At least 106 dead, more than 4,500 coronavirus cases confirmed in China

we start with the latest on the new
coronavirus outbreak the virus is spreading quickly across China and to
other countries for more on this our kim taehee is on the line for us so – he
looks like the death toll just keeps on rising yes – Yoon the deadly coronavirus
that first began in the Chinese city of ohand late last month continues to claim
more victims Chinese authorities said on Tuesday morning
the death toll in China has soared to 106 and some 1,700 new cases have been
confirmed compared to the day before this brings the total number of
confirmed cases in China to around 4,500 the deadly virus is popping up in
countries around the world spreading far from its origin country as well lead on
Monday Germany confirmed its first case health officials there said the male
patient is from Sternberg a town some 30 kilometers southwest of mannan the
patient is reportedly stable but the authorities did not elaborate on how he
may have been affected Germany is the second country to have confirmed the
virus in Europe following France which has confirmed at least three cases so
far Beijing on Monday also reported its first death due to the virus China’s
state-run CCTV said the 50 year old man recently visited ohan and was confirmed
to have the virus last week a nine month old baby and a four year old child in
Beijing have also been confirmed in a new case has been reported in Cambodia
as well so how is the World Health Organization responding to this outbreak
yes – you know the w-h-o on Monday said there have been an error in its previous
reports which incorrectly said the global risk from the corona virus was
moderate the w-h-o now says the risk is very high in China and high at the
global level the w-h-o last week decided against decided against declaring the
virus an international public health emergency a designation only used for
the most severe outbreaks that is all I have at this hour back to you

39 thoughts on “At least 106 dead, more than 4,500 coronavirus cases confirmed in China

  1. We have 1 case in Ecuador, 49 years male, the case in Brasil was a fake alarm, so you have to be careful, thank you for the updates.

  2. If WHO doesn't have resources to respond to pandemic why are they relied on to announce it's severity and or what steps should be taken to address it?

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  4. Unfortunately this will be the 2nd coming of the Spanish flu in 1918. Around 50 millions people will die from this coronavirus by the end of 2020.

  5. LOCK THEM DOWN, they will start running the country eventully and spread it even further everyone of them hoping they are not sick.

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  7. Whatever the Chinese government says, multiply AT LEAST 10 times. You are a total fool if you believe whatever the Chinese government says

  8. Flu in USA kills 2900
    Six million cases, USA
    Corona virus, which means a virus related to sars Mars and don't know much yet
    Right now media is loving the clicks and comments
    Be careful, wash hands. Avoid crowds, airport tourist areas. If you want wear a mask….
    Don't panic, it's bad for your health

  9. 80.000 people infected, Wuhan gov want to tell the news as soon as possible but they need the permission from Beijing.
    80k, if you see/hear victim bellow that, i am sorry its probably a Lie.
    China known to hidden their problems/propaganda.
    You see The Chinese Gov report that there is no shortage for food or anything but in reality its really hard to find food, so Gov from another country that have a citizens in Wuhan send theirs Reps to help send anything in need.
    A country doesnt need to isolate an area, stop all activity if there is no Big danger accure.

    Sorry for the English, i am still learning.

  10. Both of the reporters look like those robots from Japan. The resemblance is crazy accurate.
    Here is a link to a pic of a robot that looks like these two ladies.


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