One Round left to finish.
It wakes me up !

32 thoughts on “AMAZING WOMAN body TRANSFORMATION Freeletics, BBG to Gym MUSCULATION !

  1. So the best idea is to become fat to get big boobs then workout and keep dem boobs big. Nice strategy there

  2. I love watching these sorts of videos and seeing how people have changed as it does motivate me however, i really struggle with the eating part. I can do all the fitness as i do but finding the right diet that i can stick to at a reasonable budget is difficult for me. Whenever i'm sad or having a lazy day or i get bored i result to doing no exercise and just eating loads of bad foods that i cant stop myself from eating. Can anyone recommend any weekly diets i can follow? If possibly that will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  3. With the background audio really pumps me up to kickass lol. Congrats on your transformation not easy but deffiently worth it.

  4. Wouah je suis impressionnée j’espère avoir ce déclic un jour moi aussi! Sinon dans les commentaires où sont les français ?!

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