AirPods Pro Fit Test: How Well Do They Stay In? | WSJ

(dramatic music) (lasso whipping) (cow mooing) – [Announcer] We got one
round left, Ms. Joanna Stern. (upbeat music) (grunts) – Airpods Pro in. That’s me, regretting this idea I had to test how well these
things stay in your ears. I even had to double down on my testing with one of New York City’s
most iconic dance families. (slow opera music) Why did I do this? Well, because unlike the
$150 regular Airpods, the $250 Airpods Pro have
active noise cancellation. They come with three different
size silicon rubber tips to better fit in your ear. Plus, Airpods have been known to fall out. (dramatic opera music) There’s even a size test
that analyzes the fit when they’re in your ears and
tells you if you’re all good. Heck, Apple’s so confident in the fit, they made them sweat
resistant for working out. I tested four wireless
earbuds on the bull: the standard Airpods, the Airpods Pro, the Samsung Galaxy buds,
and the Amazon Echo buds. With each pair in, I
asked the bull operator to drive at three speeds. Slow, medium, and high. Yeah. The regular Airpods
stayed in on all the tests except for one. (buzzing) One out. Yeah. (grunting) Galaxy buds in.
(dinging) Amazon Echo buds. The Amazon Echo buds faired the worst, falling out both times I fell. (buzzing) Amazon ear buds, oh
no, they both fell out. Amazon does include these
wing tips in the box, which should help. Though, even then, they’re
still the least comfortable of the bunch. I’m not sure this was my best idea. (light classical music) The Airpod Pros would not fall out no matter how many times I was bumped off. They just stayed securely in my ears. Didn’t even really
(dinging) loosen up. (dinging)
(grunting) (dinging) More good news about the Pros. If you’re ever riding a mechanical bull while trying to enjoy
some music, as one does, the Pros active noise
canceling blocked out the machinery better than
those other competitors. Of course, that could also
mean it would block out the sound of an oncoming train or car. That’s why there’s a transparency. You switch it on via the
phone or by pressing on this little button to hear
more noises around you. Okay, so the Airpods Pros
survived the mechanical bull. But I had to find one
more test just to be sure. (bright woodwind music) This is Tic, Tac, oh and Tay. Not only do Tic and Tac do crazy tricks, but they’re twins with similar ears. So I gave them two pairs of Airpods Pro and well, got outta the way. Airpods are staying in. Again, the Airpods Pros
stayed in insanely well. Are they in? – Yeah! – [Joanna] They’re still in? – Yeah.
(dinging) (dinging)
– Still stayed in. – [Joanna] We even had Tay,
another member of the family, test them out. (light music) – Almost out. – And with that, we finally got the Airpods Pro to fall out
(buzzing) with a series of clips. You’re still good, so one fell out! (phone ringing) Are you (beep) kidding me? Yes, after all of that, it turns out aggressive chewing is what
can loosen up the in ear seal. Still, these things
stay in extremely well. Did it come out?

100 thoughts on “AirPods Pro Fit Test: How Well Do They Stay In? | WSJ

  1. Trust me, the Airpods pro fit thingy is a personal thing… Check for yourself. Mine still falls out, unfortunately. This is after trying different sizes.

  2. Lets do unrealistic test which the ordinary people will never find themselves in. Does only one real relatable test product fails

  3. Joanna is the best when it comes for reviewing new products, the videos are always funny at the same time it is full of informations.

  4. How are people getting these immediately
    My apple location is always out of stock, And online will take until December

  5. Lame 😒 🥱 I guess this is good if you like these types of gimmicks “off the wall” hmm passing for “reviews” … well thy have gone on for far too long. Desperation to be so original is exhausting and distracting.

  6. Another informative and especially entertaining video!!! I’ve had the Pro’s for five days now and after initial adjustment, I love them. While they don’t block out everything, they soften the sounds around you so you can focus on your listening while everything else recedes into the background. The assorted tip size makes a customized fit, I prefer the smallest size. They are definitely worth the upgrade.

  7. It’s like the rare case of when you drop your iPhone on cement so many times without it breaking and then when you drop it off of the couch onto carpet it breaks instantly

  8. WSJ- APL Stock Price- Paid review. JK- I am an Apple Fanboy they spend everything on research and design. So may be not perfect- but best contemporary option. I am about to buy- then will see. I tried AKG same inear bud type back in 2011 were a nightmare. But were wired.

  9. I love this girl! Her videos are so good! I watch her and a few other reviewers/influencers before tech purchases!

  10. I really have tried to make mine stay in but they keep feeling loose and like they will fall out . How does everyone get them to stay in so well!! Maybe it’s just my ears are to big! 😞 a shame cause the original AirPods fit my ears perfectly and never came loose but with these pro ones I feel like the ear tips are pushing them away from inside of my ear which makes them loose, which is also why when I’m on the tube I get good noise cancellation to begin with but after a little bit of time they start getting loose and I loose the noise cancellation until I push them back in with my finger. It’s just annoying to have to keep doing it!

    Anyone has any solutions? Maybe the angle they are inside my ear is wrong 🤷‍♀️

  11. i had the airpods gen 2, and I stopped off the road to take pictures driving down the coast, and it fell out. I didn't notice until 1.5 miles later, drove back, looked around, and miraculously found them. Granted I had a DSLR, and I probably moved my head slightly (no where NEAR a mechanical bull motion) it was enough for one air pod to fall off. I returned it immediately, knowing it wasn't for me. But then again, ear buds generally doesn't work with me. This is a 100 premium (since I don't need wireless charging) but I do like the convenience and integration to my phone..

  12. This is the fallout test other YouTubers should learn instead for just turning their heads around
    GJ! 👏 as always is a pleasure watch your videos.

  13. That insane, no one ever figured that out and something city dwellers are likely to do, eat on the go with earphones in. Great review.

  14. I’ve seen my sisters airpods 2 fall out from her running and like the day after I got my airpods pros I missed the last step going down the stairs had a really hard fall and they stayed in

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