hello everyone you are welcome to today ASMR Mukbang, I applied to remove stomach fat super super super fast and this morning
as you can see I have my toothpaste and I have my lemon, I’m going to show you
how to use this, combine the two with other ingredient to remove stomach fats use toothpaste that has baking soda and mint or add mint leave. continue watching alright, guys you know that’s orange, you can use orange or lemon orange will help to nourish your stomach. do why you are melting those fat with lukewarm water you are also nourishing
your stomach so the first thing I need is a glass bowl. so I’m gonna press in just a tablespoon of toothpaste into this i will practically show you how to use it. i will slice the orange or lemon into 2 and use all of it. the next item is oil, you can make use of any type of oil oil will help to prevent stretch
marks so while you are reducing your stomach fats, you’re also preventing lines or stretch marks. I will mix all the ingredients properly. do you see how it is, so that’s it, so what
I’m gonna do is to dip my hand okay and watch till the end of the video to see how to use this. just apply on your stomach for 2 minutes and massage very well. if you have not tried this before please
kindly try it because this is super effective, just do it gently yeah so this, this is it, what I’m gonna do
next is for me to leave it for 2 minutes I finished applying, you have to do
this for five days. leave this on your stomach for 2 minutes and why it is on my stomach i will pour hot water into the bowl. that is it, friends i will add (that’s optional) a cap of oil any type of oil, coconut,
vegetable oil into the bowl. this is super effective if you
don’t want to drink to remove stomach fats you just want to apply this is for you. i will use the cloth or towel to massage my stomach for 2 minutes. dip this into the water okay this is so
hot but I have to show you because this is ASMR MUKBANG get rid of stomach
fat by applying so I’m gonna start pressing this on the tongue this is super effective, I would go in
again and deep, massage it once a day for three days, every day once a day for three days I will dip again so this is it, you just have to do it
continuously until you are satisfied and then you stop, so that’s all you need to
do for applying Mukbang, after you finish pressing or massaging your
stomach, you expected, I’m gonna take this away, apply vaseline or oil after massaging it if you want to melt those fats, you
want to reduce those fats and still not have stretch mark or still have smooth
stomach just follow this process to do it, I hope you enjoyed today ASMR Mukbang on melting those stomach fat? if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and share
share share share with your friends share with your family, share the link of
this video on your social media page I’ll see you again in my next video bye

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