BACK In The Gym- FTM Transgender Workout

good morning YouTube it’s your boy Aiden here today I’m actually taking you guys on a vlog with me a fitness vlog one that I have not done in so frickin long but somebody emailed me and I was going back and forth DMing on Instagram and they’re like why don’t you make gym videos anymore why don’t you make eating videos or workout videos anything like that and stuff that I don’t do it specifically I was working out with my buddy Rob for a really long time and he was able to record a lot of things for me so it was really easy to bring the camera into the gym and kind of be low-key about it now it’s a lot harder but I’m going to try so I thought today it could be a fun little mini vlog it probably won’t be all day but I’m gonna go over my workout routine that I’m currently doing right now go over a little bit of my thoughts on bulking and also I’ll be dropping my workout my whole my whole 5 they workout programming down below so that’s what this video is about if you’re into it hit the like button when you’re done so I know that you guys like it alright let’s do it [Music] I’m at this is not the best lighting this lighting makes me look a little more defined than I actually am I have not waived myself in I don’t even know how long it’s been a really long time since I weighed myself I’m currently not using the scale as my measuring tool just using the looks so this is where I’m at right now again I look a lot leaner with this lighting than I do in real life but I’ve definitely probably put on about five to seven pounds in the last three months to two months actually two to three months probably five to seven pounds and I’m just going to keep going until I feel like I’ve lost all definition in my ABS and that’s probably when I’ll stop because first I haven’t really seen myself without ABS in a really long time so I want to really push my mental body to see myself in a different light and then – I think that’ll be a good gauge to stop so I don’t gain too much excess weight and then I’ll really back in for my cut but I’m really don’t plan on getting there until at least at least spring time all right so just got here to the gym I’ve never recorded up this gym I have no idea if people are gonna care or not care so I’m gonna keep it kind of low-key and trying to keep you guys kind of hidden do some weird angles probably but he’s my gym by the way it’s it’s pretty big it’s like a kind of it seems like an old like like indoor tennis courts arena type of thing but yeah you’ll see inside in a second let’s do it all right all right so I have not done one of these in a hot hot minute but I think it’ll be okay so normally I would try to do a cool edit but I knew that was gonna happen without someone else filming me and honestly I’ve never filmed this gym before so I was just a little bit nervous to say the least I kind of look very non approachable because I’m I’m holding I kind of I kind of was like I was just nervous about having the camera and when you have a camera around some people either clam up or they peacock out and so you know I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable in any way but so you’ll see that most most shots nobody’s in except for myself which was nice because the gym is big and I’m able to to do that kind of low-key but what I’m doing here is I have an upper upper lat rear delt and bicep day and like I said before I used to make try to make these videos and yeah just feel like they maybe that nobody was learning anything from them so I’m gonna keep this one a little more informational I think rather than a bunch of edits and stuff especially since I don’t really have the angles to make cool stuff so today’s workout which I have I’ll have my whole five they split down below but today’s workout was which I do every day is a 10-minute cardio and a rotator cuff warmup those are the two things I do every single day in the winter time sometimes I’ll do maybe 15 or 20 minutes of cardio and when I say cardio I mean like literally I’m just walking on the treadmill with maybe a slight slight incline maybe I pick up the pace and then come but that’s really it just so warm up my whole body get the blood pumping then the rotator cuff is I used to play a lot of softball so I feel like warming up my rotator cuff and honestly it’s like such a delicate thing that’s in everything uh-hum I feel like it’s always always good to warm those up get your body get everybody warmed up so then I did a trigger session which is I’ve just learned about these maybe eight or twelve months ago in a trigger session is kind of like starting the car in the cold weather for a few minutes before you get going kind of like another version of a warm-up so usually I do a straight arm lap pull down at the end but today I decided to do it in the beginning so I did that first to kind of really get my upper lats fired because I normally can feel a really nice pump in me so which I did which was great because then I went right over and grabbed the extra wide grip bar for another version of a lat pulldown and this is a really nice bar that I’ve never experienced anywhere else just kind of extra long I really enjoy it and I’m just able to get an extra-wide kind of grip on there