6 Reasons NOT to Buy a Kegel Exercise Device — Kegel Queen

I’m the Kegel Queen I’m a registered
nurse and my name is Alyce Adams. In today’s video blog, you’ll find out six
reasons not to buy a kegel exercise device. In this post, you’ll find out why
Kegel products are not the correct way to do Kegel exercises for your pelvic
floor muscles, and how Kegel weights and other Kegel devices can do more
harm than good. There are Kegel exercisers, Kegel eggs,
Benoit balls, vaginal cones, electrical stimulation devices, biofeedback devices,
Kegel weights for your vagina… Kegel devices come in every shape, size, and style imaginable. There are plastic Kegel devices, metal Kegel devices, inflatable
Kegel devices, Kegel devices made of jade, Kegel devices that deliver
electrical current to your most sensitive body parts, Kegel devices with
wires and electronic displays, Kegel devices with springs, gears, and levers.
Some of them look like medical equipment. Some of them look like sex toys, and some
of them look like torture devices the aliens want to use on you once they get
you back to the mothership. What do all these Kegel exercise devices have in
common? They are a waste of your time and money!
Your pelvic floor muscle workout is easier, more effective, and way more fun
when you go natural, without any devices at all. Here’s why. There are six reasons.
Reason number one. Kegel devices train your muscles to do the wrong things.
Healthy, effective Kegel exercises train your muscles to contract and release.
Relaxing the pelvic floor muscles is just as important as contracting them. A
healthy muscle that works well and feels good is a muscle that is relaxed
and supple, not tight and clenched. But many Kegel devices train your pelvic
floor muscles to clench. All devices in the vaginal weights, or Kegel weights
category create this problem. Kegel eggs, physician prescribed vaginal cones, and
other weight-based devices are all used the same way. You put it in your vagina
and try to hold it in, while the pull of gravity tries to make
it fall out. While you’re trying to hold that Kegel weight in your vagina
what are your muscles doing? They’re tightening and clenching for 10 or 20
minutes at a time. Here’s what happens to tight clenched vaginal muscles. They hurt! They can make sex intensely painful. Even worse they won’t function as well,
because while you do the big clench, those muscles aren’t getting the blood
supply they need. And because tight clenched muscles simply aren’t as strong
as stretchy relaxed muscles. Don’t buy Kegel weights. And if you already have
some, either find a way to repurpose them, maybe as paper weights, or throw them
away! Reason number two. Kegel devices make your muscles stupid. We’ll talk
about problems with other types of devices in reasons 3 through 6.
But here’s one more huge problem with Kegel weights. They don’t help you gain
muscle control. That’s why the research shows that kegels done without a device
work better than kegels done with weights. Let’s imagine that you’re in a
public place, at the grocery store, having a conversation with someone you
like. You want to impress this person. Maybe it’s the boss from a job you just
applied for. Suddenly you need to sneeze. Doing a good strong Kegel as you sneeze
will help keep your undies dry by stopping the “sneeze pee.” Now
think… Which muscles will respond more quickly and effectively when you’ve got
to do that Kegel to stop the sneeze pee? Is it muscles that have been
practicing contracting and releasing on cue? Or is it muscles that have been practicing nothing but one long hard
squeeze around a Kegel weight? And here’s the fun part. The pelvic floor muscles
are directly attached to your vagina and clitoris. I’m going to show you, (laughs) uh, this model. So check it out. This is the pelvic floor, this bowl of muscle, here’s the
pelvis. Here’s the vagina. Here’s the clitoris. And you see these muscles there,
right there, they’re attached. They’re part of your sexual anatomy. When you get good at pelvic floor muscle control, you open the door for way more pleasure in
bed, for you and your partner. If you’re not building muscle control while you do
kegels you are missing out big-time. Details are beyond the scope of this
post, but hear this: once you find out what better pelvic floor muscle control
can do for you and your partner in bed, you’ll never go back!
Reason number three not to use a Kegel device. Kegel devices insist on
resistance but resistance is BS. A lot of people out there namely the ones who
want to sell you a Kegel device will tell you that Kegel exercises must be
done against resistance they say that if you’re not squeezing some object inside
your vagina especially the one they’re trying to sell you which might look like
a dildo or a garlic press or a shoehorn they’ll tell you if you’re not using
that not squeezing something kegels won’t work why do the Kegel device
people insist on this it’s because it’s what dr. Arnold Kegel used to say dr.
Kegel did some very important work in helping people discover the awesome
results pelvic floor exercise can provide Thank You Arnold Kegel but dr.
Kegel released his landmark research paper in 1948 and he’s been dead since
1981 since then scores of brilliant modern
researchers most of them women have shown us how to do far easier faster
more effective kegels with no devices at all the very best Kegel techniques are
based on the very best up-to-date research studies in any dinosaur who
insists on resistance devices is either misinformed or simply trying to make a
buck or both reason number four Kegel devices are a pain in the butt because
you need privacy kegels with a device you have to have your pants off no
kegels on your lunch break at work no kegels when your kids might walk in no
kegels anywhere except at home behind a closed door alone kegels without a
device your pants are on to do kegels right you will need to give kegels your
full attention no driving please but you can do them in
your parked car during a break at your desk at work in your living room while
the kids are playing nearby at the gym during your warm down on a park bench
during a break in your daily walk anywhere you can take a few minutes to
focus on doing the exercise which way is simpler easier more likely to actually
make its way into your schedule it’s a no-brainer keep your pants on reason number five you will not like
explaining your Kegel device to your kids or to airport security agents let’s
say you do manage a Kegel device exercise session behind the closed door
of your bedroom then you need to wash the device and store it somewhere mom
what’s that thing in the bathroom mom what’s this I found in your drawer what
do you do with this thing again even more fun would be answering questions
like that in the airport security line when you’re trying to catch a plane well
sir it’s for my vagina reason number six not to buy and use a Kegel device you
will give up on kegels if you use a Kegel device when you do kegels the easy
effective way without a device it’s like brushing your teeth a few minutes a day
that you hardly think about but using a Kegel device is a recipe for failure for
two reasons first if you’re just getting started and you don’t have much pelvic
floor muscle strength and control you’ll fail right away with most Kegel devices
you can’t hold the weights in or you can’t squeeze the lever thingy so you
give up the other big reason to give up on Kegel devices is the inconvenience
this is what kegels look like with a device get the Kegel device out of its
storage place take off your pants use the device put your pants back on
wash the device dry the device put it back into its storage place compare that
to doing kegels the easy way without a device which looks like this you simply
do your kegels women in 19 countries are doing the Kegel queen program doing
kegels the easy way with no devices at all to get more women’s health
information that could change your life click the link below
and I’ll see you there

