Best Move For Street Fight – Instant KO | From Muay Thai Champion

Hey Thomas here, we got Mike on the
channel here. Some of you guys already know Mike from previous videos. Now, if
you aren’t familiar with his background he’s a North American Muay Thai Champion
he’s jumped on shared some of his workouts before, some of you actually
picked up his program a lot of great comments and stuff saying how well his
programs were Kickboxer Abs and Fat Shredder Kickboxing and we were going
through the comments on some of the last videos and you were asking, you know, what
are some good fighting techniques and this is something I’m curious too and
since we have Mike here we’re at the Critical Bench Compound I’ll just show
you real quick it’s pretty amazing here and we’re just playing around shooting
some videos… I mean this is something I was curious about too.. like for those of us
especially if you’re a normal person and you’re in a real-life fight
situation..what’s one of the best things you can do? Since we have Mike here
anyway, Muay Thai champion, what better than to ask him so what we’re gonna do
today is get Mike’s advice, his expertise and I guess first thing right off the
bat…you were telling me a little bit about it but one of the first things
that you’re talking about was if you’re in that kind of situation what would you
say to to the guys watching or some of the guys.. Well first, I definitely
recommend avoidance because outside of the ring into the real world, in a
street fight altercation, you don’t know what other person is gonna do. Many cases
he might have friends, might have weapons, he might even have a gun and
you’re just, we’re all just human so you got to keep that in the back of your mind and
the best thing to do in reality is to avoid situations. If someone comes and
gives you problems give them a compliment you know be really good at
conflict resolution that is a number one thing that I always recommend you do
because being in a street fight and super unsafe and I never recommend
anybody go looking out for it but in a situation where you can’t avoid it and
the person is coming at you and you need to do something to defend yourself I’m
gonna show you something that I teach in my self-defense courses. It’s very easy
for you to do. It ensures and maximizes the probability that you protect your
essential elements on your body. So let’s get right into it. All right guys,
let’s demonstrate the best move that I recommend in a self-defense situation. Now before
getting into the move, I’m going to talk about our human bodies. The most important
part on our body is our chin as well as our jawline and a little bit of our
temple. The reason why this is the most important is because if you get hit in
this area, particularly your chin, what happens is… your brain gets rattled
and it compresses against the back of your skull. What this does is it triggers
a signal from your brain shutting down your body because something goes wrong
it’s damaging your body and your brain in protection to yourself will shut you
down. This is not good in a real situation, real-life situations because
what this means is you’re going to collapse and the person will be
able to do whatever they want so you want to avoid that. If you get hit in your
eyes, your nose, the top of the head, it might hurt you
you might bleed but it’s not going to shut you down. So in these situations you
want to really focus on protecting your chin as well as your temples. So what
we’re going to do is we’re going to imagine that Thomas and I are in a situation where we stand face to face. Now we’re gonna assume that Thomas is the
attacker here and I’m the defender what I’m going to do is I want to keep my
eyes looking at his eyes because when I look at his eyes I can use my peripheral vision
to look at his shoulders and if a punch comes the shoulders are going to be the
triggers that tell me. Now what I want to do in this situation is I never want to
stand feet shoulder width apart in this situation here, I can’t ever wind back
or escape. What you want to do is take your foot and slide it back
into this position because this is now going to allow you to quickly get into your
fighting stance. Now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna maintain your eyes on Thomas, using your peripherals, look at his shoulders. Then if Thomas makes a move, what
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna transfer your weight onto your back foot, rotating
back, and you’re gonna shoot your arm up like you’re combing your hair but what
you’re gonna do is tuck your chin down right into your shoulder here, protecting
your chin and you’re going to slip back what’s gonna happen is, if Thomas is a
attacking, this movement here, is going to protect my chin. At the same time when I
lean backwards and shifting my weight this is gonna reduce his power. Right there.
Now I’m looking through this little triangle in my arm at Thomas here. Now what I do
is when I turn back, I’m actually winding up my right hand. So you’re gonna
turn back as he punches and your going to turn and counter with a cross. So
what we’ll do, once again. is going to be in this position. We’re going to step back and
we’re gonna watch… now when Thomas makes a move, I’m gonna immediately shoot my hand up, step back like this, then from here turn. And right here, looking down the arm right into his chin and
that situation you’re gonna be able to counter very quickly and then you want
to run away and get out of there as quick as you can.
Alright so now I’m gonna get Thomas to demonstrate this move. I’m gonna pretend to be the attacker. Thomas is gonna be the defender. So what will happen is we’ll position here. Thomas will slide his right foot back.. in that position and I’ll get in my
stance too – What’s going to happen is I’m going to try and throw a sucker punch at him and Thomas is gonna bring
his hand up right away. And all you’re gonna do, is imagine that you’re
transferring your weight onto your back foot, while turning your body backwards.
Almost like your cocking up your right hand, alright…
Right, exactly, so I’m going to throw the punch. You’re going to defend it. You want
to keep your hand nice really tight against it because if you have anything
loose it’ll still come back and hit you you want to have everything, literally tuck
in your chin, right up right up against inside of your shoulder, and
looking through this little triangle here. Ready? So I’m going to do this… boom. You’re going to lean back… lean back. So now you’re winding up your right hand and now what you’re going to do is pivot your right foot and your upper body. Throwing that straight cross out. Boom Yea. Ok, that’s a good motion to practice… Yea so the motion would look like this It would be one…boom (two) Yeaa and when you get in this position here your weight is on your rear foot what you’re going to do is pivot, right. Pivot your whole body, driving through like that. Alright, that’s something just to work on is that is that motion, like he was breaking
down. The pivot and keeping this tight I was doing that wrong as well. Just to show you front
angle… it was here. Yeah so what you want to do is your gonna be in this position here
you’re going to transfer and turn your body as you shoot your arm up and you’re gonna tuck your chin right against the meaty part of your shoulder. And you go here and then just turn back And yea… boom. Then what you want to do is maintain your eyes on your opponent so even if I’m looking here you
want to look at it because what happens is your punch will naturally land
wherever you’re looking and this is going to probably land on his chin
because what happens is the majority of people will throw a big wild punch like
this… yeah and your going to be defended and your gonna cross… yea I can see that. That’s something for me I would need to practice in the mirror And those techniques you just talked about so it’s second nature. Yeah so you need to practice this, right.
you need to really practice the block and cross Because it has to happen very
quick. Right because you only get a split second really to get this
move to work and it has to happen very quickly so it’s got to be like pull
back, return cross, right away. Boom Boom you get that tiny little window but that
window is going to give you that opening that you need to take your opponent down. Yea that was awesome. Alright, so awesome to have Mike on the channel! Thanks for those tips on there. I know you probably enjoyed that as well, if you did, make
sure to like. Leave a comment down below if you want any more tips from Mike. Also
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