5 Tips about Muscle-Building Snacks | Bodybuilding Diet

It’s really important to think about, when
you’re thinking about healthy snacks, not only the snacks and what they’re going to
be but the timing of those snacks. And really, you need to let your body also
be a barometer. For instance, if you feel yourself getting
hungry you’ve probably already let the time go by, too much time go by before you’ve had
that snack. Particularly if your goal is to build muscle. So you want to make sure that you’re eating
every two, two and a half. If you get to that three hour mark and you
haven’t snacked or eaten something you’ve probably already passed the point of no return,
where it’s not going to be good for your blood sugar levels, and so on. So you want to make that sure you’re snacking
every two to two and a half hours, is good. If you get hungry before two and a half hours
that’s fine. You know, again it’s all about portion control
and how are you counting your calories based relative to what your goals are. So healthy snacks could be a handful of nuts
and cottage cheese. It could be a yoghurt with some berries. It could even be a ready to make drink or
a meal replacement product if that’s easier for you when on the go. As long as your having those snacks and you’re
filling your body up with what it needs as far as proteins and some form of healthy carbs
as well. Peanut butter is another good idea, on maybe
on some multi-grain bread, and so on and so forth. It’s always easy too to grab quick snacks
like salads. Doesn’t matter where you are you can probably
get a salad. There’s probably some place yourself a quick
salad, and the salad might as well have fruit or whatever in it. So keeping your body fed every two, two and
a half hours is extremely important. Not every one of those meals is a big meal
and snacks work well to give your body what it needs in those moments when your body might
be dropping into a lull and getting hungry.

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