Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science)

My name is Kier I studied a Bachelor of
Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science). I loved the fact that you’re in a campus
dedicated to health sciences and that your learning is multidisciplinary. The
experiences we had on student placement was amazing and also I love the camaraderie
between lectures and student. Currently I’m the national manager of the Spinal
Cord Injury Exercise Rehabilitation Program. My bachelor degree really helped me gained this role as it gave me a professional title to my name. My
experience at uni really honed in my skills for neurology. It gave me the
one-on-one skills, in doing what i do everyday now. Having done my clinical
placement through the university it’s really helped me hone my skills in
delivering my supervision to students in our workplace now. What I’d say to students really interested in studying health science at the University of
Sydney, is it’s a fantastic way to leap yourself into your professional life

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