85 thoughts on “6 Reasons NOT to Buy a Kegel Exercise Device — Kegel Queen

  1. I thought she made a lot of sense here being a nurse. What could be better than having it the natural way and doing it yourself? Makes sense to me.

  2. what if I need them for my anus? I had a stroke and I've been using enimas for 3 years. my rehabilitation doctor wants me to try to strengthen my sphincter and PC muscles with the weights so I can go to the bathroom on my own. My doctor has been treating spasticity and rehabilitating stroke patients for many years

  3. so are you a licensed dr or are you just spewing out nonsense? multiple Dr's prescribe kegel weights for women with bladder issues and after birth exercises

  4. Honestly, I agree with doing it the natural way but I don't agree with reason n° 5. When your kids ask, it's a perfect moment to educate them on women's health. It's not for pleasure, although it's a nice side effect, it's mainly for health. Your daughter needs to know this too and there's no need for a stigma to hang around it. It's also good for your son to know so A. he doesn't have a stigma around vaginal health and B. If he later on gets in a relationship with a girl/woman it is important for him to tell her about it. She might not know (like my boyfriend told me about it and I didn't know). Same goes for the airport: if someone asks me what it is I'd tell them with a straight face that it's a training device to keep my pelvic muscles healthy. If they still interpret it as a sex toy and maybe even laugh at me (because sometimes you encounter those kind of jerks) I'd shame them for putting a stigma on my health. And even if it was a sex toy, who cares? Are we not aloud to have fun? If they have a problem with it, it's their problem and not mine. There's no need to be ashamed of taking good care of yourself.

  5. Thank you. After having 9 children I exercise but I am rather loose during sex. Sad. So I won't buy anything to help me do kegels. I just need to do more.

  6. Wouldn't it make sense to to do a warm up legal workout then use a weighted kegal device then do a cool down kegal workout without the weighted device? Like any muscle warming up and cooling down is essential when performing any exercises and as for ems devices I'm not sure what to say I guess you gotta do what works for you awesome video though!

