The U.S Air Force flew two B-52 bombers and
an MC-130J Commando II tanker near the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday morning after Chinese
naval and air forces flew over the island twice this week. Pacific Air Forces spokeswoman Maj. Victoria
Hight said, the MC-130J flew north to south along the airspace over the Taiwan Strait,
while the B-52s flew along Taiwan’s east coast. They were “closely monitored,” the defense
ministry said in a statement Wednesday. On Sunday, China held a “combat-readiness
patrol,” sending bombers, jet fighters and early warning aircraft flying through the
Bashi Channel and Miyako Strait. Several destroyers and frigates were also
involved in the exercise. The Chinese Defense Ministry had stated,
“The Chinese military’s combat-ready patrol is completely legitimate and is the necessary
action taken to address the current security situation across the Taiwan Strait and safeguard
China’s sovereignty,” Taiwan sent warplanes to intercept the Chinese
jets. In this video Defense Updates reports on U.S
sending B 52 bombers to Taiwan Strait after China conducts drill to intimidate Taiwan
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bonus tank or aircraft or ship and three days of premium account. China views Taiwan as a breakaway province
and wants to bring it to its fold in the future. Taiwan is currently a self-governed democracy. Though Taiwan has no formal diplomatic ties
with the U.S, it remains an important ally. U.S relation with Taiwan is governed by the
Taiwan Relations Act. The Taiwan Relations Act neither confirms
that the USA will intervene militarily if China invades Taiwan nor does it relinquishes
it, maintaining a strategic ambiguity. As per the act, “The United States will
make available to Taiwan such defense articles and defense services in such quantity as may
be necessary to enable Taiwan to maintain sufficient self-defense capabilities” The Taiwan Strait is tactically important
since it separates China from Taiwan and China will have to move its forces across the strait
in case it decides to invade. The strait constitutes international waters,
though China keeps a close eye on any movement in the strait especially if it’s a U.S Navy
warship or Aircraft. It is important to note that in Jan this year
Taiwanese voters have re-elected incumbent president Tsai Ing-Wen in a landslide election. This is seen as as a sharp rebuke to Beijing
and its attempts to intimidate and lure Taiwan into China’s fold. Tsai won more than 8m votes, the most any
presidential candidate has garnered since Taiwan began holding direct elections for
the position in 1996 She easily defeated her opponent Han Kuo-yu,
whose Kuomintang party promotes closer ties with China. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is an American
long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. The B-52 was designed and built by Boeing,
which has continued to provide support and upgrades. It has been operated by the United States
Air Force (USAF) since the 1950s. Better performance at high subsonic speeds
and relatively low operating costs have kept the B-52 in service despite the advent of
more advanced aircraft, including the variable-geometry B1B Lancer, and the stealthy B-2 Spirit. After being upgraded between 2013 and 2015,
it is supposed to serve till the 2040s after which it is expected to be replaced by B-21
Raiders. B 52 is powered by Pratt & Whitney turbojet
engines. It has a typical combat range of more than
8,800 miles or 14,080 km without aerial refueling. The massive range enables B 52 to take on
strategic bombing missions. The powerful engines also enable B 52 to carry
up to 70,000 pounds or 32,000 kg of weapons. The B 52 is capable of carrying both conventional
as well as nuclear weapons. Apart from the ability to drop bombs, B 52
can carry land-attack cruise missiles. A total of 194 B-52Gs and Hs were modified
to carry AGM-86s, carrying 12 missiles on underwing pylons, with 82 B-52Hs further modified
to carry another 8 missiles on a rotary launcher fitted in the bomb-bay for a total of 20 missiles. The AGM-86 is a subsonic air-launched cruise
missile having a range of 1,100 to 2,400 km depending on variant. This enables the B 52 to launch it far off
from the target. AGM-86 has 3 different variants – AGM-86B
equipped with W80 thermonuclear warhead, AGM-86C with a conventional warhead and AGM-86D with
an AUP or Advanced Unitary Penetrator warhead designed to attack deeply buried targets. The W80 is a thermonuclear warhead in the
U.S. nuke stockpile with a variable yield of between 5 and 150 kt of TNT. It is specifically designed to be used by
AGM-86 as well as the BGM-109 Tomahawk. The W80 is a powerful asset, to give viewers
a perspective here is a comparison. Trinity Test in New Mexico in July 1945, which
lead the world into the nuclear age, had a yield of 20-kilotons. Hiroshima’s “Little Boy” bomb had a yield
of 13-18 kilotons whereas Nagasaki’s “Fat Man” bomb had a yield of 20–22 kilotons
of TNT. A single B52H can carry at max 20 * 150 that
is 3000 kt tons of TNT which is massively destructive. The MC-130J Commando II is a special operations
tanker aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin for the US Air Force Special Operations Command. Previously known as the Combat Shadow II,
it is an improved variant of the C-130J aircraft and is expected to replace the ageing fleet
of MC-130E and P tankers. The MC-130J Commando II can be deployed worldwide
for missions requiring clandestine, single ship / formation, low-level in-flight refuelling
(IFR) for helicopters and tilt-rotor aircraft of the US Special Operation Forces (SOF). The aircraft supports infiltration / exfiltration
and resupply missions, and can also perform air drops and landings on remote airfields. It features extended service life wings and
additional elements to meet the requirements of special operations missions. The aircraft has a length of 29.3m, wing span
of 39.7m and a height of 11.9m, and its maximum take-off weight is 74,389kg. The aircraft can fly at a maximum altitude
of 28,000ft with a 19,050 kg or or around 42,000 lb payload. It has a speed of 362kt at 22,000ft and an
unrefuelled range of 4,828 km or around 3000 miles. Taiwan Strait is part of the larger dispute
of the South China Sea region. China claims most of the South China Sea. It said that it has “indisputable sovereignty”
over the area. Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and
Taiwan have disputed these claims. The route is significant as about $5 trillion
in trade through shipping passes each year. Countries like the US, Japan and India have
no claims in the area and want ‘Freedom of Navigation’ as per international maritime
laws. China has tried imposing a unilateral decision
as per which all ships & aircraft navigating in the area needs to identify itself to the
Chinese military. The drills by China is seen by most analysts
as an arm twisting tactics in response to Tsai wining the election. Some expects have pointed out that the move
was made as China was further angered by Taiwan’s vice-president-designate William Lai Ching-te
eight-day visit to the US. U.S sending B 52s can be seen as a message
to China that America will stand by Taiwan. B52s capability is a stark reminder to China
that any aggressive move in the region can be lead to massive backlash.


