Beginner Abs Workout (NO EQUIPMENT!)

In this video we are going to do a very
quick beginner ab workout that can literally be done anywhere because no
equipment is needed. Alright so let’s do this (Intro) So there you have it everyone like I
said it’s a very quick simple ab workout and really you should have no excuse not
to do it because you can literally do this anywhere no equipment needed. And
you can also make it more challenging by using some of the tips that I included
in the workout video itself or you can do a minute rest a minute or two rest
and then do the round all over again. With that being said if you enjoyed this
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on the way out the door and I will see you all next time. I just starred right into the light Now when I’m blinking I’m seeing like little
white dots. We are going to do a no equip… we are going to do a quick beginner…ab
workout…..with….no equipment needed shit Today wait these uh I don’t wear
glasses but these are blue light glasses so they filter any blue light from like
computer screens or phones. I wear them when I do editing but but I should wear
them because they make me look studious as hell. Alright. brain fart If you’re still hanging out with me then thanks for watching this entire video as long
as well as my screw-ups and you might as well stick around for some more content
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