  7. Everyone is giving advice on strengthening your pelvic floor. Kegels were recommended by my Gynecologist everyone's pelvic floor is different, some are looser than others. I think regular kegels are for those who aren't as loose. But if you sneeze, cough, laugh, or lifting something and your bladder leaks, or sex seem unfulfilling. I would say your pelvic floor would need a little assistance and kegel balls are the answer unless you're going to do vaginal rejuvenation(surgical procedure) I say try what works for you, sometimes our bodies need a little assistance from devices. I bought mines and I'm giving it my best shot. so long ladies!

  8. There is a 7th reason, they will most likely restrict movement and full range of motion of the muscle. I thought these devices were a gimmick to exploit the gullible as soon as I saw them. Why not just do the exercises and forget buying devices, sticking them up yourself and looking at apps! Like those who think they need to go and join a gym and throw their money away to exercise.

  9. 6 months ago I got a kegel exerciser for my wife at Amazon recommend by her Doctor and she has solved her incontinence issues which was unable to solve with the "traditional kegel exercises" proposed in this video.
    www.amazon.com/dp/B074S53CM1 is the one i´m talking about.

  10. this is fab! thank you! i nearly bought them today…at 66…im running to the bathroom every 5 min! im fed up!

  11. You are a register nurse not a gynecologist. And 10 to 20 mins at a time?! Seriously have you looked at the products directions and suggestions? They say to contract and relax. Pretty sure that's learning muscle control. Sure we can still do regular exercises without any other devices but it is also it's good to get feedback from an outside source than just your partner cause they could be lying. And anyone can use this in the bathroom. And no shame in explaining the airport anything, same as having dildos. People need to have patience and dedication. Anyone can do that. Ugh. Tired of you.

  12. Using my kegel8 as I watch this and will do my pelvic floor exercises later today in conjunction with the basic kegel throughout my day. All of which are helping my pelvic floor. Ladies, different treatments will work for different people as we all have different weakness or damage to our pelvic floor. There is no single prescription for eveyone, it must be personalized. Don't be ashamed of whatever device or treatment you chose. We must also train our muscles to relax of course. Best idea is to visit a pelvic floor physiotherspist. This lady is not helping but hindering women by making a blanket statement that the kegel is the only important exercise for women. it is one exercise. There is more to it. A lot more. Let's help women by saying, hey, this is a common issue and we all need to work on finding our own solutions. what works for some may not work for others. Every body is unique. Don't give up on your body, there is always hope in finding a tratment that can help

  13. yeah I hate kegel exercises. So I bought Kegel balls. Now I do them every day. 😀 So… a lot of these reasons are just stupid.

  14. she's annoying. .1-000 upon 1000's of women say they are totally satisfied with these devices. and why does she care where women use them? she's so stupid.

  15. i was very interested in this video, just the name Kegel Queen I thought 'she must really know a lot' , then I heard her say she was a nurse so I thought 'must really know a lot', until she started with point 1: I am familiar with yoni eggs (the jade kegel devices she speaks of) and you don't contracto your muscles for 20 minutes straight. If you relax it is not like going to fall, the vagina doesn't work like that. During most of the cases (my personal experience) your vagina sucks the egg. So part of the work out is taking it outside with your muscles. It is sort of like breathing in, pausing for a bit, and breathing out. (….) all of the other points, I really think she is misinformed. Nobody told me to buy a yoni egg (where are this 'people' she talks of?) like really people come up to you and tell you to buy kegel devices? Not in my world! I did the research! I looked for the product. I approached the seller. And nobody EVER tells you you can not do kegel excercises in public! Everybody knows this! I have no information on kegel weights or electronic kegel things. But yoni eggs, jade and other rock things have existed for centuries! Waaaaaaay before Dr. Kegel's grandparents were even born. I do think they are like more than ok. because obviously you can do this au naturel, but when you have the aid of something tactable you sort of understand better the excercise. And see your improvement by changing sizes of the eggs. Like changing weights. I am not telling anyone you have to use yoni eggs or other devices to have a strong pelvic floor. I am just saying Ms. Kegel Queen is a bit of an ignorant. I really don't have the knowledge of all kegel devices, but I don't think they are all the same (like she is categorizing them). I really don't like internet trolls but I feel this is really wrong information.

  16. This woman is talking nonsense. The kegel 8 ultra 20 electrical stimulator works very well. After only a week I saw a big difference, and now, several months later, I'm still seeing improvement.

  17. There is a app called squeezy my bladder physio told me to use it. It’s a great help and u can set an alarm to remind u.

