BACK TO THE 10 KM Episode #3 finding time to exercise (My journey towards running 10 km again)

hi my name is Chris and in this series
you’re going to follow me on my journey back to the 10k in my last video I was
talking about the importance of measuring things and how it helped me
stay motivated I’m not walking it’s Saturday morning so this week is almost
at his end but the topic of this video is finding time to exercise and it’s one
of my biggest challenges maybe you are struggling to find time to exercise
another problem is of course motivation but finding time it’s the bigger one I
will reveal my angle of attack for finding the solution for this hard to
find time exercise problem it’s a two-pronged attack firstly wake up early
don’t snooze just put on your clothes and go out the door and start working
that way the exercise gets done and you’re done before the day has even
started this method works fine for me and it’s a very good way to start today
by the time I get work I’m already done the second attack is go for a walk after
dinner if I haven’t reached my goal already I’m proud to say I have reached
my goal of walking 12,000 steps each and every day this week I’m not going to sit
here and lie and say it was super easy because it was not my legs are feeling the
increased demand upon them some mornings I just didn’t want to go out of
bed but I did anyway because I didn’t want to disappoint you guys nor myself I
know that I will get stronger and feel better but I cannot lie beginning saw
her rough it’s not at all strange that I’m a bit tired I’ve gotten 171 active
minutes this week out of the recommended 150 I’ve done ten walks most
of them power walk like walks and just walking alone has taken me seven hours
and 11 minutes this week now you see why finding time for exercise is one of the
major challenges for me it’s almost like I need a full extra work day each week
just to find time to exercise you might think spending this much time on walking
and exercise it’s a waste of time but it’s not you
get so much more back I will talk about this in a later video please write some
encouraging words to me to keep me motivated down in the comment sections
down below and also help me stay motivated to document this journey while
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journey back to the 10k thanks these past seven days has been easier than
most weeks because here in Sweden it’s a four workday week and the families
after work activities has not yet started next week will be even more of a
challenge I no longer have a cold so this is the week where I start some easy
running I will keep my 12,000 steps goal today but I will replace three of the
morning walks with mixed walking and running we got lucky today we found lots
of hair ice the what is filled with it it’s really cool just I think thanks for watching see you next one now
you may be wondering why I’m sitting around with a cap on my head I’m on one
of those hipsters no I’m not there’s two reasons for me wearing a cap one it’s a
little bit cold here because I’m basically outside and there’s no heat in
my studio and secondly it’s much easier for me to green screen out this cap than
it is to green screen out my hair so that’s the simple reason a nice flare
the goal is to walk for five minutes run for two minutes then walk with one
minute and then run or jog for two minutes and I’ll do a couple of those in
repeat well it’s sort of an interval but not the high intensity one so that’s
what I’m going to do but I’m only going to do that three times next week because
you have to have resting days

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