Arginine Explained in 60 Seconds – Do Nitric Oxide (NO) Boosters Increase Your Fitness Gains?

Arginine, yet another supplement that has
made its rounds in the fitness world. And unsurprisingly, it’s an amino acid. A conditionally
essential amino acid to be exact, since even though your body can make it on its own, deficiency
can take place especially in type 2 diabetics from high activity levels from the enzyme
arginase, which converts arginine into ornithine. Arginine supplementation is quite popular
among collegiate athletes, where 8% of them take it. Its main use is increasing the production
of nitric oxide, a signaling molecule known to relax heart muscles, which can help reduce
blood pressure. Arginine supplementation effects, however,
is pretty underwhelming. Although arginine supplementation can increase serum levels
by as much as 300%, there’s really no performance benefits from it. None observed from weight
training nor was there many for improving endurance. Arginine is also not really good
at actually activating nitric oxide production, rather, it’s just a substrate of nitric oxide
production. Kind of like having more milk doesn’t mean you have more ice cream, you
just have more materials to make ice cream. So as the research currently stands, missing
out on arginine supplementation isn’t going to kill your gains. Besides, you might be
better off getting it from actual food in the first place.
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73 thoughts on “Arginine Explained in 60 Seconds – Do Nitric Oxide (NO) Boosters Increase Your Fitness Gains?

  1. Could you make a video about the minimum amount of exercise needed for optimal health? For example cardio every day vs 3 times a week and something similar for resistance training. Great content. Keep it up.

  2. so if I'm skinny and wanna grow muscle how do I do it without loosing my sixpack (all I know is it have to eat alot, but isn't that a negative to achieve sixpack?)

  3. Please make a video on All the supplements you should take daily with an amount and what they do! <3 Also what is Fish oil and how does it benefit you?

  4. NO boosters are good for making your veins look bigger, but once you stop taking them, your veins return to normal sizes.

  5. Nice vid, this is an Elliott Hulse inspired topic, but what about some videos about physiology, that would be interesting with your angle on it 😀

  6. Do a video on can u get gains without supplement and how its different. And please do an unbiased video on steroids

  7. Oh I had to go back to other videos just to see if your hand was in those. lol. I guess it never bothered me.

  8. Ive taken Arginine from experience, and what I feel is that i dont become tired as quick and dont sweat as much when olaying a sport. Makes me more calm and increases endurance. maybe placebo, maybe not. but it definitely helps me.

  9. PictureFit, can you please make a video on how to get the Creatine effect from food? like fenugreek and some other stuff? and also, how to get the same effects of Arginine from foods as well? that would be EPIC <3 thank you a lot for this nice video.

  10. what if you take AAKG. Here arginine is combined with ketoglutarate molecule and you have 2 molecules of arginine too.

  11. I have been taking it and noticed a big difference. Clearer thinking. Body heals quicker I can take in more nutrients. Stopped ibs feel fuller for longer. Don't believe these so called experts. I will continue to take L Arginine

  12. I wonder how many person stop to think why would you make this video when there are so many other important videos that you could make who asked you if it work yes or no did the Food and Drugs administration pay you to lie to the public

  13. L-Arginine is perfect,but if you take it for long time it will increase size of your nose,ears and foot

  14. I do not agree with this video. I have type 2 diabetes and psoriatic arthritis. Since taking l arginine I have more energy and less pain . Have a calm feeling of well being as well

  15. I got 20 inch arms and i been taking this stuff for a while. it does help, just y'all testing the wrong people lol This stuff also makes me horny every minutes.

  16. I can’t exactly agree with this guy. IMO experiences using the supplement I have found the prior to working out I was more focused and I didn’t tire nearly as easy. Also I felt I was able to push harder during workouts which made my results better for me. Also I felt much more aroused at home with my wife than before. I have always had a large libido but I could tell a major difference in that dept. as well. My suggestion to people is give it a try stay true to the supplement for 3-4 months track your progress and then see what you get. Everybody is different. It my work great for some and not for other it just depends.

  17. This video is completely wrong, I take arginine and I notice the difference. Maybe this guy should stick to making videos about other things.

  18. I don't agree. I have been taking it for a while now and I could see increase in strength and ability to lift for longer period as well as more relaxed muscles

  19. BS!!! I used arginine for a long time and the pumps I get out of it are insane!!! To the point people think I am on steroids?
    And it's does help with lifting and performance!

  20. This is one of those stupid information videos without experience. I been using Larginine and I pump like a horse. And it's not a placebo. . Knowledge without experience is dangerous. Try the stuff before listening to this guy.

  21. Don't get mad at the video because you don't agree with it, he is just the messenger. He listed his sources in the description and to my surprise his conclusions do have a solid foundation. However, even though L-Arginine may not directly improve performance (strength and growth) it still leads top vasodilation which results to a better pump.

  22. Citruline malate works like a charm for me with no digestive issues and great pump ofcourse better than l arginine

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