APS Mesomorph VS Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme Pre Workout Review – What Pre Workout WORKS the BEST?

aps mesomorph pre workout review from blackstone let’s review in New Jersey and i hope i just didn’t make you shit your bad what’s up everybody alright today we are going to talk about too exciting best pre-workout that everybody’s been talking about and this one everybody’s been told me and you gotta try this one I want you to try to tell me what you think about it so how I tried it all right my boy gave it to me and said here try this one methyl more by aps alright i took this one today all right and what is this everybody say which one you think is better so let’s see we got meso more and then we got dust extreme both have DMAA and it’s so just be careful don’t over abusing it what I’m doing now is I notice once or twice a week that’s the only time i’ll use anything with GMA and it because of another video i did before if you want to find out what that is going to my channel and check out my DMAA side effects video alright but all took this one today okay I’m gonna tell you the difference right now with mesomorph since i took this one today what happens it’s a clean focus it’s a more the pump you you actually you can get a good pump with this product right here it was a good pump on you feel good you got good focus what else was it arm you feel strong as shit what else on you just you ready you ready this isn’t actually a really good product out and here we go this motherfucking flavor here rocket pop the shit is super delicious alright so i know most pre-workout tastes like crap oh my god i love the taste of this pre workout because I’m I don’t know if you don’t like sour crap like sour patch kids sour candy store anything to stay the away from this got a different flavor ok because i love sour things whether it’s like lemons and share whatever this is sour but the taste is sweet and it just it is du Loup shit i don’t care what anybody says the one of the best tasting pre workout supplements besides psychotic psychotic from insane labs same thing tastes like kool-aid and this was like this is just our ok now oh ok so what I’m gonna go now switch or blackstone labs dust extreme has to be the strongest dmaa product on the market right now at 75 milligrams per scoop I think of message for my between might be between 65 and 70 so this was stronger ok arm this one has a better Ally where you take it also you like you start feeling that she you got bugs itch all over your body like what the hell is all actually creeping all over my skin and that i really don’t care for because it doesn’t do nothing for me at the gym what the fuck do i need to be scratching my ass for itching burning up in the gym I want focus energy strength and results but I know there are people out there who do like the beta alanine eh look like crack into the gym I i love it and i got friends they love you like I love that it’s okay to each his own I don’t like it but this one gives you the itch this don’t give me no damage it’s got a small amount alright so there’s no itch with dust extreme but with dust extreme let me tell you right now it’s still number one for me I don’t get that extreme has something the way combines the pump and the pump is an AFE with this product it’s it’s it’s not really there this is more avail whoa get the hell out our way I’m gonna get through these weights and your bad getting things done this park is to get things done and to live and to be freakin out of your mind focus amped and just getting wait your weight training done alright so 75 milligrams of a 1,3 dmaa arm and like I said the pineapple mango and they have the sorry I think the gummy bear whatever but here’s the catch delicious and they must have reforming the flavor because what happened was I noticed it was caking when it was the old version that was delicious they reflected the the product they had to have because now it’s it’s more powdery doesn’t take up but the flavor is no good i mean you can get it you might like it but me personally the flavor has more of a medicine he tastes and I don’t like that since I like sour stuff but i’ll deal with the F and medicine the reason why the product works freaking was home all right so like i said this one if you like the itchiness the beta alanine you like pumps you like a decent focus you like on what else can i say about this product just had to create just this is still an awesome product but if you are one of those Eminem mother effers like me who makes laser focus where you can go to just tear the weights up and get your stuff done then use the dust extreme because I’m telling you I it’s still my favorite because it just has so much good crap for focus and I like focus and energy so it’s all combined right so my choice maybe the best one for working out this will now be my second best choice but the flavor is awesome and the flavor on this one is yeah so you have to make a choice but both are freaking awesome i love them both and if any of you guys are girls want the dust extreme or any of the blackstone labs products at a deep discount just hit me down below you’ll see my email in the video description and i will hook you up with my boy the company who will give you a discount on any of the products at blackstone labs supplements at all right oh also let me come down that’s the dmaa a kicking in it alright so check this shit out to another person gave me this one is brand new I haven’t tried it I’m you guys and girls tell me if you ever tried it comment below if you want me to do a review video on bow with J&I innovative labs okay this is another product that was given to me and they wanted to try it out you say its brand freaking you i haven’t tried it got some skulls every best dmaa powder for gains and it says here pre workout insanity pre workout fuel so you guys are gonna love one out on Saturday make a review on this one comment below and if I get more than 1 3-Dimethylamylamine or dmaa review video on this one all right on what I want to say up right here we go come here baby come here that girl what’s up what’s up also guys and girls I don’t care who you are i know a lot of people ask me this was sitting my god i was supposed to review videos on this but because of my stupid injury to my arm that’s been killing me again it just was hurting me so I just didn’t do too much work out so I’ve just been having fun doing whatever most sure let’s get to the fucking point right like a log and formula 19 i have not you see have not used any of it yet so if you guys want me to do review videos on this product let you know how it works comment below also on these products if you want to do review videos on these two products and i will let you guys order anger Mitchell know if they work this is a what is this insolent parking mimic agent which helps burn body fat at the same time helps with getting good pumps and this is your card holder to give you $MONEY if you’ll excuse me at the gym when you combine the two together you got now the fuel the pump and the body burning back at the same time so i was considering you know testing this out check out this out of these two together I would take this an hour before and then an hour later blue use the weekend to see how this will combine with that so this will be my my DNA product they say they made it and it’s under different names on the myth the method like some mean which believe it or not people that is another name for 13 Demi methylene DNA what I got a strong search or whatever so if