no computers video just woke up not too long ago and took a shower going to get ready for the gym gonna give you guys my review on what I think about this summer head-banging energy drink and this is a can so it’s not the powder but I looked at the seminaries people are saying it’s actually the same content with the candle ready to drink and that compared to the powder to be the branded VPX and express them graduate red line and residents like a major hit it’s like two years ago don’t push this is a part of saying and bank the bank energy drinks or the bank powders has a lot of creating a lot of don’t want to say a lot but it has the right amount of all situations of the alanine of creating but it also branched chain amino acids in here which is pretty cool opposite acids sometimes they say acids with addy being silent it’s all recommended dosages actually here’s the doses chart right now and that’s why i like it do it basically whenever I geography workout shake your pre-workout drink just drink like the whole thing in 30 minutes that slowly step on it for 30 minutes so I’m halfway through this and I’ve got two guys i really enjoyed all right guys a step by the way i like it a lot of good taste good going to go hit the gym but whether they’re see q10 in here to book going to hit the gym after the gym session let you guys know what I think about it how much it affect my energy levels during my workout and yeah all in all my full review after the workout you guys after eight just finished at work out how they rate bangs i would radiate a 4 stars out of five so maybe a eight out of ten maybe or nine nine out of 10 it’s a good product guide i gotta say i’m actually looking at the content right now and the closer guys they could go situation at least there’s six grams and I know that’s the recommended dosage as far as studies go so that’s a plus it has 24 3 400 milligrams so 2.4 grams of the Italian and the recommended dosage around three grams from what I’ve read in a past and you can do you guys own research but it basically hit the criteria criteria it basically hit the criteria of what is recommended as far as beta alanine the caffeine content is 250 milligrams of caffeine that’s more than 3 cups of coffee worth of caffeine so in the long run guys it did work i had a great pomp I had a great workout super energized keeping in mind i’m actually fasted i just woke up two hours before actually hitting the gym and I did makes it getting the eggs i felt great and even actually did some shoulders afterwards still feeling a pump still feeling good throughout my workout so all in all guys bang was a great pre workout today help me to fuel my leg a sloth and shoulder workouts we hitting some dealt it’s a good bang for your book right now at amazon it’s like 32 bucks for 30 servings so that that’s just a little above a buck per serving and keep in mind you’re getting more caffeine than a cup of coffee and a cup of coffee contract to something or maybe even three something blocks depends on where you get it try it out i think i would like it and I even got a whole bunch of other people work of the home day still need to try and give you guys a review on what I think about it all in all guys bang is a good workout i really like it it really fueled me hope you guys like my reviews please come down below the mean what you guys think bang if you ever tried it you want to try it was your favorite flavor is there any other p workout you guys want me to try and give you guys a review on so your comment below guys let me know what you guys think imma get to know we are where you’re from and all that what not and i’ll see you guys in the next video peace out


  1. Hey I just wanted to say GREAT VIDEO! I've been a subscriber of yours for a while now and I love all your videos, we have tons of similar content! Very inspirational. You are a huge voice for many people who want to do the very same thing you do on your channel. You have truly motivated me to get my YouTube channel more well known! It would be a honor if you check out my channel and subscribe to me. Thank you so very much.

  2. Just found your channel man! Videos are quality and genuine. Just wanted to point out the canned version of Bang doesn't appear to have beta alanine on the label.

  3. The drink is not a preworkout. To me it's overrated. The dosage in the powder is different from the powder. 300mg of caffeine is one of the few things disclosed. Unknown amount of "super creatine", BCAA, and CoQ10. Your review is skewed because you're using the supplement facts for the powder for the canned drink and that's wrong. You're misinforming your viewers and obviously not researching your shit before making a video. Is VPX paying you or something? Sure it tastes good and is a better alternative than Monster or whatever, but it's not an actual pre. The powder is.

  4. Bang! Bang! I can't get enough of the stuff! Not only do I workout with it, it's also good for studying or building things! I feel like I can put a satellite into space!

  5. I use to use Bang! Now I use atm c4 extreme energy with 1 gram of creatine nitrate and 5grams creatine before I work out so I’m going back to Bang but should I take creatine also or just drink bang and use creatine after???

  6. What a fuckin sell out. Lmaooo “get huge”. From what? There’s like 20mg of creatine in there. Not even half a gram. Not even 1/100th a gram ????

  7. Are you gay did they pay you I drank this at work I almost fell asleep in the back after are you sure they put all the shit in those cans am I immune pre work out my ass

  8. What's the proper time frame to drink it? Down it and wait before the workout or sip on it during your workout? Someone please help.

  9. Not a pre. Just a focus energy drink. The creatine in it isn’t for protein synthesis nor cell hydration etc. it’s a creatine for focus

  10. I notice all the reviews for this particular energy drink are unfocused and barely researched.

    Which makes sense because it's like crack in a can.

    Normally I drink monster rehab or black coffee, tried this, 2 for 3 bucks, God DAMN superman mode. Also tastes good.

  11. This is false info I hope you know their is no pump agents just caeffine bcaa and creatine
    People like you are annoying BANG IS A TREND do real pre workout

  12. This shit rocks, Been using it for 2 weeks now and my performance enhanced 10 times.
    it keeps you energized through the whole day not just during the workout.
    As from my experience I tried couple of pre-workout and the effects gets lost early but Bang is just Banging all day all the way.

  13. HOLY FUCK!!! I feel like I can tug a boat with my ball sack! I drink a lot of coffee and the occasional Red Bull’s. I wanted something else to pick me up after my long morning runs. I just tried Bang today and the effect is long lasting. It’s been 5 hours since I drank half a can I keep pulling over every 30min to bang out some push ups like a weirdo (I drive for Uber)! WHAT IS THIS SHIT! I’m worried I won’t sleep!

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