  18. I bought a NatraTone really cheap on sale to contract and release my muscles on just to make sure I’m doing it right as I get started. Really helpful 🙂

  19. Dr.Kegal cured 90% of his female patiences by teaching them to clench and release with a DEVICE he inserted inside them unlike today when unaided kegals most women tend to fail I rather listen to a urologist and gynecologist vs a RN since this sort of thing is their specialty I don't expect to build biceps without weights so why squeeze air and expect to get the same results ?

  20. I just saw the Apex M commercial on tv, which brought me to YouTube and then saw your video. But i actually have the interstim, will that be an issue for my pelvic floor/incontinence?

  21. 🌈🦋👸🏻Leave the Tiara 👸🏻 ON.It cheers us up,And can we please show the world that we can be pretty and still f**king smart.I vote yes.👩🏻‍💻💚 Great video.

  22. I am a post op trans woman. I am planning on getting a set of Ben Wa balls at some point. I am mainly interested in using it for sexual pleasure. I am not an expert on Kagels. But some of what your saying smells like BS. I am not aware of anyone except you telling people that using a device involves squeezing for 20 minutes. The way you work any muscle is to contract and release. Also, you mention research but don't provide any citations. If the research backs up your claim you could have mentioned at least one study in the video. As for point number 5. If your kids find your device, so what? Should kids not learn about female sexuality? If you are concerned about kids finding stuff, do a better job of storing it. Store it under lock and key if need be.

  23. This is absolute crap. My pelvic floor physical therapist does Kegel exercises with me along with biofeedback in all of our sessions. If it were going to do more harm than good for me, she wouldn’t be incorporating it into my recovery program. I’m trusting someone with actual training on this subject over the “Kegel Queen Nurse”.

  24. I'm a Registered Nurse and I suggest: Respect the time of viewers and speed it up! Why would you use the tone and speech rhythm of a kindergarten teacher? Your target audience are adults, busy adults. By the time you began your point #2, at the 4:00 minute mark, I was OUT! =/ No way should it take 4 mins. to get through point #1. And the toy tiarra….Bad idea. The name "Kegal Queen"…another bad idea. Present yourself as the Professional you claim to be and display Substance and a little dignity. Take this video down and do it right.

  25. I am not even remotely convinced and the arguments do not make sense. We're talking about muscle contraction AND RELAXATION using weights of a few GRAMS, not shoving a dumbbell up yourself. That absolutely requires muscle control. No-one's suggesting that anyone should walk around with those inserted all day. It's a short, gentle exercise session. And seriously, based on your website, "The Kegel Queen Program has reached over 1,382 women in 19 countries around the world," with less than 1400 women in 19 countries worldwide following your advice, that's not an impressive track record. This just makes me think of some fanatic deeply opposed to something innocuous, but having absolutely no experience and limited knowledge about what she's arguing against. What studies have you conducted to support your claims? Do you have any peer-reviewed research published?

  26. Thank you — good info!

    For those curious about why resistance isn’t needed for pelvic floor muscle training in the same way as (for instance) the biceps, it’s a matter of physiological function. The biceps brachii’s daily job is to move the arm bones; it exerts a fairly high amount of force against gravity for large ranges of motion (concentric, isometric, and eccentric contractions). The pelvic floor muscles’ daily job is to hold up the pelvic organs against the pull of gravity (mild concentric/isometric tonus) and regulate sphincter action.

    Long story short: they’re different muscles with very different tasks. They don’t need identical paradigms of exercise.

  27. As a kinesiologist I am very confused about this video. I plan to go in to physical therapy and even specialize in pelvic floor PT. I didn’t make it more than three minutes because she said muscle contraction restricts blood flow to muscles. Which is the opposite of what happens in exercise. She also mentioned strengthening those muscles makes sex more painful. But doing bicep curls doesn’t make your elbow constantly flexed. It’s improves neural connection to those muscles, coordination, endurance, and strength. Likewise, so would Kegel exercises… I’m just very confused here

  28. Sorry. But that is bullshit…. I'm having the BEST orgasms since I'm using Love- and Ben-Wa's…even vaginal orgasms and I thought I would never be able to have them. Invest some money and get the good stuff girls. It's worth it.

  29. This https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0301211511003952 study, and this https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0029784402021609 study seemed to show that there was no significant difference in bladder control between women who excercised the "natural" way versus with a device. It wasn't about sexual performance, but I can't imagine why the purpose you need the muscles for would matter. Maybe it's more a matter of preference?

  30. I couldn’t even watch it. It was too boring and the attempted “know it all” voice made me want to jam a kegel weight down her throat.