you want to do a video on combining that with this an hour after taking those products comment blackstone labs dust extreme review will do that also who lot of people been asking me also on what’s been going on with the channel folks i have been going nuts trying to get anything done like I’ve been waiting for my art dealing with happening is ok let me explain to you what happens everything’s healed but when i come in let’s say I coming like this and I pull in to do a bicep curl my right arm yet that’s fine ok you see my right arm doesn’t hurt but the left arm right here as soon as I get the freaking coming in and I’m going like this it still hurts a little bit so I’ve been just shying away from not doing any bicep curl movements or anything I just being indirect stimulation from justin with his chest press movements or shoulder presses that time getting my bicycles because i have not done any bison because I’m petrified of radius R again so like I said it’s it’s almost about ninety-five percent yield I say but still I don’t feel something that coming up what I’m about to do a cross and the rule of thumb is if you feel something right don’t keep pushing on it because you will get injured again or bring the injury back or it’ll never heal right so I’m learning just let it heal and again what i will be doing is in about let’s see you know I i just hate making excuses on one of those provided he and I know I I just been whatever the point is I’ve not want to make any more videos on this channel except for maybe in the future we wanted to we select review more Blackstone labs product and that’s about it so what is with the new channel that’s I want to be making new videos everyday everyday and uploading and uploading so that way I can brand myself and put myself up to the world right there so also i want to ask around please help me with this what do you think about this idea guys girls both whatever I need everybody’s help right now as you can see i’m gonna carry this knowing you’ll see my garage looks like shit it’s filled with all the goodies in the garage is usually fill it lawnmowers arm look at that ice bucket from the beach beach chairs my idea you tell me what you think about this is to clean this motherfucking out from top to bottom and then get good lighting in here I don’t have a lot of money which i’m working on making a lot of money but the port biggest until I could get some more cash offer on youtube which think once i got the cash then what I’ll do is I’ll start hooking the responsibility even if it’s with cheap weights Matt’s whatever and you guys and girls tell me what you think if i can actually start doing training videos here and show you what’s working for me and we can you know I can go from there that’s a starting point yeah it’s not the best but i gotta do it when i got this all right you’ll see i have to paint the walls there’s like writing on the wall from the kids messing around and it’s just like I said it’s got I guess I’m not the greatest of everything but i believe that you gotta start with God gives you man that’s basically it whatever it is whether it’s this your home wherever it is you’re icing guys man on youtube man that started a one-bedroom apartment with everybody you know blogging and everything and they have made it to the top on youtube so it’s like I have no excuse i have a freaking garage and I can convert into a gym which I guess I don’t have all the money right now but eventually I will get the money but for starting right now you all tell me if you think everybody hello Diane my neighbor driving by honking didn’t look so let me know you’re all big that I should you know just even if i put like sugar coming from fucking Walmart it doesn’t matter just as long as I got a bench some basic weights dumbbells and then I could just show you guys and girls what’s working for me and our ladies if you are out there please let me know right now do you want me to put females of my business but I have females are other friends of mine are in really good shape they have awesome ideas awesome 64 building their booties and just looking at they look phenomenal they ripped abs and everything and I was just letting it wondering this even guys let me know do you want females on my new channel to show you know examples of exercises which almost guys like yeah but didn’t whatever but girls let me know if you want to see females that are so my friends that are in awesome shape could give awesome tips and then i’ll put them in the video so that way i can interview them and they can tell you what’s working for them and that maybe that can help you get you know some ideas for booty exercises stomach exercise just planes are getting have been fucking shape alright so again that’s what we do with me I don’t fuck my video with long again I want to make this shorter but I get something exciting right so please everybody to be paid for me I’m gonna get all this put together and I and it’s like once I got the channel then the goal is to freakin make a video everyday are just showing my the the next body transformation what I want to do which is basically gonna be 60 days which will be you don’t bring your fucking more if my arm doesn’t get healed by next week to the point where I feel completely comfortable biceps then effort i’m just going to go and start my damn training stay away from the bicep curls or any by some exercise and just let all my other senses exercised blending it is hopefully help my arms go a little bit when the time is right then all the seven start training freaking arms that’s it alright so that’s my video for today again and here from Black Satellites review new jersey comment below with aps mesomorph pre workout review rocket pop this video if you got an informative and what else can i say again don’t forget let me know about the garage idea about turning this bridge into a fucking training room showing you guys everything with you like straight crap if you look at you about that strengthcamp Elliot you know if you see Elliott Hulse from freaking straight camp feet but his shit looks nice but he has like a little where how they turn into a freaking germany and all he does is just tell you what the f he did and basically will work for him and I like that I like that he gives his feedback as to what worked for him and he just told everybody you know how the f it is alright so please tell me how the deputies and let me know what your comments will add you to my channel fucking subscribe because whoa i’m ready to love people over this world and make some family members here alright and was gonna say life is good alright just all i can say is folks you know like you know what I mean things have been happening you know oh man it’s like it should just happen this that ball you know his life family kids and I just been you know i have noticed i got into a pattern of make not making excuses just getting complacent and comfortable putting my ass back to 22 not doing things that make excuses as to why didn’t get this or do this my arm the new channel so my mind is starting to now go back to where it was where it’s the whole focus get back my ass in gear so please I know you can always take envelope you all feel like that sometimes sometimes you’re on a roll and sometimes you fall back when you get back in a roll and I hate doing that shit but I’m ready to back ready to go back and fucking rock roll that’s about it alright so again doesn’t video I love your subscribing to my channel and comment below here black so let’s review of your ticket

