Aleister Black’s sins and secrets: Raw, Nov. 11, 2019

100 thoughts on “Aleister Black’s sins and secrets: Raw, Nov. 11, 2019

  1. knock knock
    Black: who is it…..
    Jehovas witness: yes sir. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior jesus christ???
    Black: no but i do have time for this.
    Witness: whats that????


  2. It would be nice if black is put in to a creepy storyline…may be the opponent at last visits blacks devil rest house…were they fade to black

  3. Okay chewy you wait for someone to knock on your door!! Say there's a big difference I don't wait I kicked the door down 🤙

  4. Hemm. Looks like the demon Allister . Talk about Sin and Secret, I can feel the demon inside Allister. Soon or later he Will show us what's the meaning

  5. Should go for Intercontinental Title against Shinsuke Nakamura. Otherwise please transfer him back to NXT or NXT UK. Or just release him so he can go to AEW

  6. I believe he's actually too good to be in WWE on this roster yet they have no idea what to do with him or how to push him. No feuds for him to go into or anything

  7. WWE has no Clue what to do with Alester Black!!!! And he is losing his golden days of prime just sitting there!!! This guy has all the potential to be the Universal or wwe champion..

  8. Aw ffs just build him to win a title. Make him relevant. Make him important. Stop giving him weak promos like 2016-2017 Bray Wyatt but first of all, put him in the ring.

  9. Aleister: please knock at my door.
    Bray: let me in.
    Aleister:will you pick a fight with me?
    Bray:ummmmm…..winter is back i can't stay outside.can i sit?
    Aleister:yes.but no chairs.
    Bray: Damn you Aleister. 😁😁

  10. this guy sucks. he's boring. his promos are boring. there's only so many ways to kick a guy. he needs to learn how to wrestle not just kick people. go to mma if you're just going to strike. unless you're worried real tough guys are gonna knock on your door…

  11. He's doing the same boring mumbling segments in the dark that Bray was doing ages ago. Get him in the ring he's so good..

  12. For everyone complaining about Black’s spot on the roster; there is a gigantic build up for Aleister going all the way to WrestleMania. Heyman loves him so they’re using him slowly and carefully while his build up increases over these next few months.

  13. Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Aleister Black is challenging Buddy Murphy to a fight with this promo?!?!

    He said:
    "Secrets That Would Tie All Of This Together"
    "Secrets Of A Man Not So Well Kept"
    "Hear Me Now As I Speak In Prophecies"
    "I Know Who You Are and What You Have Done… So Knock On My Door And Pick A Fight With Me"

    Buddy Murphy is "The Best Kept Secret" and he's been on a roll lately with a winning streak that Black apparently noticed, now he thinks Murphy will be the next one to knock on his door and he wants it to happen soon.

  14. We could see a heel turn but then again as his song said no man is ever truly good no man is ever truly evil he'll do the things you done and we will never be equal

  15. it would be cool if say aleister black is there cutting a promo asking somebody to come knock on his door but the screen keeps glitching showing the fiends face and then after aleister black says come knock on my door all the lights goout and then he isn't scared he's calm he gets up and turns around and the fiend is right there and it just pops up the fiend vs. Aleister black next pay-per-view

  16. Aleister needs to face The Fiend and then afterwards have him as a partner. The silent seriousness of Aleister mixed with the humor of Brays new shtick would be great to see. Then when the fiend comes to fight they both tear apart opponents. This idea is on the house WWE, enjoy it.

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