BACK In The Gym- FTM Transgender Workout

30 thoughts on “BACK In The Gym- FTM Transgender Workout

  1. Yo, you forgot to put your workout in the description.

    Other than that, yessss! I've missed these! I do still love your other content, don't get me wrong, I just missed these. lol

  2. Pro tip use dumbbells for 21s with bis jump two sets up from your full Rom weight top motion being the highest lower half the next down and full Rom the lightest.

  3. The workout videos are my favorite and I am glad you are going back to them! What happened to your buddy Rob and where is your workout program? I dont see it below

  4. Loved that video! 🙂 you really are an inspiration to me as an ftm guy and it's good know how we can change our bodies. I'd be cool if you could give some tips sometime for workouts that help shape ftm-bodies as good as possible (especially for the horrible areas like butt and hips 😉 )

  5. Yeah you should definatly do more of these videos Aydian!! Always good advice! I'm currently working on a fitness series for my channel. Seeing progress from people like you always makes me motivated to be the best I can 🙂

  6. Anytime you post a workout video, it motivates me to pay more attention to my activity level and healthy eating. Thank you!

  7. Yes, please continue these! Also enjoyed seeing what you are using for fuel. Please add the actual workout in descriptions for future reference. Thanks for all that you do!

  8. Thanks for making this. I'd love to see more at home workouts for guys like me who are just starting to workout. Something easy to start with to build up to a workout like in this video.

  9. I loved this video! You’re starting a lot of things I have kind of felt to do for a long time. To be honest most of my work outs have been a blend of your training and my cousin who was in the army. He taught me 21’s with a curl bar and once there were too many dudes in the free weight section so I started doing them with the tension machines. I’d love to see more of your spontaneous shifts in routines and explanations of what you feel that leads you to switch from a predetermined workout to changing direction.

  10. Aydian, man. Preesh the vid. Hey. I noticed you only do abs once a week. That’s interesting. Do you include obliques in that? Also, I don’t see glutes or squats. Do you not really focus on glutes? Just curious.

  11. Hey Aydian! How do you make those protein cakes? I'd love the recipe! And Yea! Thank you for you workout videos, I always follow these and try to fit them into my workout. I'm currently going to the gym 6 days a week and I have lost a total of 10 lbs. Love your channel been watching for years, you are an inspiration man!

  12. I trying to figure out how to lose enough weight before top surgery I have many physical pain from bulging disc pitching the nerve to fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hip and lower spine so I have many physical limitations I just wish I could lift weights like u can but sadly a lot of weight lifting causes more pain I’m in physical therapy but I feel things are taking way to long plus not liking myself i don’t want to cook for myself I end up just eating protein bars drink and medifast yogurt and bananas that’s it so I am reevaluating my diet I want to try a clean eating diet and see if that helps plus tomorrow when I go to pt I want to sit down with my pt guy and really ask him because I really need to get back in the gym it’s killing me not going twice a week at pt and swimming just 10 laps twice a week isn’t cutting it for me and I’m so lost in this food and exercise world don’t know what supplements u really need or really work don’t work what are really the right foods today it seems like all food is trying to kill us plus my dysphoira is causing me an eating disorder I’m getting anxiety about eating anything I feel so fat but know I’m not really and I’m big on top so that makes everything worse I just feel if I can work out more and eat better lose more fat I think mentally I would feel better too

  13. Sup Aydian I got a question my dude. I eat a lot but workout a bit, I heard T makes you even more hangry? That true? cuz I might just turn into a round blubber ball man

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  15. Do you still do online training? I'm a 14 y/o ftm, pre t and start going to the gym here soon, but I dont know how to change up my routine or what to have in it, so I would really like to follow one that changes, or however yours works, but I clicked on the link in your bio and it's saying the page isn't found. Please let me know, I'd love to follow a routine by you 🙂

  16. This video motivated me to go to the gym today, even though I had rough night. Super grateful for all your content and positivity.

  17. Can anyone explain why a cut is needed? Does it mean? get rid of the fat? Or is it like, fucking up your gym process cos you want to slow down?

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