81 thoughts on “APS Mesomorph VS Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme Pre Workout Review – What Pre Workout WORKS the BEST?

  1. ive gone through manyyy bottles of formula 19, great stuff when combined with glycolog pre and/or post workout. also been through many bottles of glycolog, always take it before any high carb meal. i just feel my muscles get juiced up instead of goin to the love handles lol

  2. Definitely interested in your thoughts comparing Dust Extreme, Mesomorph and Wicked. I tried Wicked about a month which was my first time using DMAA and I felt like I was in another realm. Wild Stuff!

  3. Here is a quick question, ever tried the old jacked? How does dust extreme compare? Thanks for the video.

  4. Just record at your gym brah! Everyone loves the vlog type videos anyways. Day in the life, driving to the gym, grocery shopping etc.

  5. Good review. Mesomorph has been in my rotation for the last 5 years. The only con for me, is that I have a huge crash about 3 hours later. The Dust Extreme in my opinion, edges it out and without the crash. Both are in my top 5 of all time out of 50 plus in the last 7 years.

  6. Awesome video as always, Brother! YES!! Please review Wicked! …and the others too, ha! Thanks, Boss! -James

  7. Eddie. What up bro!! Yea man I like the idea with your garage. We all have to start somewhere yanno. Like I said before man, being real is what I feel people want the most. To many fake people out there that try and push things onto everyone. But yea convert that garage, make that shit badass.
    If you ever need any help, just hit me up. I'll be more than happy to come and help.
    I also might have some things you can use to help convert it.

  8. The strongest pre workout in the market that's even better than both of these is no other than Boston loyds pre workout ,that thing is extreme its also anabolic

  9. I don't get it. How did you know about the amount of DMAA in one scoop of Mesomorph? 65-70 mg. Where did you get those numbers? There's no any of this written on a package.

  10. Bro try pre stack ultimate pre workout shit has 75 dmaa plus 6 citrulline 3.2 beta alanine plus a shit load more its outa this world

  11. last 4month i used to this product 4 units
    i think 5 times a week.
    but nowdays i feel my penis soft
    this is side effects?
    what should i do?

  12. Hey brotha love the videos your energy is awesome, so I tried mr.hyde yesterday and wasn't impressed at all I see all these reviews on here people saying it blew their mind but it didn't give me a crazy rush. What do you suggest so I can get in a balls out workout ?

