“Are Supplements Necessary To Build Muscle & Lose Fat?”

Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj here
www.SeanNal.com. In this video here we’re talking about body building supplements, and
more specifically the question of: Are Supplements Necessary to Build Muscle and Lose Fat. Now I get a lot of questions sent to me everyday
here on YouTube, over on Facebook, to my e-mail, et cetera. And I’ve been doing this for
a long time, so you always kind of see the same sorts of questions come up. One of the
very common ones that I get it goes something along the lines of: “Hey, Sean. I’ve been
working out for three months but I’m not seeing any results. I’m using a mass gainer
and creatine, what other supplement should I take?”, and it is as if people think that
the supplements that they’re using are somehow responsible for their lack of progress. It’s
like, “Man, if you’re trying to build muscle and lose fat, and you’re not seeing
results then the specific supplements that you’re taking or not taking are literally
the least of your concerns”. Now if you’re a more intermediate or advance
lifter, then what I’m talking about here is going to be more obvious to you. But if
you’re still a beginner and you’re still sort of trying to piece thing together here,
then a very important thing to understand is that supplements are exactly that. They’re
supplements. They are supplemental to your program, meaning that if you’re training
properly, if you’re eating properly and you’re resting properly then supplements
can provide a small boost to your overall results and helped to optimize your progress. But that boost will probably be relatively
minor and it’s only going to make up very small percentage of your overall results when
it comes to bottom line muscle growth or fat loss. It’s like the icing a big cake, where
the cake is the fact that you’re in the gym training hard week-in and week-out. You’re
getting stronger overtime. You know what you’re nutritional needs are and you’re getting
in the right amount of food each day with a good balanced diet. You’re sleeping well.
You are working to keep yourself injury-free. And then the supplements are just like that
thin layer icing on top. Not only that, but only a small handful of muscle building and
fat loss supplements are even worth it in the first place. The truth is that the vast majority of what
is being sold in the supplement industry is literally complete bullshit that won’t do
anything for you at all. And I’ve talked about that before. I actually have an older
video titled: Most Bodybuilding Supplements Are Bullshit. But I won’t start ranting
about that right now because that’s a whole other topic. But are supplements necessary
to build muscle, to lose fat and to get a great physique? The answer is: no, they’re
not necessary. You can still either fully maximize your potential or come very close
to maximizing your potential without them. Now all that said, that doesn’t mean that
I’m anti supplement or that I’m against the use of supplements. All I’m saying is
don’t over use them and don’t over emphasize them. Which is exactly what most people do.
But there are still a few fitness supplements out there that I personally use. That I’ve
been recommending since the beginning and that I even sold at one point a few years
ago. I don’t sell supplements anymore because it was a very time consuming thing to manage
and I didn’t want the vocal point of my business to be supplements. But again, that’s
a whole other story. But yes, there are few things that can help.
And again that just means that they can provide a small extra edge if you’re trying to see
the very best results possible. So if you respond well to Creatine Monohydrate, then
yes creatine can give you a small strength increase and a small increase in lean mass. If a decent amount of your training is in
the moderate to higher rep ranges, then Beta Alanine can be helpful in terms of increasing
strength. Multivitamins are a debated topic. I personally think that they are useful for
extra nutritional insurance, especially if you’re cutting in your inner calorie deficit.
I think fish oil has some use. And aside from that there are a few pre-workout ingredients
that can improve a training performance which I’ve talked about in other videos. And then the obvious one, of course, are protein
powders. But like I said before, in my view, you know whey powder, casein powder, egg white
powder, that’s part of food. You know whey and casein come from dairy, and egg white
powder is literally powdered egg whites. So that’s not really a supplement as far as
I’m concern, but most people do classify it as a supplements. And yes, I do think that
a protein powder is helpful, if it’s make your diet more convenient and easier to follow. And as a side note I do have a basic fitness
supplement guide available, that I’ll link in to the description box. And it does show
you which exact supplements I recommend along with why in the brands, dosages and things
like that. So you can check that out if you do want some more info. But bottom line here; are supplements necessary
to build muscle or lose fat? No, they are not necessary in order to achieve either maximal
or near maximal results. But a small handful of them can provide a small extra boost to
your results. And I will say that there are some cases where for certain people bodybuilding
supplements might actually be completely useless altogether. For example; if you are a creatine
non-responder, you train your lower rep ranges, you eat a very micro nutrient dense diet and
you have fish a few times a week, and you don’t really like pre-work out stimulants
then they’re literally might be absolutely nothing out there that is worh using at all
when it comes specifically to building muscle or losing fat. So for people in that category
supplements may not be necessary in any way, shape or form. So thanks for watching guys. If you do want
to cut through all the B.S. and focusing on what really works when it comes to getting
in to great shape. That being proper training, proper nutrition and an optional small addition
of some basic supplements, then you can click here or you the link in the description box
to download my step-by-step body transformation blueprint. Feel free to share the video, like,
comments and subscribe if you did enjoy it. You can follow me on social media here. And
my official website is over at www.SeanNal.com. See you guys next time.

