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is going to be seven unique chest exercises using a cable machine if you
like me I love cable machines I think they offer
a lot and they’re not just for the waters out there obviously you could put
on weight on him you could do angles there’s also time on the tension and
they’re just safe it in general and that is one of the main reasons some things
on which you will be showing I’m not going to tell you some of the things on
a cable machine or just safer to do on there than with free weights anyway
enough of me ranting on if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and
enjoy the video first of all is the low cable crossover
exercise this will hit the upper part of your chest it will hit a little bit of
the shoulder as you are raising your arms up but you want to keep your arms
at just a little bend and raise to your heads and when you get right to the top
at the peak of your chest squeeze the next exercise is the cable fly most
standard exercise you probably all done it on at the actual cable machine this
just works the whole of the chest you want to just have a little bend in your
arms and basically bare hook motion and squeeze when you get your hands together next is that pie cable crossover this
hits the lower part of the chest it should hit mainly all the chest well
it hits the bottom part of the chest more it also hits the last tiny bit and
the front of the shoulders but like the other two you want to squeeze when your
hands come together in that bear grip also don’t be afraid to superset or even
triple set on the cable machine because it can give you a good finishing move
when you’ve done a hard day on your chest like I’m doing now I’m just doing
the free movements I’ve just shown you all other triple set so I’ll be doing
higher lower and medium in any way you want to do whichever way is comfortable
it’s just a good way of finishing off the chest in all different angles making
sure each most group is getting a hit and then you can
finish for the end of the day next is a cable barbell bench press that’s what
I’m gonna call this and it is basically like doing a bench press foot standing
off and using cables you could use a bench and lay down and do it as well
it’s great because you’re getting time on the tension all the way through the
move and it’s worked the whole of the chest next is their incline cable fly on a
bench I’ll see this is the same as you would use on the dumbbells but the thing
about this it is a lot safer you got time under tension all the way through
as I am doing it incline I’m gonna hit them up a part of my chest more but you
can do it on a flat bench and like I said it’s a lot safer next is a seated
cable fly like the incline this is gonna be squeezing your chest
this is gonna use all your pectoral muscles though like the PEC deck is very
similar but I tend to use this more than the PEC deck because I feel a greater
squeeze on my pecs when I put my hands together I tend to use these because
obviously they’re more safer and finally I thought I’ll give you two for the
price of one and it’s on a decline bench it’s a chest press on a decline where
you’re actually using both sides of the table machine so your pecs will grow at
the same rate because you don’t want in deficiencies and then you could either
superset it will fly decline like I’m doing now or do them separately but just
remember to change the weight because obviously you won’t be able to fly as
much as and you can actually bend your press if you’re like me decline is
probably the hardest exercise to try and where there’s not
many benches or equipment which can help you with the lower part of the chest so
then I started to show some sick angles of me from above just to show you how it
works a bit better anyway I hope you like this seven unique
cable bench press whatever you want to call it cable machine workouts and if
you did please give me a like if you’re watching me for the first time please
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