then I went over to another machine which is also technically a lat pulldown but the tension throughout this machine is really great I mean I don’t know it just something about this tension it’s like it’s like having a cable but you have two arms but I don’t know it positions the weight in the beginning in the front of your hand near your finger your pointer finger and then it transitions the weight to your pinky and then you go back it’s really cool I really enjoy it it’s really great since I had all the blood kind of pumping I decided today I don’t normally have rear delts in today’s workout but I kind of changed things around which I am continuously doing based on how I’m feeling and I just wanted to get in a rear rear delt workout so there so I just threw that in kind of real quick and then last two kind of finished out my my back I did a mid kind of low cable single arm row and I know this is technically gonna also activate my lower lats but I just feel so good for me it does I personally feel like when I do that squeeze I do get more of upper to mid rather than a low a low feel on that lastly what I did was I just finished up with some biceps already got the biceps kind of working on my my lat day so I just did some 21s with a pretty basic exercise and also another pretty easy exercise that you can really use any weights for these I mean you can go as low as 5 pounds 10 pounds all the way on up to 30 40 even with the EZ bar and I mean you can go into 80s and buck so yeah just did some 21s and I EZ bar cable curl there at the end I like 21s they’re fun again a slight kind of trigger kind of gets the bicep awake and then with the EZ bar curl you have that constant tension and throughout the entire movement which is really really really alright she’s got a nice workout on this workout so just about an hour of actual training and then 10 minutes of a warm-up on the elliptical or whatever the hell that was I just used whatever machine they have but I’m gonna go home have some breakfast and right now even though my work that’s gonna be below it is kind of changing a little bit I’m noticing what works better like today I threw in one rear delt movement when normally I would do two but I feel like it might be good on a another day that I’m doing some side laterals stuff so whatever though I can get into that in another video or whatever but point is is that this is the what I’m actually doing each day can change slightly but I make sure that it’s made up on another day or whatever I’ve been trying to spend a little bit more time actually in the gym I don’t want to hit more than an hour and a half but I’ve been trying to train very focused for a solid hour it’s an hour and 15 minutes but yeah so today was a good day now let’s go home and eat some food [Music] [Applause] all right so really good Jim session good stuff back home just made my first meal and it’s pretty much just a protein Kodiak cake that I made the two waffles with some PB fit on top for syrup I don’t used syrup I just use the peanut butter tastes so good then add some egg whites with shout out to Jamie Lee because she’s got me putting kale and my egg whites now so now I’ve kale with egg whites and I put some buffalo hot sauce on it and then I also have a side of some fruit so this meal doesn’t necessarily like dictate whether I’m bulking or cutting or maintaining or anything like that this is kind of more of just like a standard meal but it is it is a little bit more than I would eat normally but yeah so the whole point of what I’m trying to do with like the bulking or whatever is I’m not I’m not going at this bulking from this are like a strictly bodybuilding point of view I’m really trying to get out of my comfort zone of what I’m used to seeing my body look like because I want to progress more in my my bodybuilding life a little bit but more of the lifestyle right I’m not like trying to compete or anything like that but it is something I love and I love Fitness it makes me feel good and I know that it has good effects on other people if done right and so I’m trying to recalibrate because I think I was doing it right and then I was doing it wrong and now I’m trying to do it right again so so yeah this is my meal I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy the video hit the like button I want to know if I should make more videos like this and honestly bringing my camera to the gym super low key worked out pretty well granite this was only the first time but nobody said anything only like two different people looked at me slightly weird but I was able to because the gyms so big I was able to really make it so nobody was in the shot who shouldn’t be in the shot right so yeah hit the like button if you want to hear me see more if you like this video and you haven’t seen any other stuff that I’ve done fitness-wise go back in my old videos check those out hit the subscribe button and any new videos that come out you’ll get a notification and yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what you think and if you did like it what more do you want to say okay guys I’m gonna enjoy this meal right here and eat the out of it and I’m gonna have a good Monday and I hope that you have a good Monday too peace [Music]

