“All Day You May” by Rich Piana: No B.S Review

What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, www.SeanNal.com and in this
video, after getting a few request for it, I’m going to be doing a review of Rich Piana’s
All Day You May muscle building supplement form the 5% Nutrition line. And I’ll just be breaking down in simple
terms why I don’t think it will be of any noticeable benefit to most people and why
I would highly recommend saving your money and spending it elsewhere, whether that’s
on supplements that actually have real benefits or on more important things like your gym
membership or your grocery bill. So, let’s just break this formula down step
by step here and for those of you who do use it or who are supportive to Rich Piana, I
doubt too many of my subscribers here are, but once this gets out into the regular YouTube
search results there will be. At least try to listen to this review with
an open mind. This is not a personal attack in any way. I have no idea when the last time I watched
a Rich Piana video was and all I care about are the objective facts in what works and
what doesn’t. And I just want to help people make the best
decision for their bodybuilding program possible, simple as that. So the first ingredient in All Day You May
by 5% Nutrition is six grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids. Now, I went over this in detail in a previous
video, and I’ll link it down below in the description box if you do want to check it
out, where I explain step by step why Branched Chain Amino Acids are probably not necessary
for the vast majority of people, and without going in a ton of detail here you can check
out my other video if you want a complete run down. The reason for that is because if you’re
already consuming enough total protein for the day as a whole, at least 0.8 grams per
pound of body weight up to about one gram, unless you’re eating a ton of really low
quality protein sources then you’re already going to be getting enough total BCAA from
your regular wholefood protein intake alone in order to maximize protein synthesis for
the day. And just because some BCAAs are good doesn’t
mean that more are going to be better. Your body can only use so much. A typical high protein foods like chicken
or beef or seafood, et cetera, and even vegan sources as well, those are going to give you
anywhere between fifteen to twenty-five percent BCAAs per gram of protein. So you are going to be getting about four
to six grams from each standard sized serving that you’re eating. So, with enough total protein for the day
your BCAA needs are already going to be met and dumping an extra six grams on top of that,
which is what you’re getting with the All Day You May supplement, six grams or even
an extra twelve grams if you’re doing two scoops, that’s likely not going to make
any noticeable difference to your results. Also keep in mind that this particular supplement
is using a ten to one to one ratio of BCAAs, which means you’re getting ten parts leucine
to one part isoleucine and one part valine. Now, supplement companies will claim that
the reason they do this is because leucine is the most anabolic of the Branched Chain
Amino Acids but in reality the real reason why that’s done is because leucine is the
cheapest of the three amino acids and so it’s actually a cost cutting technique. The idea behind BCAAs is to consume them in
the amounts of most closely matched the ratio which is found in your muscles, which is two
to one to one; two to one to one ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine. So with a ten to one to one ratio you might
as well just be supplementing with pure leucine because this hardly even qualifies as a true
Branched Chain Amino Acids supplement in the first place. You’re going to be getting five point four
grams of the six grams just from leucine alone. Now, aside from the BCAAs you’re also getting
another ingredient combination of L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and N-Acetyllcysteine,
I’ve gone over glutamine in detail as well in the past, I’ll link that post below in
the description box too. It’s a same concept as BCAAs where, yes,
glutamine does play a variety of important roles in the body related to overall health
and recovery but you’re easily going to be meeting your glutamine needs just through
your regular protein intake alone. And on top of that a high percentage of orally
consumed glutamine in supplemental form it never even makes it to your bloodstream or
to your muscle in the first place. A good chunk of it, up to about sixty-five
percent or so, actually gets used up by your intestines for energy. And on top of that none of that really matters
anyway because All Day You May only gives you 2.8 grams of glutamine, LC-LT and NAC
combined. So even if glutamine or the other two ingredients
here were effective for building muscle, the amount that you’re getting here is way too
low and you aren’t going to benefit anyway because a standard dose for glutamine for
body building purposes is going to a minimum of five grams up to, probably, ten grams plus. So those are the two main blends that you’re
getting and then there’s also two other blends which are the Essential Amino Acid
Blend and the Amino Acid Support Blend, but again, the dosages here are so small that
it’s not even really worth talking about. I mean, you’re getting one gram roughly
for nine different ingredients combined. So these are just typical under dose proprietary
blend. It’s just a standard run-off-the-mill body
building supplement where you get a whole bunch of ingredients listed on the label but
the specific amounts for each one. So for the average consumer who doesn’t
really understand the proper dosage for each ingredient it looks really good on paper because
you’re getting so many different things. But the actual amount you’re getting is
so small that it literally isn’t going to have any positive effect at all. And again, a good chunk of these ingredients
are just basic amino acids that you’re going to be getting from your wholefood protein
sources anyway and in way higher amounts. And then aside from that there also Joint
Support Blend with glucosamine and MSM. But again, the dosage is only six hundred
milligrams for both combined, so that’s way below what you’re going to need to positive
effects. And then you also have a combination of Creatinol-O-Phospate,
which is not creatine, so don’t get confused by the two there. And I have no idea why this is included because
its main use, as far as the research shows, is as a cardio protective drug and it has
no research on it aside direct injections. So it’s not even known whether or not humans
can absorb it or what the exact effects would be, so, no idea why that’s included there. And then that’s combined with beta-alanine
but the combined dosage for both is only fifteen hundred milligrams, and the proper dosage
for beta-alanine would be a minimum of thirty-two hundred milligrams. So again, just another under dosed proprietary
blend that probably isn’t going to do anything noticeable for you at all. So, there’s really not much to say here. I understand that Rich Piana is a popular
fitness personality with a huge following but it doesn’t mean he has any idea how
to formulate natural supplements or the he even did formulate the supplement on his own
to begin with. It’s entirely possible that someone else
did the formulation and then he’s just, sort of, the face for it. And regardless of how popular All Day You
May might be when you actually break it down piece by piece it just doesn’t hold up whatsoever
and I can’t see any reason to spend your money on it other than to support Rich Piana
if you’re a fan, and in which case that’s totally up to you. But as long as you’re eating enough total
protein for the day as a whole then none of the ingredients in this product are going
to make any noticeable difference to your results. All this really is diluted BCAAs and then
a bunch of other ingredients that are either ineffective and under dosed, like the glutamine
or the Creatinol-O-Phospate, or ingredients that might have some use but that are still
under dosed, which would be things like the L-Carnitine L-Tartrate or the beta-alanine,
for example. And if you do think that BCAAs are helpful,
because that’s the main core ingredient here and the only one that comes up anywhere
near being properly dosed, at the very least you’ll still be better off to just buy pure
BCAAs separately on their own in the proper two to one to one ratio. Because you’ll save money that way and you’ll
be getting actual BCAAs instead of what’s basically just pure leucine in this product. So I hope this was helpful. It’s really important to examine supplements
logically and objectively and do your research first because a huge majority of what out
there is either totally useless or will only have really minor benefit. And it’s very easy for people to just hype
up their products and sell it using their market ability and their physique to make
it seem worth the money but in most cases it’s really not. And when you take the cost into account this
stuff can really add up over the long term because just one bottle of All Day You May
per month for one year is going to cost you about four hundred and fifty dollars. That could be put to much better use. So thanks for watching. If you appreciate this science based, no BS
approach to fitness and you want to learn how to build muscle and lose fat without any
gimmicks or hype so you can just get results as efficiently as possible without wasting
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if you aren’t already. The links are in the description box. The official website is www.SeanNal.com and
feel free to like, comment, share and subscribe if you did enjoy the video. Thanks for watching, guys. And I will talk to you again soon.

