilding Formulas How do GLUCOCE-D differ from post workout drinks like carboforce etc as both of them seem 2 have dextrose and maltodextrin

  10. Is there any side effects for the usage of any type of the supplements ? and how to gain more knowledge about the supplements? does really need to lose fat and gain muscles?

  11. i actually did not get the name of supplyment clearly,wht uhh have shown in the video…
    kindly tell me the name of suppliment..

  12. Egg protein have any side effects nw Iam completed 6 months in gym can i use egg protein or not pls tell me

  13. bro, i am 6 feet tall and weight is just 56kgs and i have joined gym a week ago what should i do?
    shoud i go for any supplements?
    btw nice video bro

  14. Hello, have you considered this kind of diet plan known as the Fenoboci Diet Plan? My cousin says it helps people lost a ton of weight. Is that possible? I also read many good review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?

  15. hey karan myself Soniya I am 23 my weight is 36… I eat alot but my weight is not gaining please help me out with some supplement or any artificial way to gain please

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