  13. I've tried both mesomorph and dust extreme before and i gotta say both pre-workouts get you going! Personally tho, I'd prefer mesomorph because of the amount of caffeine in dust extreme.

  14. Australia got different formula and we on version 3 now lolz it'd better mesomorph 2 but I dunno why we don't get the us formula

  15. Dude, you obviously have the potential. You got the personality, which is the most important thing in my opinion to make it YouTube. But it seems that you also have the knowledge, which is of course another crucial trait to maintain and grow a successful channel. I, as well as everyone else, appreciate your supplement reviews. I don't wanna buy a product without a great review backed by experience. & don't worry about your bicep injury. If anything people with benefit from your input. A lot of people don't know what do when they're faced with their first injury and they can benefit from your input. Keep doing what you're doing man. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, so if money is tight, I don't believe you have to fix up your garage as of now. But of course there will always be room for improvement, so if you can make changes, go ahead. Your channel can only grow from there. We're all looking forward to your future and what you'll bring to the table. Good luck, brother!

  16. What's up Eddie, i'm new to your channel but just in the past couple days dude I'm already a fan. Your knowledge of these products in your energy is just so awesome, seriously man you are cool as hell! I love how you say life is about having fun, you are funny as hell and really entertaining, I subscribed to your channel not only because of your knowledge of the supplements and your reviews but I subscribed mainly because of your energy. Keep up the good work bro and I will keep watching. When you launch your new YouTube channel I will definitely be a subscriber.

  17. I watched pretty much every one of your videos over the weekend… Lost count of how many times I laughed. So I bought these 2 pwo's, looking at using 2 times a week, what do you use for the other workouts? You go stim or non stim?(I'm working on a cut routine) thanks man

  18. Great review. So I assume the Dust Extreme is stronger than Mesomorph as far as stimulants and energy goes right? Anyways great channel and you're a funny guy. I watched your other videos and you're hilarious! I love your high energy and upbeat attitude. It seems as though you have DMAA in your system 24/7 LOL! Anyways keep up the good work!

  19. mesomorph so far is the best pre workout I have tried so far, I take a scoop and a half and I feel like destroying the gym. I don't get jitters it's a sustained energy that's through the roof, and no muscle fatigue

  20. Hey i never get the b-alanine itch or tingling and Iver tried a few preworkouts including mesomorph. Lately I've been taking 1.5 scoops of mesomorph I work out harder and feel a little more focused but really I don't feel anything else. I never react hard to anything…….. Should i go 2 scoops?

  21. Might have bicep tendinitis that shit sucks bro!
    Also about converting your garage into your own gym. I say go for it it was the best investment I made for many reasons.
    You can lift anytime you want no excuses.
    You can say fuck you to the crowds at the gym especially during peak time and New Year's resolutioners.
    Play your own music as loud as you want. Any many other great reasons.
    I started just getting a rack by rogue. There's other affordable racks out there as well. Titan fitness and rep fitness make some good ones also.
    Feel free to Hit me up on Instagram check out my set up and if u have any questions at Kurdish_Wolverine
    Good luck man!

  22. I really like that you compare these pre workouts very well, and saves me mad money, and time on the garbage pre workouts out there. peace, bro!

  23. My ranking of DMAA pre's that I've tried:
    1) Dust Extreme
    2) tie between Old Jack and Dragon Fire. Dragon Fire might be discontinued.
    3) Maximize Intense, which is discontinued
    4) Mesomorph

    Next, I'll be buying Black Jack and doing a review; it's even more elusive than Dragon Fire

  24. I realized this dude lost all credibility when he said he doesn't like beta alinine. People don't take beta for the itchiness lmao.

  25. Hope your arm heals up bro ?
    My shoulders are messed up ?
    1st my legs & back were messed up now that I've been working on getting that all back my shoulders are bad
    It's like 1 step forward 10 steps back all the time ? but life goes on brother
    Subscribed & liked your vid & channel ?

  26. Also, this guy doesn't realise that Beta-Alanine is one of the most effective body or power lifting supplements. It increases your endurance by buffering lactic acid. So you'll be able to lift for more reps without getting fatigued. All those other ingredients like DMAA and caffeine just make you feel good, and get you addicted. There is a reason DMAA and DMHA got banned. Lol

  27. I"ll prob stick to Meso I like the beta alanine. Meso is probably much better than anything made by cellucor, muscle pharm, even gaspari.

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