BENEFITS OF EXERCISE DURING PREGNANCY गर्भावस्था के दौरान वर्कआउट के लाभ,prenatal yoga,walk,gym,swim

is exercised sink during pregnancy are there any benefits of exercising during pregnancy I’m pregnant and looking for some sort of exercise routine if the answer of any of these questions is yes then continue watching it now before starting the video I would like to clarify that the news and suggestions share in this video are based on what I experienced during my favorite pregnancy I am neither a gynecologist nor a prenatal fitness instructor so I would highly suggest that you talk to your doctor swears to make sure that you’re fit enough to do any of these exercises during pregnancy now without further delay let’s get started now number one on my list is walk guys if you’ve never excited day in your life a quick walk around the neighborhood you will do all the work in fact while working there is not much of an impact on the knees and the ankles and this can be done pretty much anytime anywhere for nine months second one on my list is yoga prenatal yoga not just helps in maintaining flexibility it also improves the vascular system and helps in relaxing the body not to forget that the breathing techniques taught here inhale you stay a little bit more in control while you’re in labor for me to make us a great exercise for pregnant women it gives the body a good range of motion without putting much pressure on the joints but be careful while entering water as diving in or jumping inside water can lead to a lot of abdominal impact which is definitely not good for the fetus now the fourth in the last one on my list is weight training this is my personal favorite as this is the one that have been for 12 nine months weight training is a great way to prepare the body for all the lifting that you’ll be doing once the baby runs make this dream also helps in counteracting the risk of injury by building muscles around the joint which become loose during pregnancy hey prego Mama’s here I’m going to share with you some of the benefits of exercising that I experienced while I was carrying exercising keeps the weight gain under check you’ll be surprised to know that I had gained only 7 kgs throughout with the release of happy hormones while exercising the mood swings are mostly under control exercising not just keeps the blood circulation great throughout your body but throughout the baby’s body as well again applause for us what intention and swelling being a common symptom is definitely taken care of back strengthening exercises keep the package at bay frankly speaking I never felt any pregnant exercises usually experienced little or sometimes no nausea at all I have experienced it only for a few days and lastly exercise a workout on any given day makes you feel really good about yourself hope you’ll agree with me today this is shakarez signing out for today from Mumford & Beyond I leave you with you of my – sighs ticking during the last three months of pregnancy at a seventh eighth and ninth month hope it’ll motivate you don’t give it thumbs up and consider subscribing and sharing if you liked it bye for now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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