35 thoughts on ““Are Supplements Necessary To Build Muscle & Lose Fat?”

  1. Jake & David give you good advice, i used to get this but now on my leg routine I stretch and foamroll then do very light leg extensions to really warm up the knees. I concentrate on form on the squat and don't fully lockout. I take a wider stance with knees facing out and the problem is solved.

  2. +Sean Nalewanyj Sadly, I was one of those guys in the past who went out and filled my cupboard with all kinds of supplements including pre-workouts, and the bang for my buck was abysmal at best. Some days I wish I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now from your program and videos LOL.

    The only supplements I felt totally confident taking were your Elite Impact products, and I think you should start making them again ๐Ÿ˜‰ :-D.

  3. Sean I have been following you for 2 years now and what you preach works effectively for me. I hope you will visit Adelaide, Australia one day, it would be great ???.

  4. Are Supplements Necessary to Build Muscle & Lose Fat? No.
    But are supplements necessary to build OPTIMAL muscle & lose fat. The answer is yes. They are also necessary for optimal performance, recovery and optimal health.

  5. urgh…I need to put my time to prep meals and get more rest. it's been a couple of years of training and look a little better, but getting the proper meals and enough sleep can really help me on getting leaner and gain more muscle.

  6. There is ONE SUPPLEMENT that will trump all others. Some people call it "Vitamin S," Jason Blaha refers to it as "Whey Protons."

    You inject this supplement, and you won't find it for sale at GNC or Amazon lol.

  7. It might be also good to check with your GP if your body has sufficient vitamin D and if you like to use Fish oil, make sure that you choose either omega 3 or 9 (preferable 3 (no 6!)) with high EPA and DHA values (also good from them brain gainz). Great video Sean!

  8. Lose fat – sth that you eat and keeps you full (whole food and veges).
    Gain muscle – sth that you eat/ drink and makes you hungry – > whey protein -> it's just damn hard to over eat with whole foods. I can drink many cups powders of whey without feeling full, but whole foods like meat i'll feel full after a qhile.

  9. Hey Sean, not to sound mean or anything but you look a bit less defined in this video(atleast different). On a calorie surplus?

  10. Never had to sort through so much bullshit until weight lifting. On one hand I'm told as a beginner
    I should train each muscle once a week for 6 months then increase to twice a week,
    on the other I'm being told THE EXACT OPPOSITE from supposedly "experts"
    This industry fucking blows.

  11. So I'm wasting money…whey, casein, beta alanine, taurine, mucuna pruriens, glutamine, creatine, CLA, Performix Ion, and hydroxcut.? Damn. Could probably afford a better gym now! Maybe even a trainer 1x per week!?

  12. So i should just drink a nice chocolate milkshake before working out, rather than drinking a shitty tasting protein shake? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  13. I have been lifting for six years and I haveย learnt many things through years of trial and error. One of them is the fact that protein supplements are a billion dollar scam. You can achieve the best performance in the gym with or without it. Given that your diet is healthy, you can build muscle with or without it.ย The only time you would use it is when you haven't had enough protein from your meals for the day. The truth is that 1.4 times your ownย body weight(kg) of protein in gramsย is all you need each day when you are engaged in strenuous exercise, which you can easilyย get from a properly balanced diet. They can also screw up your kidneys when consumed in excess over a long period of time. & why would you want to take creatine when the beneficial effects are not permanent once you stopped taking it? With the exception of caffeine, which you can get from a cup of coffee, all supplements are insanely ridiculous and unnecessary.

  14. why do you recommend Vitamin D-3 with this multivitamin for Source Naturals in your supplement guide?I was reading the label and the multivitamins contain vitamin d-3

  15. Hi Sean! I am a med student! concerning the multivit, I know that some minerals interfere with absorption with others. Also I have heard some bodybuilding "gurus" recommend taking ZMA & Calcium on separate occasions from rest of multivit! what do you think?

  16. My buddy laughed when I told them I was gonna reduce weight with just using Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed them amazing results after I used it they are begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won't let them know the detail about this diet plan, hahaha

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