Hello and today I am doing Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for Terminator 6. Hello guys and welcome to my channel Jon Sheppard Fitness today im doing Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for Terminator 6. Well I don’t need to tell you who he is he’s a legend basically that’s all you have to say if you if you obviously follow him or keep up to news you’ve probably heard that he had emergency surgery not so long ago but he’s also filming right now for Terminator 6 which is coming out in 2019 I would see him being the man he is he’s back in the gym working hard and pumped so today what I’m gonna do doing what he loves getting himself is I’m gonna show you a clip of what he’s doing and then I’m going to show you my alternative and what he’s actually doing and or something that is very similar that’s the same workout as him I would say at the moment he is came back from surgery he’s probably not lifting heavy weights and also he is old as well and you know he’s in his seventies doesn’t mean he’s weak but I would say he’s using a lot of machines and the machines are wasn’t the machines was invented for people coming back from injuries if you didn’t know so let’s let’s show you the first clip and then my alternative see you in the gym this is the lat pulldown and what you want to do you want to push straight back and pull with your back not your arms and feel that squeeze between the shoulders Arnie is doing a lot of reps now instead of heavy weights so I’m emulating his workout next is upside-down rows well that’s what I’m calling them don’t know the real name we want to do is you want to get underneath a bar smith’s-machine or a rack like I am and basically lift yourself up it’s a great move I never done it before really next is a bicep curl machine or a creature table machine or a preacher table we haven’t got one of these at our gym so I used a normal standard creature table and used a EZ bar make sure your arms are then all the way down when you’re curling back up squeeze next it is a superset with rear delt machine and a lat raise machine I haven’t got a library machine so I’ll show you a different way when you’re doing rear delts palsy squeeze when you’re at the back make sure you can trust him for that fact as much as you can obviously I like to be slowly now I want to my latter raises and I’m using kettlebells for change I knew she don’t use dumbbells but it’s just a something different next Arnold Schwarzenegger does his abs by doing crunches on a machine again in my gym we don’t have one so I do standard crunches where basically I’m raising my knees to the chest and doing all sets and finally cardio Arnie loves riding and bikes and visiting cities going around so just finish with a bike ride or a bike at the gym and there you go that is the workout doing well there we have it I hope you liked it you know what if I had arms like him he fired arms like him in general I don’t know why boy he doesn’t seem to get any older he just stays the same age he’s got to that age now and he doesn’t seem to get older he doesn’t seem like brittle Oh like he’s dust and he looks like he’s so happy and enjoying life and I can not wait until Terminator 6 it out because that’s my film Terminator is one of my favorite all-time films and that’s and it’s got our nyan yeah so anyway I hope you enjoyed this Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for Terminator 6 if you did give it a like give me any comments if you like this sort of videos where I’m doing people who are getting fit for a film and then I do like sort of my version work out to it and just just say and I’ll see if I can do it anyway how have a good weekend and I’ll see you next time


  1. I ve met Arnold in Melbourne in April at the seminar in Exhibition Centre and got a book signed by him.. cant wait for terminator 6 cheers Jon

  2. Arnold's still the man Jon I hope I'm still clanging and banging at his age I know now he does a lot off machine work but still gets his ass to the gym and that's the main thing MINT

  3. Great video mate. Great to see the legend himself giving the Vegan diet a big up again in social media recently, did you see my video? The bit about bikes really cracked me up ?

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