7 Most Expensive Gym Equipment In The World

The Most Expensive Fitness Equipment In The
World Are you a fitness fanatic? If a sweat session at the gym gives you more
extasy than you ever experienced, congrats my friend, you are in a committed relationship
with fitness. That dream body of Kate Upton and Chris Hemsworth
isn’t going to come easy, a lot of effort goes into it but if you aren’t afraid of
the dedication level needed, you are on the right path! But if going to the gym and using equipment
that shows off the sweat of tons of other people, is not your cup of tea, how do you
expect the results? Simple, have a personal gym in your own house. Sounds like a nice but expensive idea. In case you have tons of money rotting away
in your basement, put it to good use and invest in the most expensive fitness equipment and
transform yourself in STYLE! Number 1. PUNCH BAG – $175,000
How much are you ready to pay for a punch bag? Louis Vuitton came up with an amazing option
in this category back in 2014 which costs a meagre $175,000! The creative director of Chanel was commissioned
by Louis Vuitton to create the luxury sports equipment for their ‘Celebrating Monogram’
project in honour of the brand’s 118th birthday. A set of matching gloves is also available
bearing the same monogram print that LV is known to support. Only 25 of the limited edition items were
available to buy on the label’s website which is a smart decision because we don’t
see many people queuing up to buy this! We understand you are thinking that it is
too much for a punching bag but it comes in a trunk which you can later use to store clothes! Number 2. HOCK GOLD LOFTS 18-CARAT GOLDEN DUMBBELLS
– $108,000 Allow us to present to you the most expensive
dumbbells in the world! There are 1,000 grams of 18 carat gold in
each dumbbell, and their handles are made of rare Grenadilla wood. It serves 3 purposes- as a design object,
investment and gym accessory. Not a bad deal in exchange for $108,000, if
you can spare that sum of money that is! The price tag completely suits its 50 piece
limited edition feature as it is, you have to be filthy rich, fitness freak and a tad
bit crazy to buy them! Another interesting thing about the 2.6 pound
muscle builders is that if you buy them, they are hand delivered anywhere in the world by
the manufacturer in a beautiful presentation box. Nice! Number 3. DIAMOND VIBROGYM EVOLUTION
Here’s a callout to all the bling lovers in the world. If you want to lose weight but nothing has
acted as a motivation, you need to check out the Diamond Vibro-Gym Evolution. A product of VibroGym, this vibrating plate
reach muscles that no other vibrating plates in the market reach while vibrating between
30-50Hz. The plates that you stand on drop and then
rise very fast, thus your muscles continually contract. You certainly are burning some calories but
where is the bling? Well this machine is literally drenched in
Swarovski crystals so if you want people to drift their attention from your sweaty body
then this is where their focus will land! Oh and you have to part with approximately
$70,000 to make it yours! Number 4. HYPOXI TRAINERS – $52,000
Dr. Norbert Egger developed the Hypoxi Trainer in the latter part of the 1990s. Available in about 40 countries around the
globe, it is designed to target problem areas like hips, thighs, tummy, butt and cellulite. Manufacturers allege that a training program
that would last six weeks with a frequency of only three workouts per week is already
equivalent to half a year of strenuous gym workouts. Wow! Now the average price of a Hypoxi session
is around $69 per workout while a plan of 12 sessions would wind up at $690. But in case you want to own the machine, keep
$52,000 handy. Yes it doesn’t come cheap but the benefits
outweigh the price! Number 5. ROM- $15,000
Do you believe that a workout lasting four minutes in a machine can help achieve a full
training program for your cardio, resistance and flexibility? Now that sounds like a bit of a stretch but
truth be told, the claims are for real because the machine will use 12 times more muscle
cells than running or brisk walking! The ROM machine is actually a flywheel weighing
85 pounds with a centrifugal brake. We understand that you have doubts about its
claims but it was endorsed by big names like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Jimmy Kimmel. They can offer you a demo also but you’ll
have to shell out $2,500 for it and then another $12,500 when you finally decide to buy it. That’s a lot of money but if we can pack
our entire workout in 4minutes, we are up for a grab! Number 6. CERVELO R5 – $9,500
The R series from Cervelo has won Paris-Roubaix, the Tour de France, and many other WorldTour
races but Cervelo felt it was time to reinvent this classic road bike. The new series makes significant improvements
across the board and has already been used with great success at the 2017 Giro d Italia
by winning a stage. The availability of both rim and disc brakes
on the new R5 is worth noting plus the R series is now officially categorized as Cervelo’s
“stiffest-ever road frames”! If you consider yourself a pro in the game,
Cervelo R5 is the bike you need because it was designed with the professionals in mind. You don’t expect that to go wrong! If money is not an issue, this is what you
should be getting your hands on! Number 7. EXPRESSO FITNESS S3 NOVO – $5,800
The list would have been incomplete without an exercise bike, so here it is! The Expresso Fitness S3 Novo comes with a
19 inch monitor which has an interactive fitness management system called Expresso Live. The purpose of this system is to add enjoyment
to program by providing 30 virtual tours for the user to ride through. In fact, it is so life like that you will
encounter realistic road conditions as you go along, meaning you need to do actual shifting
and steering along the way. Now that’s interesting! Another point to note here is that the user
can compete with other simulated riders through this monitor. There are several variants of this equipment
but the most expensive one is the S3U model, which will cost $5,800. If we compare it to the rest on the list,
this a bargain offer to grab! Do you know of any more expensive fitness
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