AUTUMN FALL TAG Q&A (2019) What Is My Favourite HALLOWEEN Movie

hi guys and welcome to Jon Sheppard
fitness I have been tagged by Curtis high fitness to do a fall questionnaire
15 questions which is basically autumn in the UK but obviously this will be
going around yeah he knows the second day though and it’s just 15 questions I
think about around the season even wired up for the last half an hour yeah cause
me been good the day I’m gonna try and get through these as quick as possible
because he’d be going to bed soon won’t you
yeah right there number one what is our favorite Halloween movie right then kite
what is your favorite Halloween movie called scary movie what’s your favorite
scary movie Freddy Krueger one yeah for some reason he knows who Freddy Krueger
is I don’t know how obviously I do Len go on the tablet and at the moment he’s
into Pennywise Chucky and Jason because it’s the outline little clips of it
because obviously it’s coming around Halloween and Easter yeah mine is I am
I’m not really a big horror fan I am or I will watch
with somebody and I like the old ones don’t really like the new ones I don’t
like them because they’re not hard the more like just quite and jump out yeah I
like old school like hellraisers yeah I know predator I don’t know if class out
as a horrible it’s just got the best I’ve ever been for Arnie and it’s got
monster in so but if I had to choose one film it would have to be Freddy Vijay
Singh because two of the ultimate horror movie stars fighting against teacher
Apple or pumpkin pie what do you like their pumpkin pie he
likes probably even though he’s never had it and I’ve never had anything to do
with pumpkin except for cut out a pumpkin so I would say apple pie
Halloween party or a haunted house experience so Halloween party where lots
of people anywise hey why Pennywise yeah but do
you like party or what would you like going for a scary house party it so here
that both because greedy I would I been to a few Halloween parties and I think
that’s just good because every dresses or fans for it’s not as good I always
think in UK compared to America you just marry good has gone all out and it’d be
great to have a Halloween in America question four I thought pumpkin or
getting your pumpkin from a pumpkin patch right
I buy my pumpkins all the time I don’t even know if you go grow pumpkins around
it I don’t know but I wouldn’t even do it because it’s one it’s cold too I’m
too lazy pretty free is it yeah what would you do I I will
get when wearing wise okay yeah he’s obsessed with penny wise don’t know why
I do not like clowns number five Thank You rightful cent so I will see
it’s autumn send horse what’s your favorite smell at this time of year this
should be a good answer what’s your bait what do you like to
smell up around now you know when you smell you say penny wise no doing it he
once did it which I suppose um I don’t really know any smells around this time
I mean this I can’t think of any I mean yeah you can have scented candles and I
work in a shop and at the moment I’m I’m sort of like sniffing all the candles
because they’ve got all the new scents scent accent got all the new scented
candles but and also got Christmas candle so I probably say that all the
warm like this smell of like I don’t know always like I can’t even think what
they’re handling to connote Yankees red and that’s our cinnamon in it you might
be a Christmas favorite full drink what’s your favorite drink only watch me
know what’s your favorite drink come on what’s your favorite drink what
are you guys drinking what’s your dream know what pick there
you go I just cooked I just had to edit that loads because it kept on sending
penny wise penny penny wise drink my favorite drink I I have two all year
round any ones hot chocolate by the way I’ll just told them up and now easy this
song right there Howie next one Halloween or Thanksgiving
which one how could you say Thanksgiving you know what Thanksgiving is no it’s
nothing to do with clothes right we haven’t got Thanksgiving um it’s just
another reason for you Americans just to eat something but we don’t have it we
have Halloween so happy Halloween right most loved based pumpkin food never
tried public in anything and if I was gonna have anything I had pumpkin
pumpkin pie he’s nice and he’s never had anything either
question 9 corn maze or holded hay ride I actually haven’t looked up this so
kind of don’t know what this is howdy I think animes amazing the riders are
right and I would probably he thinks is his channel he thinks my channel is his
channel what are you looking for right if you think I should do a channel for
con so you can just get his own channel then give me 50 likes and I’ll set it to
the old channel and it’ll just be him and I guarantee you’re probably getting
more subscribers than me number 10 favorite cow favorite
Halloween candy to eat or what’s your favorite Halloween candy
I mean oh the Halloween when its own Halloween shaped like monsters and
eyeball and Gunjan so what’s your favorite one
it’s fucking pumpkins right pumpkins I don’t really care
I’ll eat anything if it’s Halloween based if it’s Christmas based it’s
anything bass I’m not keen on sweets sweets are more of a chocolate person so
I’ll probably anything with chocolate in it
next question favorite childhood memory of the fall autumn well his favorite
childhood memory would be probably when he was born because I’ve been gone
around his time shuttle and then my favorite childhood memory is probably I
don’t really obviously Halloween is gonna be one of them but I used to be a
quite I was quite a big man I was quite a big mountain biker and I love it at
this time because leaves are down you start getting bored you know you and you
just get dirty yeah everything like that and probably
that baby number 12 is the favorite Thanksgiving food card doing this one
cause we don’t have Thanksgiving number 13 move your fighting out the way number
13 scarfs or jumpers kite which one’s yours
ah you like a scarf or do you like jumpers you know a scarf you know wrap
around your neck or do you like jump is where you where you know like a jumper
ah which one which one do you like scoffs or jumper scars you like scoffs
yeah I I don’t I don’t like scoffs I think there’s irritation
all fun ok you can choose a scar sucks wooly ones or slippers would you like it
sucks or slippers you like socks yeah you and that our two socks as you can
see I don’t really wear some soup isn’t one of the things where you buy them I’m
going to squash your head like socks and one of those things where you just wear
all the time zippers are one things you seem to buy
or get them bought anywhere I’m for the week and then you can’t buy because it’s
too much work I’ve got it literally right number and the last question is
that I’m the last question is what is your tradition right queer my favorite
fall tradition is is is I don’t know I haven’t really got one
I think it’s Halloween maybe Halloween we’re just holding him down there
because he’s so oh yeah right it’s probably just you know the quintus
wintertime I like the cold i Chi stop it is probably yeah just getting into bed
and wrapping up and you know sticking the fire are and and stuff like that
like the cold you know I like getting warm naturally I don’t like the summer
really I like the summer the heat like some baby but I don’t like it sleeping
so and I know not one for Christmas you know that’s the best time of the year
Christmas is for everybody you know if you miss these kids Captain America is
going down so that is it obviously that was an absolute nightmare okay did you
have this much trouble because I’ve done it like it’s eight o’clock a car weighs 80 no show this up to
heaven with it anyway I am now finishing I’ve gone right that is your 15
questions gone goodbye oh what’s that what’s that

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