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  1. Hey man good review. I myself am Piana fan and use some of the stuff like real food createn and 5150 all good in my eyes but ive always been hesitant to pick up this one and probaly won't since the tub wouldnt last me a month at least. Keep up the good reviews

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    Anyway, great video as always. Keep up the good content 😀

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  12. You kept referring to that if the person is eating enough protein then they will be hitting enough of the ingredients on the label. The whole point of the supplement though is to “supplement” when you’re not able to eat enough whether for that one day or for some prolonged period of time.

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  14. I tried "All Day You May" and to be honest, it tasted like wax. It was hard to drink everyday.

    I really enjoyed Rich's youtube content, but his supplements were not something I liked at all.

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  19. Leucine is the most critical of the three, as research shows that it can stimulate muscle protein synthesis on its own.

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    3-4 scoops in a gallon Jug sipping it all day

    Massive rip of but tastes damn good

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  28. Leucine is actually more expensive per kilo by about a dollar… It is also the only BCAA that cannot be converted to glucose in the body, therefore there is no spill-over when taking extra in an attempt to maintain positive nitrogen balance, which is the entire point of an all day amino acid supplement. Also, this product is supposed to be taken a few times per day, hence the name. So the ingredients like Carnitine, when taken 3-4 times per day actually equal one full serve. Take what this guy says with a grain of salt. Looks like just another hater

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