5 Ways to Gain Weight Forever I Weight Gainer For Women Men and Kids

Assalam u alaikum Viewers In this video, You will find Best 5 Tips to Gain Weight If you find this video helpful Like and share it and subscribe this channel 5 tips to get rid of skinny body Let me tell you 5 ways to gain weight forever Tip No. 1 Eat 25 gram Sultana daily (also called Raisin) It produces blood and very helpful to increases body weight Tip No. 2 to gain weight fast Banana is the best weight gainer for women men, girls, boys and kids Eating 3-4 bananas daily will increase body weight easily Weight Gainer Tip No. 3 Daily use of milk and apple in breakfast is another good way to gain weight while sitting at home. Best Weight Gainer Tip No. 4 Figs and milk is another good diet to gain more weight for everyone Use some Figs alongwith milk daily to make skinny body fat and strong Tip No. 5 To make your body fatty Dates produces blood daily use of Dates will make your body skinny to muscle and fatty

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