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So what is the topic of today? It is detoxing with tea. If you want to try inner beauty
with tea detox, stay tuned! Hi Wishtrender. It’s Wishtrend TV. If you guys haven’t checked out
our last episode about edible UV protection go check it out right here. So what is the topic of today. It is detoxing with tea
If you want to try inner beauty with tea detox Stay tuned! And also don’t forget to check out
Wishtrend TV on instagram for more information. First let’s learn about detox What is detox? Detox means getting rid of
toxins that have built up in our body. Our body can naturally detox itself but people these days
are exposed to a lot of harmful matters So it is possible for more toxins than
our body can naturally get rid of exist in our body. A lot of food we eat contain
chemical ingredients that can also build in our body Also air pollutions full of micro dust
and yellow dust is also harming our health Detoxing not only our body but also calming stress and anger is also part of the detox Detox is popular as a way of weight loss
because it gets rid of excess fat and water
that have been building up in your body It can also improve your skin because
it removes impurities in your body There are various detox methods. But today
we’re going to be talking about detox through tea. So what is teatox? Teatox is
a combination word with tea and detox. It’s not that tea has direct detoxing effects, but various antioxidizing ingredients such as vitamins, mineral and fibre activates metabolism and decreases active oxygen making
the inner body circulations more active It also helps hydrations and bowel movements.
When you detox with cleanse juice made out of veggies or fruit it might get you a stomachache
or lower your body temperature. But teatox doesn’t make your body cold
so you can continue it for a very long time And also you can eat as you normally would.
Before we get started with teatox, first let’s find out what tea fits you the most.
Each tea has a different effect So you have to pick a tea that fits your purpose It is very important to find a tea
that’s perfect for you because there can be Ingredients that might not be suitable for you.
It’s best to make tea and drink them right away. As time goes by after the tea is made
the taste changes and the bitterness becomes stronger They seem already. So now I’ll try them all
and tell you guys which one I like the most First, Mate Pantothenic acid and chlorogenic acid
activates metabolism So they break down body fats.
Saponin in the tea releases fat out of the body. Theophylline expands veins so it warms up our body Mate includes a dose of caffeine.
So if you’re sensitive with caffeine take caution Lotus Root Tea Lotus root includes lots of tannin and iron, so it makes clean blood and helps you with blood circulation So it warms up your body
helping with cold hands and feet It’s also effective in detoxing nicotine.
So it’s very helpful for smokers But because it’s got a really good hemostasis,
so it’s best to avoid during your period Cinnamon tea Cinamon stimulates blood circulation that can get rid of feeling of cold
helping with digestion and cold hands and feets. It’s also super effective in preventing cold, but Cinnamon has coumarin which can be
toxic when you consume a lot If you’re pregnant, please avoid it Rooibos Tea Rooibos is very rich in Antioxidant that can get rid of active oxygen.
So it’s helpful for atopy-type skin inflammation We recommend it for those
who are taking medicine for high blood pressure And unlike black tea or green tea
they don’t contain caffeine So anybody can drink it Burdock tea The fiber included in the burdock releases toxic and Oligosaccharide gives you the feeling that you are full.
It’s effective for weight loss as well But burdock has a cold characteristic. So with your bodies a little cold
or you have a lower blood pressure Please avoid Burdock tea. So if you’re pregnant,
you must control the amount of the tea Hibiscus tea Hibiscus tea has HCA Which stops carbs becoming fat so it’s
really helpful when you’re reducing body fat It’s also rich in Quercetin which helps reducing natrium I should avoid mate and lotus root and cinnamon tea Because I have a lot of heat in my body
Rooibos, Burdock and Hibiscus I think my favorite is Rooibos! Because I think it kind of has a little minty flavor and
I like that refreshing taste so I picked Rooibos If you are not used to drinking tea
or if they taste too bland for you You can always add honey or even stevia leaf too as a substitute of sugar It’s sweeter! You can pick all these types of tea
with all types of effect and drink them solely But you can also add different types of
ingredients for your need Mixing a tea leaf with another one makes a different scent which makes a different taste.
These teas are called blended tea If picking a tea and Blending on your own sounds a little too tricky for you you can also get blended detox tea
in your nearby markets If you thought I’m just gonna only drink tea from now on
because it’s good for you, your skin and helps you lose weight Then no no.
Tea stimulates diuretic action So it’s good to drink water as much as you can
when you’re drinking tea We don’t recommend skipping meals
and drinking tea instead for fast weight loss Do healthy detox By avoiding unhealthy food
and always consuming good food. During the period of drinking tea You must avoid strained food such as flour sugar and red meat
because it can be too much for your stomach Then what should we eat?
Grains to make you full and vegetables for nutritions and fruits To keep your blood sugar level and out of teas high
caffeinated teas can disturb your body cycle and make you dehydrated.
Green tea is really high in caffeine so drinking too much green tea
when you have a weak digestion can also cause Stomach problems
Teatox is really good for your body. But too harsh teatox when your body’s not feeling 100% Can be bad to you
Also don’t do teatox more than four times a year Let me summarize what we talked about today.
First when you’re doing teatox Make sure to pick a tea that suits your purpose Second do teatox with eating healthy food Detox through tea is not a medication for weight loss So drinking tea and fasting
is not the way to go to help Do not try to go for fast results Enjoy your body changing slowly with a healthy habit.
This is all we prepared for today How did you guys like it?
If you want to see more videos about inner beauty Leave a comment down below
of the topic you want to know So until next time. Bye. Bye

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