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    βž₯0:00:00 Ice Cube – Dicke Tease
    βž₯0:04:00 2Pac ft. DMX – Calm Down
    βž₯0:07:04 2Pac – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
    βž₯0:15:18 50 Cent – Stop Frontin
    βž₯0:18:18 Ice Cube ft. Young Maylay & W.C – Too West Coast
    βž₯0:21:15 2Pac ft. Eminem – After Im Gone
    βž₯0:24:54 50 Cent ft Eminem – I'm A Psycho
    βž₯0:27:31 2Pac ft. Eminem – Time To Kill
    βž₯0:32:06 2Pac – Crooked GANGSTA
    βž₯0:35:38 2Pac ft. Ice Cube & Eminem – Guns

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