9-Minute At-Home Hockey Workout 🏒

– Hey hockey players, Kevin here from hockeytraining.com. In today’s video, I’m gonna show you a body weight only, nine-minute hockey workout
that you can do at home for those days when you
are crunched for time but still wanna get a
hockey training session in. Before we get into the
nine-minute workout, it’s going to be necessary
to do a quick warm up. So let’s get into it. We’re gonna through four exercises in a circuit fashion for the warm up. The first exercise is 10 prisoner squats. These are just body weight squats with your hands behind your
head forcing good posture. Next is up is six
mountain climbers per leg. Then we’ve got Cossack squats per side. Finish the circuit off with 10 push-ups before resting for 30 to 45 seconds and repeating the circuit one
more time to get warmed up. Alright, now that we’re warm,
we’re ready for the workout. We’re gonna run through
four timed exercises, take a break and then finish
with five more timed exercises. First up is prisoner
Bulgarian split squats. Find something at home
just under knee height that you can use and perform
these for 30 seconds per leg. Then we’re going to the ground for 60 seconds of close grip push-ups. Make sure you’re pushing yourself but it’s fine to put your
knees down when you get tired or take short breaks when
you can’t do any more reps. Next we get back up for alternating
forward prisoner lunges. We’ll be doing this for 60 seconds total. The last exercise to push through before the break is 60 seconds of burpees. You can perform burpees
with push-ups at the bottom or the regular military
style without the push-up. (soft upbeat music) Alright, time to rest and catch
your breath for 60 seconds. We’re gonna start the
second half of the workout with 60 seconds of
Supermans off the floor. Lift your arms and legs off the ground squeezing your glutes and lower back. Flip over and we’re on to
60 seconds of bicycle abs. You might need a short break or two here but battle through it. Next up, we’ve got 60
seconds of pike push-ups. Get into a pike like position
with your butt in the air and perform push-ups from here working on upper body strength. Just one minute left now, we’re gonna run through 30 seconds of alternating split squat jumps, focusing on trying to be
as springy as possible. (soft upbeat music) And then finally, we’re finishing off with 30 seconds of vertical jumps. (soft upbeat music) If you’ve made it through this, you just got your butt kicked by an effective
nine-minute hockey workout. Although this is a great
workout for hockey players, it should only be used on days when you are extremely limited for time and shouldn’t be a regular workout you use too often in your programming. If you’re looking for
more hockey workouts, make sure you check out all of our off season training
programs at hockeytraining.com. And if you liked this video, do us a big favor and
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8 thoughts on “9-Minute At-Home Hockey Workout 🏒

  1. Another great video! Love this, done in 9 minutes. Will use this weekend while on business travel…perfect! Thanks.

  2. Can this workout be used before hitting the ice? On a regular basis or if your short of time. Thanks great videos

  3. played my first pickup game today got two assists and 2 shots on goal. ( It was an about 20 minute game.) Any advise from anybody to improve my game and get better at crossovers.

  4. Why do you recommend that this is not used as a regular workout? I thought this (or a lighter version of it) might make a good daily workout in the mornings before work. (in addition to evening workouts/ ice time)

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