BAT WINGS, get rid of flabby triceps, loose skin, best arm workout for women!

Hi it’s Tracy. today our workout is going
to be for FLABBY ARMS, so getting rid of those bat wings. So if you don’t know what bat wings
are that is the part of your arm when you wave and it keeps blowing in the breeze , so
that is not the most attractive look we want to make sure that we firm and tone up that
part of your arm. specifically focused on your triceps but also if you work on your
deltoid that’s through here you want to have definition between your deltoid and your tricep,
so you don’t get one BIG arm. that’s really important, so I hope that you like this workout
now I’m not going to use any weights for this today if you want to you can do this with
1, 2,3 lb weights keep it light because we’re going to be doing a lot of repetions so leave your comments below i hope you see
awesome results and kiss those bat wings goodbye

38 thoughts on “BAT WINGS, get rid of flabby triceps, loose skin, best arm workout for women!

  1. I feel it on top only. Shoulder to middle arm. Am I doing it wrong? Should I feel it on my flabby part of my arm? Thanks.

  2. I know this is an old video but it works!!!! My mom asked me what I was doing because my arms looked thinner.😁😁

  3. That was so fantastic. Would be the first arm exercise I have done where I have really felt it. Can only do it once but I will work up to three reps. Thanks.

  4. So I’ve been watching this video for years now and I still laugh every time you talk about doing those moves in the club. Every. Time. 😂

  5. My arms hurt so much i feel like i was jaxx from mortal kombat, i really want to try it for the next month

  6. Day 1: FEELin' IT. I did 3 cycles like you recommended <3. Just found you here, so far so good, ty. : )

  7. I just tried this workout and it’s really really difficult for me but I’m going to keep trying. I have very flabby arms from losing a lot of weight. I don’t even know if my arms are capable of being toned because of the loose skin but we will see.

  8. Whoever is reading this, I want you to know you're beautiful regardless of what anyone says, and if you don't think you are… you are to me. 🙂

  9. I'm a fourth year high school student here and surely, there will be a freaking prom at the end of the school year. Hope I would be able to achieve what I want through this awesome workout. I'm freaking shakinggggg

  10. I need a bat suit and I would be a real bat doing your exercise. My house is already a cave. 🤣

  11. I was cleaning and then busted out with your exercise at my kitchen window, looking crazy. 🤣🤣

  12. After a month of every day or at least every other day I’ve had amazing results. So happy I found you!

  13. I cannot thank you enough for this "bat wings" workout, as my loose skin has been driving me a bit crazy, and I certainly am both seeing and feeling the results from this fabulous workout – you're the best!  Also congratulations on your pregnancy.

  14. Wow! This workout used to be so difficult to me (around 3 yrs back) and now I'm back to them – i feel slight burn but overall manageable!! Only did 1 set though!!

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