30 thoughts on “BACK In The Gym- FTM Transgender Workout

  1. Yo, you forgot to put your workout in the description.

    Other than that, yessss! I've missed these! I do still love your other content, don't get me wrong, I just missed these. lol

  2. Pro tip use dumbbells for 21s with bis jump two sets up from your full Rom weight top motion being the highest lower half the next down and full Rom the lightest.

  3. The workout videos are my favorite and I am glad you are going back to them! What happened to your buddy Rob and where is your workout program? I dont see it below

  4. Loved that video! 🙂 you really are an inspiration to me as an ftm guy and it's good know how we can change our bodies. I'd be cool if you could give some tips sometime for workouts that help shape ftm-bodies as good as possible (especially for the horrible areas like butt and hips 😉 )

  5. Yeah you should definatly do more of these videos Aydian!! Always good advice! I'm currently working on a fitness series for my channel. Seeing progress from people like you always makes me motivated to be the best I can 🙂

  6. Anytime you post a workout video, it motivates me to pay more attention to my activity level and healthy eating. Thank you!

  7. Yes, please continue these! Also enjoyed seeing what you are using for fuel. Please add the actual workout in descriptions for future reference. Thanks for all that you do!

  8. Thanks for making this. I'd love to see more at home workouts for guys like me who are just starting to workout. Something easy to start with to build up to a workout like in this video.

  9. I loved this video! You’re starting a lot of things I have kind of felt to do for a long time. To be honest most of my work outs have been a blend of your training and my cousin who was in the army. He taught me 21’s with a curl bar and once there were too many dudes in the free weight section so I started doing them with the tension machines. I’d love to see more of your spontaneous shifts in routines and explanations of what you feel that leads you to switch from a predetermined workout to changing direction.

  10. Aydian, man. Preesh the vid. Hey. I noticed you only do abs once a week. That’s interesting. Do you include obliques in that? Also, I don’t see glutes or squats. Do you not really focus on glutes? Just curious.

  11. Hey Aydian! How do you make those protein cakes? I'd love the recipe! And Yea! Thank you for you workout videos, I always follow these and try to fit them into my workout. I'm currently going to the gym 6 days a week and I have lost a total of 10 lbs. Love your channel been watching for years, you are an inspiration man!

  12. I trying to figure out how to lose enough weight before top surgery I have many physical pain from bulging disc pitching the nerve to fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hip and lower spine so I have many physical limitations I just wish I could lift weights like u can but sadly a lot of weight lifting causes more pain I’m in physical therapy but I feel things are taking way to long plus not liking myself i don’t want to cook for myself I end up just eating protein bars drink and medifast yogurt and bananas that’s it so I am reevaluating my diet I want to try a clean eating diet and see if that helps plus tomorrow when I go to pt I want to sit down with my pt guy and really ask him because I really need to get back in the gym it’s killing me not going twice a week at pt and swimming just 10 laps twice a week isn’t cutting it for me and I’m so lost in this food and exercise world don’t know what supplements u really need or really work don’t work what are really the right foods today it seems like all food is trying to kill us plus my dysphoira is causing me an eating disorder I’m getting anxiety about eating anything I feel so fat but know I’m not really and I’m big on top so that makes everything worse I just feel if I can work out more and eat better lose more fat I think mentally I would feel better too

  13. Sup Aydian I got a question my dude. I eat a lot but workout a bit, I heard T makes you even more hangry? That true? cuz I might just turn into a round blubber ball man

  14. iSupport Y’all ‼️ My Boyfriend a Trans and We Just Started a YouTube Channel, We Gone Start Talking About His Transitioning Soon . If Anybody Wants to Subscribe to Us ❤️

  15. Do you still do online training? I'm a 14 y/o ftm, pre t and start going to the gym here soon, but I dont know how to change up my routine or what to have in it, so I would really like to follow one that changes, or however yours works, but I clicked on the link in your bio and it's saying the page isn't found. Please let me know, I'd love to follow a routine by you 🙂

  16. This video motivated me to go to the gym today, even though I had rough night. Super grateful for all your content and positivity.

  17. Can anyone explain why a cut is needed? Does it mean? get rid of the fat? Or is it like, fucking up your gym process cos you want to slow down?

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