Basic Exercise Plans : How to Do Jumping Jacks

Hi I’m Les Whitley. Today I’d like to show
you how to do the basic jumping jack. To begin this exercise we start off with feet together
hands down by the side. The up phase feet come apart and hands come all the way up over
head together. Return back to the start position by jumping. Again the jumping jack is jumping
up, hands and feet out, back together is one complete repetition. Beginning by five repetitions
gradually working yourself up to ten, fifteen and twenty. The full range of motion should
look like so. Out and back is one. Two, three, four, five. A lot of people have the tendency
to not move their shoulders for a full range of motion by just bending at the elbow, try
to work through a full range of motion,arms all the way up all the way down. Legs should
stay in rhythm with the hands in moving forward and that’s the basic jumping jack.

100 thoughts on “Basic Exercise Plans : How to Do Jumping Jacks

  1. @mandem312

    I dunno, I've only ever heard them called jumping jacks here in Ireland. You might be right though, a lot of exercises have multiple names.

  2. HOLY CRAP, I knew that jumping jacks were effective, but I recently went on a diet- er let me rephrase that. I went on a "lifestyle change" and I did 40 of those suckers, really feel it in my core and legs

  3. Oh my jumping jacks are star jumps haha I feel stupid now
    So i'm guessing Americans call it jumping jacks and in the UK we call it star jumps 🙂

  4. This guy has an uneven body. A majority of his muscle mass is concentrated in his upper body and arms… look how skinny his legs are

  5. I always thought jumping jacks were this sort of pair excersize thingy. I now realize that they are just plain old star jumps -_-

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  7. If average sized person do 2 Jumping Jacks in 1 sec then he is going to loose 3 calories per jack.That means if you do them very fast you can loose 1 lb by doing 2300 jumping jacks.Those on beggining are going to use only 2 cal per jack but after time they use more.

  8. in the old times they were actually called "starfish-jumps" and they got their modern name from a guy named Jumping Jack who obviously used to perform them too often in the streets… some people call them "'help me' jumps" cauz that's how a person who needs help reacts when he needs to attract attention. Like saying "heeey i'm here, help me!"

  9. As an English girl who has lived in both Canada and the US… stop being so snobby about "Americans" renaming things. It's not like we all speak English the same across the UK, so why on Earth should it matter if those elsewhere say things differently. Language is dynamic ffs.

    Lol… but yes, I do remember calling them star jumps in school 😉

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  13. He says that a lot of people do not use a full range of motion at shoulders by bending at elbows… yet in his demonstration he does exactly that … so then mate…. does that mean you are teaching thousands how to do it wrong even when knowing the theory behind it???

  14. I'm only here because for so long I've been wondering what the fuck a jumping jack is. Turns out we just call them star jumps.

  15. everybody should know how to do it without the video i did 10997 of them just a few hours ago i did not get a sweat

  16. Just tried jumping jacks for the first time in 8 years. My calves wore out before I could even get tired… I remember this being more of a cardiovascular exercise 🙁

  17. my 5 year old sister act like doing jumping jacks is just such a big task and I really can't get her to do them right

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  19. please DONT PUT SHIT LIKE THIS ON YOUTUBE…. You actually said "knees bending in!!"…….thats gonna destroy your knees not to mention your ankles…..what you gotta do is keep your glutes tight so that your knees automatically stay straight so that knee injury doesnt happen…..

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