After Knee Replacement: Two CRITICAL exercises!

[Music] all right there are two exercises that I think are absolutely critical after you’ve had a knee replacement and these are the two that I have people do and make sure they’re doing above all the others is if they don’t have any other time you know they have plenty of time I have them do you know quite a few exercises but if they don’t these are the two they should do because what you need to understand after a knee replacement there was a physician that put it this way I think that was the best way of saying after a knee replacement is a race against scar tissue scar tissue is formed in your knee and your knee is tightened up and we need to make sure that you’re going to get the B as bent as far as possible and as straight as possible now obviously was straightening what you’d like to see is that it is completely straight with the bend we’d like to see all at least 110 degrees which is probably can you pick this up Fred I don’t you can pick it up at the black pants but probably somewhere in that range you know that’s a functional range that’s gonna allow you to get up out of a chair if you can’t bend your knee back or bend your foot back far enough it’s going to be difficult for you get out of chairs and do other activities so that’s what we’re shooting for so these are the two exercises and we’ll start off with the first one is floor scrubs and this is kind of the standard further after me replacement now if you’re at home and you have a vinyl floor or a linoleum floor or some type of smooth service wooden floor that this is gonna be really easy for you to do all you need is a towel and you can just slide back and forth like this and that’ll start getting some movement and you need if you don’t you can use like a cookie sheet if you’re on carpet or we just have a smooth board here so you know either one would work I’m gonna go ahead and take my shoe off here but what you’re going to want to start off by doing is just I just want you to start getting some movement there and this is just going to get some blood flow into the area and you know it’s gonna make the joint a lot more healthy and happy so but what you do is do this and then every so often what you’re gonna want to do with is actually stretched by using the other foot to push it back a little bit and stretch it back okay and then you go back again gliding back and forth and initially what you may be able to only do is cross maybe at the ankles and pull it back you won’t be able go back that far eventually can actually take you heal and put it on the toll of your foot and push it back further and further so this is the first exercise what I’d like to recommend to people that they do this at least for five minutes and they may have to work up to that it might be a lot to expect that to initially start and they should do that at least three times a day they can do it more often if they want but at least at least three times a day working into flexion the second critical exercise that you need to do is you’re going to want to stretch the leg into extension or straighten it all right this is this really is critical because if you don’t get the legs straight you’re gonna have a limp when you’re walking so and this is obviously this is actually one of the easier exercises to do is so there’s no excuse all you have to do is you’re gonna find what I’d say is a straight back chair alright I don’t want to I don’t want you in a recliner I don’t want you to chair that bends backwards and I’ll show you in a second why that’s important so you want to be in a straight back chair you’re going to have another chair or a stool in front of you you’re probably gonna have to start off with this tool because you probably won’t feel get your foot up there to start off with but all you need to do to help work on straighten your legs you put your other foot up there and just let gravity do its thing you’re probably to start off like this with a knee bend and just let gravity work on pulling it down again if this is too high of a service start with a lower surface now what you’re shooting for it as an end goal if your other media’s normal what you can do is put both up there and you’ll see that once bent and this one’s straight you’d like to get this one down to equal that one so that that shows you what your end goal is that is if this knee is normal if that B is also arthritic or it has problems it maybe doesn’t straighten it all the way either so you you you get your other stool and the reason that I want to straight back chair is if any of you ever done a stretch on your lip your hamstring here what you want you the way you stretch it is you actually lean forward a little bit you’ll feel pulling here so the opposite is also true if you’re in a chair that actually leans back you’re not going to feel any pulling in that leg it’s not going to have any stretch on it so you got to be straight up put your foot up on this on the chair what I’d like to see again is we’re going to work for that five minutes now five minutes is too long to have your leg like this you can bend it up every so often and give it a break but if it can tolerate go ahead let it stretch and if this gets to be too easy either put it on a higher surface or you can start to apply a little pressure or you can put just a little bit of weight on to here so you know maybe take if you’re a woman put your purse on here something as a know weighs a couple pounds and and just let put a little extra stress on it eventually you might be able to push you know a little bit harder and work it down into stretching and work towards a straight straightening

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