7 Exercises for Radial Nerve Palsy: The At-Home Guide for Hand Tingling & Numbness Treatment

Here are seven simple exercises to treat
Radial Nerve Palsy that you can do at home. The Waterspout. Hold your arm out
straight from your body parallel to the floor, then hold an empty cup in the
outstretched hand and turn it upside down as if pouring water. Figure Eight.
Stand leaning forward with your unaffected hand on a worktop or a back
of chair for support. Swing your affected arm in a figure eight. When your hand
comes closest to your body face your palm outward. When your hand is furthest
from your body face your palm inward. Hide-and-Seek. Hold elbow out away from
your side. Hold arm at a 90 degree angle with your palm facing up. Rotate your
forearm behind your elbow while keeping your elbow in place. Your palm should end
up facing the ceiling again, but this time behind your elbow. Turn your head to
look at your fingers. Don’t Forget to Tip. Look towards the affected side. Take your
hand behind your back as if to accept a backhanded tip. Move fingers up and down.
The Water Pump. Hold hands in a twisted position as shown.
Bring hands up and down in a pumping motion. Table Stretch. Keep the back of
your hand flat on the table and rotate your whole body away. Self Massage. Massage your back in a
circular motion. Depending on the side affected, the right hand should circle
counterclockwise with the left hand circling clockwise. If you have any
questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us
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12 thoughts on “7 Exercises for Radial Nerve Palsy: The At-Home Guide for Hand Tingling & Numbness Treatment

  1. But what about contractions I feel when I move my arm…..my thumb is getting cringed and it is horrifying…..

  2. I’m 12 and this is happening to me. I don’t know exactly what I have but I think it might be something similar to this. I started feeling the sharp pain on the back of my hand when I bent my wrist or made a fist with my hand. I also felt a sharp pain in my arm when I bent my elbow. I hope this video helps.

  3. I fell 2 stories off roof landed on elbow on concrete snapped my humerus in half damaged radial nerve. Could barely move fingers. 5 months later I’ve gained about 75% of my strength back and 95% movement. I still continue to heal more weekly. My lower arm down to my fingers is still a numb though I have complete control.

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