9 Ways to Make your Computer Run Faster

9 Ways to Make your Computer Run Faster
Hello YouTube. This is Praveen from TechEmpty. Here is the detailed video showing how to
Make your Computer Run Faster and smoother by doing few tweaks to the settings of operating
system. Follow this video carefully to know the 9 ways to speed up the computer or laptop.
So,lets get started. Number 1
Removing Temporary files. Open Run by pressing Windows + R Keys and then type %temp% and
hit OK. It will open up a window with all temporary files. Select and delete them all
to make your computer run faster. Number 2
Again removing Temporary Files. There are two locations actually where the temp files
will be stored. So, open Run by pressing Windows + R keys and now type just “temp” then
hit OK. Delete all the files and folders which are in opened window.
Number 3 Deleting Prefetched files. Open Run again
by typing Windows + R keys then now type “prefetch”. If it asks for permission, allow it to delete
all prefetched files which help to improve the performance of the computer or Laptop.
Number 4 Using Disk Cleanup. If you are using Windows
7, then use the search bar to get the Disk Clean up wizard or in case of Windows 8, go
to metro dashboard then here select “Settings” and now search for Disk Clean up. Open the
Disk Clean up wizard and select C Drive to clean. Select Ok and wait for few seconds
to get clean up dialogue box. Here select all files and select “OK”. Confirm to
“Delete All files”. It will take few seconds to minutes based on the clutter present. This
is one of the methods to make your PC or Laptop run faster and smoother.
Number 5 Increasing Virtual RAM. Open My Computer Properties
and then select “Advanced System Properties”. Here in the “Advanced” Tab, in the “Performance”
section, select “Settings”. Now in the Performance Advanced Tab, select “Change”
to change Virtual Memory. Uncheck “Automatically Manage Paging” option to edit the RAM allocation.
Here select “Custom Size” and enter the RAM size. Since I’m having 8 Gigs where
4 GB is accessible, Im making it to 8 GB. Means multiplying 1024 with 8. So entering
8192 here as minimum and maximum RAM. Select “Set” then click OK. It will ask you to
restart PC to take effect of new settings. Do it to increase the performance of the PC
or a Laptop. Number 6
Managing Startup Applications and Processors. Open Run by typing Windows + R keys then type
“msconfig”. Manage the startup apps from Startup Tab. Disable unwanted programs that
starts soon after booting the PC. And in the “Boot” tab select Advanced
options. Over here select “Number of Processors” and set to maximum (in my case selecting 6)
and check the Maximum Memory. Confirm all the changes and it will ask you to restart
the PC. Do it to make your computer run faster and smoother.
Number 7 Improving system performance by editing Registry.
Open Run by typing Windows + R keys and type “regedit”. Here go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
then System then Current Control Set then Control then Session Manager then Memory Management
then Prefetch Parameters. Here find EnableSuperFetch and double click on it to change the value.
Change the value to “0” then confirm by selecting OK. That’s it.
Number 8 Changing Folder settings. This is simple but
effective. Go to “folder and search options” and in “View” Tab select “Always show
Icons, never Thumbnails” and uncheck “Display file Icon on Thumbnails”. Confirm the changes
by selecting OK. Number 9
Changing the security level to account users. Go to metro dashboard and start searching
for “User Accounts” in the settings section. Open the user settings and select “Change
user account control settings”. Drag the bar over to the bottom and save the settings
by pressing Ok. That’s it. I never ask you to accept the permissions which improve the
performance of the PC. That’s it. Hope this tutorial will help
you to make your PC run faster and smoother. If you face any issues do comment below. Do
share or thumb up this video if it found useful. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our
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