5 Types of Truck Guys

(playful instrumental music) – You guys ready to rip or what? (playful instrumental music) (velcro zipping) (closures snapping) (bell dinging) So I was
like rippin’ it right, I was like baaaam, baaaa, baaaa, baaaa you know coming around like fourth gear pin like tapped out just
right over I was like baaaa, baaap, doing like
a little bwing, bwing you know with the clutch
and giving ‘er just like whaaan, whaaaan, and just flying for it. But you know I was forced I was
like brrrr, brrrr, brrrrrrr. This this two stroke dude is all like baaana, baaaa, just coming
around like bwaaaah, bwaaaah bwaaaa, bwaaaa, bwaaaah,
you know what I mean, like you just waaaaam right in the corners just leaned it over and baaaam, baaaam, just like ftooo, scooted past me like what the heck dude? Yeah, I can’t actually
like unload it my myself. But then I went baam, baam, baam, baam, bwooosh, boom, boom, boom, boom. (playful instrumental music) Yeah, boots are a little big. Oh, right there. (engine turning over once) I thought I had it. I’m on my tippy toes up here. (engine starting) (engine revving) Get out of my way! (engine revving) Yeah, so like pretty much my best advice like if your getting into motocross is just like grip it and rip it. So like the reason I have moto medals is ’cause they’re like brodo medals. (playful instrumental music) – Hey mom, yeah, no, Christmas dinner? Yeah, no, truck’s not gonna be done, so I’m not gonna make it. Yeah, I’d love to come out this weekend, but truck’s in the shop. I mean it’ll be done Friday. Not, not this Friday, a Friday for sure, yeah. I mean once I get that shipment
of JB Weld in from Amazon I’ll be able to get it out of the shop. Well yeah, it’s not that it’s broke, it’s just, it’s in the shop. (playful instrumental music) (electronic musical tone playing) – Hey guys. (horn honking twice) Come on, I’m really not that old. Come on, you know they’re
not even New Balances. When you guys are young you
gotta have to save money. You got the 401K you got the Roth. You know there’s all kinds of
things you can do out there. Money is money and it’s not
gonna go away every day. Passing that up every day on the big bucks you’re not gonna have that
to save for a rainy day fund. (playful instrumental music) – See that, SR5. Super reliable times five,
that’s what that means. Yeah, even though she’s stock she’s still more capable than most vehicles out there, yo Toyota. Let’s take, look at this. See this here? TRD, Toyota Racing Development
four by four off road. Okay, they developed this for off road purposes specifically. And it’s got a V6. You remember when Toyotas
had the frame issues where they cracked in half? Don’t remember it
because it didn’t happen. Not any more. It’s done. You know what’s under the hood of this? I-Force V8, 5.7 liter, overhead cam, V8, I’m not sure how many
cams, I think there’s two. It’s the most reliable
engine out there, Toyota. One thing people don’t
realize about Toyotas. It’s the most American
made truck on the market. TRD. Pssss. (playful instrumental music) – You see I would buy
wheels, tires, and suspension from customoffsets.com but the thing is, I don’t really like that Fuller guy. Don’t care for him much, and don’t need that on a work truck. All these show truck guys
got color matched everything. I got machine screws holding my bumper on. This here GMC Sierra work truck’s got an easy drop tail gate. (metal clanging) It’s easy to drop. Don’t really matter that
the center cap’s missing, this is a work truck. Work trucks don’t need center caps. Some people call it rust, but I call it weight reduction. People don’t realize,
work truck’s pretty fast. Let’s go. Crank windows, weight reduction. (spit whooshing) Real trucks have sticks. (engine accelerating) (gear grinding) Oops! (engine accelerating) That guy got his lawnmower stuck, ha! (engine accelerating) See, what people don’t realize is, these work trucks, they’re pretty fast. Hold on to that camera. (tires screeching) Work truck don’t have ABS
so it slides around a lot if you jam on the brakes. See, the beds on work
trucks actually get used. (tools clattering) Well, ain’t that adorable. (door clattering) (metal clattering) (weed eater engine running) (tailgate banging) Get in the truck. (speaker singing) East bound and down,
loaded up and trucking. Doo, doo, doo, doo,
doo, bee ba deep ba dow. (tires screeching) Oh, oh, oh, yeah, the whole boots thing not really working that well. (engine revving) (tires squealing) (engine accelerating) Is that a cop? (engine revving) Whoo hoo hooee! Yeah, we left a black one there, Keaton. – [Keaton] Oh, I can smell it. – Yep. Thank you so much guys for watching. If you enjoyed the video make sure you like, share, and subscribe. And if you haven’t seen the first ten types of truck guys, go
ahead and check that one out. I’m Fuller from Custom Offsets. Wheels, tires, suspension,
customoffsets.com. Peace. (shovel clanging) (playful instrumental music)

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  1. Share with your friends and let them know who you think they are!!

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  2. Can you do a video of what would fit a 1998 f250? For suspension? Like height and a smoother ride recommendations. Or for a would you rather:

    Smoother ride or more height?

  3. ? Well out of them all I’d say work truck guy, but more accurate would be family truck guy. Hauls garbage, recycling, bikes, kayaks, appliances, beach gear in the summer, kids sleds in the winter. Small 2.5” lift, 33’s. ?

  4. Work truck part was my favourite but would have been better if the tail gate came right down when he tried to slam it in place lol

  5. What about the “CUHH” kid????? Hispanic, lowered Silverado cammed, billet or replica wheels, bowl haircut, cowboy boots and American fighter shirts ??

  6. Whoah Whoah Whoah, video was instantly wrong, ain’t no moto bro have that nice of a truck, let’s be honest we all drive beaters since we spend all our money of bikes ?

  7. What's funny is I guess I am the import truck guy. Even though I have a silverado, the truck was originally sold in canada and imported to the united states

  8. Cool video, was waiting for "the hunter". I'm scouting or hunting year round. Always adding backwoods pin stripes or some new paint/body damage from off roading.

  9. “Flatbed guy” I’ll let you know how that is cuz that’s gonna be me lol but I’m sure it’ll fall in the same category as “work truck guy.”

  10. I'm the truck guy who likes towing and is a big fan of big and loud audio systems I know a Puerto Rican guy who has like 4 skar audio subs in a Jeep Wrangler that thing is loud I can hear it around the block I can do that with a Tahoe

  11. Im kinda like the work truck guy since mine is used for work and has they typical chevy rocker rust but i also have a lift with 20×12 wheels lol

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