Basic Roof Modeling Exercise (Part 1)

Hey guys, today we are gong to do some basic roof exercise. Here are some different roof types… Let’s start the project, and create some walls. Let’s do a gable roof first. My first suggestion is always to use Pick Wall if you can. Uncheck the Slope on the gable sides. Attach the wall and it’s finished. Flat/Skillion roof next. Only leave 1 sloped edge. You can type in overhang if you are using Pick Wall. Done. Next, butterfly roof. Exactly the same to the gable roof. Type a negative slope angle. Done. What’s the next……. Let’s do this one… For this one, instead of roof by footprint, you need to use roof by extrusion. Pick the wall face as work plane. Then create sketch line(s) for the roof, remember you only need a line, the thickness is controlled by roof type. Attach and done. Next one…. For this one, we will use Cutoff Level setting. Create the center hipped roof part Copy and paste it in the same place. Oops, looks like the duplicated one has lost the relation to the wall (Pick Wall). I’ll just edit the original one then… Copy this roof using Ctrl C. Edit the roof, select all the edges, type in the overhang. In the properties, select a cutoff level with a height offset. Adjust the slope and the verandah roof is done. Paste a new roof in the same place. Adjust the height in Elevation or Side View in 3D. It looks like the Cutoff height will stay, maybe it’s easier to drop the middle roof. Another roof finished. Next, what’s this one called? Create the wall first. Draw a reference plane along the center of the wall. Set work plane on this reference plane. Create a model in place. Create a revolve. Use Pick Line and click on the top of the wall. Draw a curve and offset the roof thickness. Pick or draw an Axis line. Finish and that’s it. What’s next. This one will be the same as the one we did before. Edit the profile and that’s it. Mine is a bit ugly… Next, let’s do this. Same steps, draw the walls, then pick walls. Sometimes you need to set your work plane back to Levels so you can create a roof in 3D view. Create roof, pick walls, make sure it’s on the right side of the walls, type in overhang, done. Next, this T shape hipped roof. Just pretend these walls are straight….. Exactly the same steps. Done. Next, Dutch roof. It will be very similar to this varandah roof. The lower part of the roof is hipped roof. Set Cutoof Level and Offset. Create the top part of the roof by Pick Lines. Uncheck the slope of the 2 sides. Go to the side view, WF(Wireframe) and move it up to match the lower roof. Create 2 little wall on the side of the roof. It’s acting funny… Finally…… And mirror this little wall and it’s finished. That’s it for tonight… We will continue this roof exercise tomorrow… see you soon.

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