  31. Doing kegels has overstressed my muscles before. My whole hip area was tight and lower back was stressed out. What is important is doing counter exercises such as Yin yoga. The reason for the downvote is number 5. Spreading shame about anything surrounding your own sexual health and pleasure is a negative and devaluing message. NO please!

  32. This lady didn't research before she spoke… and the monitone voice she uses is horrid. All based on her own assumptions.

  33. When I was thinking about conceiving, I thought, "So how about them kegel exercises? Will this be another habit I have to create on top of my morning meditation practice and weekly workout routine?" (Yes.) I experienced incontinence during my second trimester and doing basic kegel exercises on my own even for a minute a day, made a huge difference.

    Aside from using free apps to remind me to do them, I also do them in the morning when I meditate. I find that being 100% present with the tension and release of those muscles help me know just how much I can tense up (this will help me avoid tearing on b-day).

    I wish I could be more consistent with the exercises, but I’m not (what’s 3 minutes a day?). And for that reason, I can’t fathom buying an expensive device to do something that I already have in me. If I can’t do 3 minutes a day, there’s no way that I’m going to spend an extra minute cleaning the device. Besides, all the amazing women around me who’ve given birth have all touted, “Do your Kegels, you’ll be glad that you did!” None of them used a device for it. Kegel trainers are gimmicks and yet, I gotta admire Gwyneth for finding a gullible audience to sell her expensive Jade egg to.

  34. you put all the egg in one busket i want to know about the super kegel please explain for pelvic floor


  35. Yeah, this sounds like a load of crap to me. I personally would rather explain why I'm carrying around a kegel device than why I have to change my clothes because I sneezed. So use a kegel device and do regular ones in between if you want.

  36. 1- You look very unprofessional in your video presentation, including your "name." If you want people to take you seriously, a professional appearance might help. 2- Talking down to adult women as if they're in kindergarten isn't a positive way to send your message out. 3- Knowing what you're talking about is important if you want people to believe what you're trying to convince them. I purchased my first device, and using it just feels like I have a tampon inside, except for the times I feel the tumbler inside and it prompts me to contract suddenly, exercising my muscles by contracting and relaxing them during the day. I'm not sitting there straining all day to hold it in. 4- Exaggerating common situations (airport, kids, pain to use, etc.) as a means to deter the product is weak. Airport officials are adults and see ranges of devices/materials people need and use on a daily basis, from personal hygiene products to medical devices. Should I also not fly if I wear a catheter because of the embarassment I'll face? Or should I expect TSA to be adults about the medical matter (and you're a nurse?)? Also, the products come in a discreet container/storage bag, so if by chance your daughter happens to find it and ask, you can use the opportunity to teach her what might happen to her changing body later in life. The way you present everything just sounds like a pathetic infomercial that tries to convince people that they have huge impossible problems that only their way can solve. I also don't believe it for a minute that you're a nurse.

  37. I just bought kegel balls. So, I’ll check back in a few months… if I can run and not PISS myself like I always do running, as a fit woman after using this device.
    I’ll check back in!

  38. Seriously??? Airport security?? Let me tell you, I opened my luggage once, when I got to my destination, and found a card that said TSA has examined your luggage. You know what was in there? I won't be specific, but about 6 different sex toys. And it was VERY obvious what they were. Was I humiliated? Angry? NO! I laughed! You seem to be a bit repressed. Also, I don't think kegel devices work like you say they do. 20 minutes of clenching??? Nothing I have read has said to clench more than a few seconds at a time. I think you're trying to scare people, and I'll do my own research, thank you.

  39. I have joy on kehel. It pairs with my phone and shows the strength and duration of my kegels. It's awesome and this lady is weird. I feel like her husband hates his life.

  40. why is it that everyone with a two year RN degree always want to dispute what the professionals with a 12-15 year doctorates degree tell ya?

  41. Plz do not listen to this lady! She's nuts! I think she just wanted to make a YouTube video… 🤦‍♀️🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔

  42. Meh….She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. No one, absolutely nobody is supposed to use a kegel device for 10-20 min at a time. Where did she get that info from? More like 3-5 min tightening & relaxing 1-2 times a day, a few days a week. She’s buggin. These are simply her opinions and the reasons she’s giving are silly. Those devices work.

  43. Ummm…use a device and know what's going on…or do kegel exercises completely wrong and cause prolapse? Hmmm…use a device until u can handle things on your own.

  44. Reason number five is crazy, you should be able to talk to children about the human body and the problems it has. Also, airport security doesn't ask things like that….

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