  1. These War Games played around the World have been going on forever. I think everyone loves Flexing their Muscles…🚢✈💪😎

  2. Go forward, America! Long live democracy and freedom! Down with all dictatorships and terrorists all around the world! America will support Taiwan forever!

  3. China have 0 power.
    Their full system runs by propoganda & oppressing their citizens.
    Corona Virus exposed them badly.
    Only 15% of their doctors have graduate degree, their army is untrained & i am sure majority of their reversed engineered weapon will not work in the time of war.

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  5. Once you get past all of the duplicate data, advertising, acronyms you end up with about four minutes of actual content

  6. The US is looking for a good butt whipping in the Asia Pacific region and that is exactly what they are going to get if they keep putting their noses in Asia. No Western, former colonial power Hegemony in Asia.

    Stick to your own hemisphere.

  7. There idea is of course is expansion,……and while there little island development continues… complete there task would be occupation of Taiwan. That’s not susceptible to quick removal by a Non nuclear B-52 strike. Those little islands? Are military support. And can be an island one day………an atoll the next! The Philippines should be most concerned. Cause it’s coming right at them. Am I wrong? India too can’t be pleased by Chinas expansionists policy. There not reasoning,….there just bulling! Like Tibet! They will take it…….and leave the UN to debate it.

  8. The USA would send stealth bombers and stealth fighters as a show of support for Taiwan.
    The problem is when you want to make a show of support, the enemy needs to be able to see you (-;
    So thats why the B-52 is sent.


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  12. Time to shoot down any Communist Chinese military aircraft that flies over Taiwan territory or within the internationally recognized 12 miles off shore. One warning, then its time for action. Communist in China needs to understand, NO! Free Tibet! Free Hong Kong! Taiwan 🇹🇼 is an independent country and the US should help make sure it stays that way. Democracies & Republics protect other Democracies!

  13. 52s aren't the main threat… A pair of CVNs parked just to the East of Taiwan 😘, now that's what you stop China surface invasion with…
    Use Taiwan as a natural SAM platform😘
    U want the USN CVs come a get em😂

  14. Let’s join together then wipe the CCP out of our planet.

    Look wow they do to they citizens in this outbreak and earlier do to HKer.

    Reeducation camp in Xinjiang harvested organs alive , etc

    CCP is nothing but pure evil.

