Best Core Exercises for Abs | Large Exercise Ball

We’re going to do the knee tuck what I need you to do set yourself up in a bridge With the top of your feet on the ball then tuck your knees in Creating a ball tuck in as hard as you can contracting your core You can do something up for this – it’s called the pike So with the pipe what I want you to do is clip your toes on the ball Pipe up almost like a downward dog position that you would do in yoga This is also a great core exercise Okay guys let’s get on the floor here work some lower. Abs is you to bring the ball up to about a 45 degree angle? start twisting the ball Since it’s called the scissor hold great for the lower ab we can turn this into the Drawbridge now kind of a cool exercise again for the lower abs and then into the grab and hold so come up grab the ball and hold and glad and hold Hey guys, how about the core but we’re also going to initiate the glutes and the hamstrings with this one? But what you do is bring the ball nice and close get a 90 degree angle from your knees to your hips Come up into a bridge squeezing tight and repeat Now what I want you to do is convert this into a leg curl kicking out kicking back into that bridge You’re really going to feel this in your hands and your glutes

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