5 Things That Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day

If you’ve never tried yoga, you probably aren’t
use to raising your legs. Although it may seem strange to some people,
it actually has several health benefits. Raising you legs may seem like exercise, but
it’s actually a therapeutic technique. In yoga, the position called Viparita Karani,
commonly known as the “legs up the wall” pose is quite easy, and anyone can do it at
home. This technique is normally performed in order
to establish a connection between your mind and body, but it can also help your circulation. Here are some of its benefits: It reduces water retention in your legs and
feet If your feet and legs swell, it might be due
to circulation problems, but it’s very important to find out what is causing it. In some cases it may be due to kidney problems,
heart problems, excess weight, medication or poor eating habits. It’s important for you to find out what is
causing this problem, in order to treat it. But if you’re just looking for relief, raising
your legs can help. Whenever you perform this yoga position, it’ll
help move the liquids causing the swelling. Relieves tired legs Raising your legs is one of the best ways
to get rid of tension in your legs, feet and hips. These three areas suffer a lot after a long
day, and changing your position for 20 minutes can bring great relief. It improves digestion Putting your legs up is an exercise known
as “active inversion”. Changing your position, and raising your legs
above your head helps to loosen fluids and even improves digestion. Furthermore, it helps bowel movements, and
will help us absorb more nutrients in the long run, avoid constipation, and restore
our health. It relaxes our nervous system Apart from everything else, this yoga position
will improve your breathing: you’ll retain more air, and gradually breath in and out
in a slower, more rhythmic way. All of this can have a great impact on our
nervous system. We are relieving tensions in our muscles,
above our stomachs, and in our sinuses. It helps to relax our minds Take 20 minutes of your time today to try
this yoga pose. The first thing you’ll notice will be the
physical relief you feel that will, in turn, relax your mind. This position also favors correct brain oxygenation. It encourages us to meditate, rest our minds
and be more conscious about our bodies. Now that you know all about it’s benefits,
here’s how to do it: The ideal thing to do is place a small cushion
in the curve of your back in order to ensure a more balanced posture. This will make sure that your legs are glued
vertically to the wall, and your arms are rested, stretched out, and relaxed. Just hold this position for at least 15 to
20 minutes without doing anything else. Feel the balance this pose offers you, the
tranquility and relaxation you feel when your chest and head have better circulation. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes that
don’t restrict your waist or ankles. Otherwise, it could affect the whole purpose
if this exercise: to promote blood circulation. As you perform this yoga pose, you will notice
more and more benefits. If you have a back injury, you should not
perform this exercise.

54 thoughts on “5 Things That Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day

  1. I don't believe everything has to do with YOGA. I call this RAISING MY LEGS. Works great! Helps my digestive system and helps my swollen legs.

  2. Why can’t you do this if you have had a back injury? Mine isn’t recent, many many years ago, had spinal fusion 27 yrs ago, still have chronic back & leg pain, however do not want any more surgery, wanting to quit taking narcotics for pain relief, But my job requires me to stand and walk around for eight hours Sometimes plus. Trying to do yoga or Pilates anything that I can strengthen my core muscles, body and mindDo you work on discontinuing narcotics please help if you can. Thank you Bonne

  3. I asked my chiropractor and he says wonderful for your back as well as long as you plonk your bottom hard against the wall. Relieved my sciatica so much!

  4. So, i can't do it if i have scoliosis? Dx

    Because honestly i want to actually feel Better on the stomach problems and my back pain too

  5. This is my second time doing and I can not put my against the wall when my legs are on the wall. I hope I not doing this wrong

  6. I have a back injury and I can do this without a problem. How about check with your doc before doing this if you have a back injury.

  7. Why. Does. My. Legs. Feel. All. Tingly & Numb when. I. Put. My. Feet. Up. Like. This against the wall huh

  8. i love everything you teach me but i want to see you who you are?that will make us more assured i your thoughts .always learn from you

  9. I mean by reading most of comments.. I can’t see any comments saying that the back of their thighs hurt while doing this pose?! I’m I the only one ?!

  10. is it save to jump doing this without prior preparation/having eyes problem-high diopter and if it is not are there exercises with similar effect?

  11. After. A while……..when my. Legs. Are. Up. Against the wall. My. Feet & legs. Start feeling tingly and numb why is. That

  12. at first it was relaxing then started tingling after that felt pain on the insides of my shins :/ is it a good or bad thing?

  13. My brother is in this pose for the last 7 hours and doesn't want to do anything else. Are there any risks involved?

  14. Having asthma my entire life you'd think that be more consciously aware of its symptoms. But subconsciously I often forget that it's something that's still affects me. At times my legs hurt very fatigued as if I'm having some form of neurological issues. But the moment I elevate my legs above my heart the sensation of restless leg syndrome goes away. This is a very useful practice I can go a long way with physical well-being

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