7. WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Gluten-Free + Vegan

(upbeat guitar music) – Hi guys, welcome back to another What I Eat In A Day video. This is episode number
seven and I can’t wait to show you all of my meals for the day. (upbeat guitar music) So as you know I always start my day with water with lemon, I got a big glass of water, I squeezed the juice of half a lemon into this glass and I filled it with some fresh tap water. Now I’m in Vermont, so the water is coming from my parent’s well and it is so yummy. So after I drink my glass of water I took the dogs for a walk, this is the area that my parents live in it’s super beautiful, it’s green. That’s their little dog Bowie, and it just was a magnificent morning. Look at this beautiful
landscape, I love it. (upbeat guitar music) So after our walk, me and my mom went to the gym and I had to get just a little bit of a snack beforehand. I grabbed two Turkish figs
on my way out the door. (upbeat guitar music) After the gym we ran a few errands, so we stopped at our
natural local food store and I was so hungry, so I ended up just snacking on a few dried mulberries and also some dried mango and this is the dried mango that I buy, I love it’s so good and we also picked up a Kombucha and I tried this new
strawberry serenity flavor and I actually really enjoyed it. After that we stopped
at our local farm stand and picked up some more produce for some of the recipes I was testing today these are their local strawberries. They are so delicious, I shared them in my June favorites video and this is my favorite place
to shop in the summer. Then, we got home, I made some breakfast. So I made a chocolate peanut
butter protein smoothie, started with some spinach,
used this chocolate peanut butter protein powder. I’ll link in the video description below. It’s vegan, and it’s from Amazing Grass it tastes really yummy, I also added in some tumeric, and some cinnamon. I did some frozen banana,
some frozen strawberries, and some frozen blueberries. That’s my dad in the background, he was getting ready to go to work; and I also did a big scoop of raw cacoa powder, added in a little bit of almond milk, and also some water for my liquid, and this ended up making two smoothies; one for me and one for my mom, and it was a light simple breakfast and it tasted like
chocolate and peanut butter. So it was super yummy. (upbeat guitar music) So I ended up doing a bunch
of recipe testing today. The first recipe I made was Quinoa sushi and I actually started making it with cauliflower rice, so I roasted the cauliflower rice and then I mixed it in with some Quinoa and it turns out to be a really sticky texture and this is how I assembled the roll. So I spread some of
the rice quinoa mixture on the bottom, spread
it out with my hands, and it’s probably about
a third of a cup down on the Nori sheet, and then you just layer on your veggies. I did some shredded cabbage,
some sliced cucumber, some red bell pepper, some Dijon carrots, a little bit of scallion,
and also an avocado. (upbeat guitar music) Then I roll this without a mat but it’s actually way easier
to use a sushi rolling mat. I’ll link one in the description below, I just didn’t have one on me. So you have to kind of, carefully roll it away from you, and squeeze it tightly as you roll each time, and then the trick to keeping them sealed is that you actually want to wet that end that is exposed with
a little bit of water, and then just roll it through, and then squeeze it tight together, and then you can seal it again by just adding a little bit of water, if the nori is coming up, then you slice it and this
is what it looks like. It’s a gorgeous veggie rainbow roll, I dipped it in some soy sauce and it was so delicious. (upbeat guitar music) So after our sushi we ended up having a little afternoon snack, I split this with my mom. I sliced up one local Vermont apple and then I served it with about two table spoons of my
favorite peanut butter in the world, the peanut butter is from the Vermont Peanut Butter Company and it’s their chunky variety and it tastes so good. It is made with all natural ingredients, there’s no GMO’s, anything like that, and it’s really simple ingredients. (upbeat guitar music) Charvey also is obsessed
with this peanut butter. I gave her a little snack because she just loves them. (upbeat guitar music) So you might recognize our dinner from another What I Eat In A Day video but this was the second recipe that I was testing for the day. You guys have been asking for it forever, and so I finally am sharing it. I will link it in the description below when it’s live but this is my Barbecue Quinoa pizza, so I start with the base of my quinoa pizza crust, the recipe is on my blog, and then I do a layer of barbecue sauce and
then I do some shallots, some quartered cherry tomatoes, and then some chickpeas, which I end up actually just stirring in
with the barbecue sauce, And then you just bake
it for about 15 minutes until everything is crunchy and soft. (upbeat guitar music) So this pizza is so good, you can see it gets really thin and crispy when it bakes and it’s
just the perfect crust. I ended up actually making two pizzas, my mom and I were making dinner and we wanted to have
leftovers for the next day. So the second pizza that I made, I made it circular and I topped it with pesto, zucchini, poblano peppers, which I sauteed together in a little bit of olive oil and then I chopped up some kale; that I bought
at that farm stand, I finely chopped it, and
I added that into the pan with the zucchini and peppers, and I just sauteed that
all until everything was soft, and then when I was ready to assemble the pizza
I spread a thin layer of homemade vegan pesto onto the base. I’ll link the one that I made in the description box below. Then, once the layer of pesto is done, you just top it with the veggies, and then you’re going to bake it for again, about an extra 15 minutes, until everything is brown and crunchy and that’s it. (upbeat guitar music) So here it is when it
comes out of the oven, I sprinkled it with some chopped basil, and you can see how thin the crust is, but it also is sturdy, so it holds a ton of toppings, then I just sliced it like a regular pizza and we enjoyed our dinner. we had some slices of the barbecue pizza and the pesto pizza, sprinkled it with nutritional yeast and pepper flakes, and it was so good. So I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. And I hope you guys have a great day, bye! (upbeat guitar music)

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