8 Most Accelerated Machines Ever!

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world of science fun and machine today we’re going to explore some of the
fastest machines which exist on the planet so sit back relax and enjoy the
video neo EP 9 the neo EP 9 is an electric
powered two-seat sports car manufactured by a Chinese automobile company neo it
is a one megawatt electric car with four electric motors and transmission which
gives it a total engine power output of one thousand three hundred sixty
horsepower this allows it to reach a speed of 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds
200 km/h in 7.1 seconds and a maximum speed of 300 13 km/h its chassis and
exterior are made up of carbon fiber the EP 9s battery can last up to four
hundred 27 kilometers or 265 miles before it needs to be charged recharging
takes 45 minutes and battery replacement takes just 8 minutes at present this is
the fastest electric car on the planet this car provides a joyful lifestyle
delivers superior performance and wastes 1735 kilograms including a 600 kilogram
battery EP 9 has active suspension that makes
200 calculations per second number Seven’s Koenigsegg Agera RS this is the
fastest racing car up to date due to its 1360 horsepower this Swedish supercar
set the world record as the fastest car for the 0 to 400 to 0 challenge that is
the car was tested going from 0 to 400 km/h and back to 0 for this vehicle set
the world record as the fastest car part of the Nevada State Route 160 highway
near Pahrump in USA the car was piloted by Koenigsegg driver Niklas Lilja two
speed runs and opposite directions were recorded in the first run the car
reached the highest speed of 437 kilometres an hour in the second run it
reached the highest speed of 457 km/h the highest average speed across the two
runs was 447 km/h which is currently the highest speed ever recorded on a public
road it has sold the greatest dahi drill
synchro helix doors and equipped with a 5.0 liter twin-turbo v8 engine its
engine has been designed to offer its maximum output even with regular
gasoline and e85 ethanol can be used in certain markets number six honda mean
mower the honda mean mower is the result of
the partnership work between Honda UK division and team dynamics its chassis
was made from t45 steel for maximum durability and flexibility they produced
a mean mower version – a unique lightweight frame which is fitted with a
1.0 litre 4-cylinder engine special suspension and wheels however this
machine is still an actual working lawnmower that can cut your grass it can
reach a maximum speed of up to 209 km/h with an engine power of 532 horsepower
and a weight of 140 kilograms this machine can reach 100 km/h in just 4
seconds it holds the guinness world record as the fastest lawn mower since
2014 as it reached an average speed of 100 87.6 based on the results of two
runs mean lower version too is powered by the
same 999 CC four-cylinder engine from the Fireblade SP motorcycle and produces
190 horsepower at 13,000 rpm number five
Toyota land speed Cruiser Toyota company unveiled the prototype land speed
cruiser at the 260 SEMA Show this car prototype is a modified racing version
of the Land Cruiser 200 its iconic street-legal counterpart after a few
runs Carl managed to achieve a maximum of 370 point 18 miles per hour this conceptual SUV wastes 2.5 tons and
is powered by the same 5.7 liter v8 engine used in the stock Land Cruiser
but with a pair of Garrett turbochargers it also has a racing transmission which
was specially designed to fit it number four Kawasaki Ninja h2r the Kawasaki Ninja h2
is a supercharged Super Sport class manufactured by
Kawasaki Heavy Industries this motorcycle is equipped with a 998 cubic
centimetre inline-four engine and centrifugal supercharger which produces
a maximum 310 horsepower it’s frame is made of tubular thin-wall steel and its
other elements are made of carbon fiber this motorcycle is designed taking into
account both the modern aesthetics and outstanding aerodynamic features
Kawasaki engineers created it with aerodynamic devices to provide
straight-line stability and produced downforce at high speeds according to
various tests this motorcycle can reach a maximum speeds between 400 and 450
kilometers per hour number three citation X plus this is a
medium-range American business jet which is powered by two dual channel F a Dec
controlled rolls-royce 8307 c2 turbofan engines at present it is the fastest to
business aircraft in the world and has a maximum cruising speed of 978 km/h this
is a small plane with a length of 22 meters and it has space capacity for two
crew members and eight to 12 passengers it is twenty two point four meters long
five point 86 high having twenty one meter long wingspan the aircraft has a
clean sheet design and can go up to it’s a maximum range of 6,400 km s inside it
there are some great LEDs offering a pleasant experience it is one of the
most economical aircrafts in the business field due to its rolls-royce
engines and remarkable aerodynamic design it is also considered the fastest
commercial aircraft in the world with the most advanced aerodynamic
features its fuel consumption can be compared to slower aircrafts of the same
category which transport fewer passengers number two the iron Knight Volvo the famous company which produces
high quality cars is also manufacturing fast trucks this new truck the iron
Knight was recognized by the International Federation of automobiles
to be the fastest truck in the world it set a new world record as the fastest
truck in 2016 demonstrating the power of its engine in speed record runs they timed it from a standstill to 500
meters this looks small yet this beautiful beast can hit 60 miles per
hours in just 4.6 seconds when running a kilometer drink tests its
average speed was 169 km/h into two minutes to reach that speed the truck
has twelve point eight liter turbo diesel engine which provides shocking
2400 horsepower number one Aero villo ETA this ultra-modern bicycle looks like
a futuristic vehicle taken from a science fiction movie The Canadian
engineers who designed this vehicle use their knowledge about aerodynamics to
create it the ETA is the made up of a wet lake carbon-fiber frame and prepreg
carbon honeycomb sandwich shell its tyres are ultra-thin 650 C clinchers and
it boasts an equivalent highway fuel efficiency of a 9500 44 mpge
around a hundred times better than the most efficient electric car it’s cranks
chainring bottom brackets and other components are custom built which allows
it to adjust its final weight its shell shape design and the reclining position
in which the driver must go makes it difficult to control the bounce when
driving it therefore dual SD cameras with an
on-screen data display has been fitted to the bicycle to guide the driver thanks for watching which machine did
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  1. She said that the Iron Horse truck has over 2400 Horse Power. A Diesel Engine does not run anything on Horse Power as it is not worked on the same aspects of a gasoline engine. It creates Pressure from it's Compression on the Fire of the exhaust not the flash of gasoline. They are two different forms of power. One is Flash(Gasoline) the other Compression(Diesel).

  2. China probably stole that technology.. and who in hell needs to mow the lawn that fast ? most of this stuff is completely useless in real life unless you are a doctor or an undertaker ?

  3. Ya known… If you really pay attantion, the background music they use is GamingwithJen's intro music

  4. I'm thinkn, "that's not fast". Then they said it's a lawnmower and I'm like what!?.. Why make a lawnmower that fast!? What if someone hits a piece of a tree stump they don't see then the mower flips, they fall off then gets mowered and chopped into pieces? I can c a recall about it now but it'll cost a life b4 it happens… Stupid idea if you ask me.

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