At home abs workout without a gym

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider more than just
muscle this is an at-home workout program for you and this is not to
replace any of the gym workouts and also to this is without any equipment
whatsoever don’t forget you want to get a six-pack and you want to get shredded
doing as much ab workout it’s not going to do crack for you guys which really
nutrition at this point just to help build the abs without any type of
equipment look so ever the first thing we’re going to do is work out the lower
abs by doing leg in and then the second one you’re going to do some more lower
ab workout by doing on the ground hip thrust in the air which I’m about to
show you and then I’m going to show you how to strengthen your whole abdominal
wall by increasing intensity with and how I’m going to show you how to do this
it’s to replace the Apple leftover shit let’s go right to it the first exercise are leggins you’re
going to need this kind of chair or you can use any chairs not a big deal and a
boxing timer or I just use Apple your time where if you want so for the sets
one minute and you’re going to do this for one minute nice and easy okay that
doesn’t really do much for you because you want time under tension in good form
and you see on my knees Bend just slightly that’s okay too
you really want to go strict you can keep it as straight as possible like
this as well but beginners that’s we go like this just make it a little bit easy
for yourself and we’re not stopping we’re going to do a tricep for
everything you’re going to do messed up up to one minute and then you’re going
to go on the ground like this next exercise is lying leg raises with the
hip thrust so we’ll combine it to exercise between the one you’re doing
one minute hands underneath the but just so your hips don’t come off too much and
the threes on your lower back read out at the top make to control but this it’s
okay if your neck comes off the ground a little bit it’s more comfortable for you
10 lying on the ground just like this the next exercise is going to be an ab
roller if you get one of these it’s really cheap then because we will take
up much room so let’s just say you don’t have that uses how hold it in half until
it looks like this and they grip it nice and tight go on your knees but also
don’t forget to use a pad yoga mat or pillow just protect your knees I’m not
just for visual purposes but what you going to do is hold on equipmonk the
talus players you can reach forward just like an ab roller and then come back
just like this so you can do this without a nap roller and you’re going to
do this for one minute as well and this is going to work out all the way from
here which is working on strengthening it
one minute three sets for a beginner and then if you’re more advanced I’ll do
this for up to 20 minutes and just keep going round robin if you’re advanced and
if you’re beginner what I would recommend doing is taking a one to two
minute break in between and that’s your at-home ab workout for the day please
subscribe to my youtube channel give the body designed tool if you want a full
customized at-home workout program with resistance bands and it’s also look at
my you can also get my sculpt that apps mini course along that so please
subscribe I don’t see you guys next week

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