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What’s up guys, Shingo Ishigure. Today I show you six pack workout. Abs workout is all body wokout because abs workout use trunk. And abs workout burn fat. If you want to burn fat or six pack, watch this video. We use rope in this exercise. Take the rope down. Rope potision is above head. Keep rope on the head. Firstly, bend your waist and squeeze your abs. Round your head in last movement. Stretch your abs when you back. 2sets to failure. Next exercise train oblique abs by using one hand grip. This is cable exercise,too. We do this exercise for 1set each right and left obique abs Total is 2set if we think 1set right and left as 1set. Hold grip with both hands and keep arms. Keep your body in front and lower grip from diagonally above to diagonally below. Most important thing in workout is feeling,so feel your oblique abs working. Next exercise use chining grip of cable machine. When you do this exercise, put strngth your abs and raise only your legs. Next exercise is putting dumbbells between your feet. Put only the buttocks and hands on the bench. Repeat stretching and bending legs. When you stretch your legs, stretch your abs. When you bend your legs, squeeze your abs. Next exercise train oblique abs. You can do this exercise on the floor,too but I show you this exercise with bench in this video. Put only the ass on the bench. Train your oblique abs by moving your legs and arms in opposite direction.

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