  15. The Big Buff! What an aircraft. A 70 year old plane could crush China all by itself! We have planes flying that are older than China has had electricity.

  16. The US sold 66 F16s to China, literally making Taiwan one of the biggest/most modern air forces in the world. Should hold China back a bit since they didn't want the deal to go through.

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    Then you have it’s renting whole Islands throughout the South Pacific leading all the way to Australia that has an owned deep water Port alone with an Airstrip in Western Australia. Then it’s claims to the South Pole all for minerals along with stripping the sea of fish food stocks.
    When is the World going to wake up to this greedy leader of China that is building it’s Military up along with doing what Hitler did with the world talking not taking action to make it very clear enough stop or face a War with all Nations not just America the World Leaders must take a stand with a bigger Military show of United force against Chinese President and his aggression.

  20. fly right over those manmade islands then, after all, it international airspace to the rest of the world and would really piss-off Beijing:)

  21. Whats b52 can do against the s400 .? Y'all know in Vietnam the s-75 sams system it used to shoot down this big birds ,, wha posibkity6 the b52 has against the s400.? To the b52 has 0 chance against the s400

  22. Do you know another channel is playing your videos? Look up "Laser installed on Israeli ship".. 43k views. I love your videos+want you to keep making them, and I know that takes ad revenue-

  23. That stupid plane does not intimidate the Chinese. Just anothe "message" from the Morons in Washington who haven't won a war since WW2. We have infantile brainless fools running our country!

  24. Easy for China to shoot down, only thing us and China have in the way for war is problem that economy need each other, so us fleet would be sunked from china's main land, just think if 500-800 variants of missels would be launched at same time against us fleet, adios, when you are on main land you can launch everything and from china's navy NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAVE A CHANCE IN THAT SITUATION

  25. Imagine if China did this in Cuba… You wouldn't hear the end of it. Americans would be foaming cheeseburgers at the mouth! Looks like US is trying to bait China.

  26. Even with the lessons from SARS this is their obsession. Now they pay a terrible price for trying to ignore and hide the latest avoidable virus!🙉🙈🙊🤐🌪💀

  27. This operation of B52 bomber on Tiwan has two massages 1- insists of protecting Tiwan independence &its freedom 2-USA sending a message to China that USA are serious about Tiwan protection that is 🇺🇸💪🇺🇸

  28. Wonder when they’ll be swapping the b52s ordinance for a drone swarm. I bet they could fit thousands of drones in a b52. Scary af

  29. All B-52 nuke facilities has been decommissioned by Pentagon in 2017! But still can carry regular bombs!😆🎠🎠🎠

  30. Donald Trump is bluffing about American military power like he is bluffing about half a Trillion dollars  injected American falling economy.

     American military power is like sitting ducks in the oceans! 

    Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles can wipe out those sitting ducks in hours..

    If American Imperialism along with Queen of England attack Iran then China will lose Asian economic pivot and one belt one road with Moscow and London will be vein as without Iran; China will have no Opec American countries to supply them the largest amount of oil to consume on earth!

    So Chinese will have no choices but to retaliate American if they bomb Iran.

    If Britain and France joins with America in South China see dispute then according to military agreements Russia will join with Chinese force!

    And this won't be good for America as China using their Hypersonic Gliders can deliver nuke warheads from Beijing to Washington D.C in less than an hour and no American Mach 10 speed missile defence system can penitrate it. Not even F-35s can intercept those WU-14 and Dong Feng (DF)-17.

    This WU-14 Hypersonic Gliders and Dong Feng (DF)-17 Hypersonic Artifacial Intelligence trajectory  missiles are especially made to destroy air craft carriers and war ships. 

    At this point China is lap ahead than American in air supremacy.  

    Russian new ICBMS (Sarmat and Kinzhal) as well as hypersonic"Zirkkhon" missiles can penitrate American defence. Recently Russia lift off all missile ban from Iran! 

    Iran may have both Chinese or Russian hypersonic missiles with nuke war heads in their mountains. 

    Yet another deception by Cabal to hold on to it's falling economy! And trying to compell China to continue buying American bonds and derivatives to float their falling dollar economy.

    Check the link below how WU-14 will destroy any air craft carrier or ships by US Pentagon Analysis.

  31. The Taiwanese scientists developed the COVID-19 virus in their secret laboratory, then released it, not only in Wuhan, but throughout China, with even deadlier viruses to come. The COVID-19 is just a test. Viruses are like many trillions of little deadly soldiers! 😁

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