1. Thanks mam….??For you shearing this simple sweet … Exercises for brain……..!!!

    Mam ….Plz for mi make video for how to your Brain works. And hows it's images any situation or thoughts …. I m interior designer … So I want to improve my imagination skills …So plz make for mi …..Thanks ones again…….!!!!?

  2. Thanks mam …very much wanted excersice. ..will share this as much as I can .

  3. Good morning ma'am , I have used this finger rolling technique in my kindergarten class , it works well to attract attention while teaching. Thankyou

  4. I'm doing these exercises since 6 months now, and you'll be glad to know that I know the Oxford & Fowler dictionary by heart. I'm just an 8th class pass, but I'm solving BSc statistics problems, I've mastered book keeping, I'm an expert in trigonometry and calculus. Thanks for the valuable tips ?

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  6. Beautiful exercise mam…….I will follow this every day and will report the effects in the comments after a month…..

  7. Mam naaku chesina pani meeda baga dooubts ekkuva ante tap off chesinaa kudaa naa imagination lo apaledu ani vastundii… alaage room lock kudaa alage prathidii kudaa chusinaa malli malli chustunna… jeevitam narakam anipustundii na goal midaa kudaa concentrate cheyalekapotunna.. so pls ellaa pogottali Denni… cheppandii mam I am waiting your comment

  8. Good morning, I'm a teacher and a soft skill trainer. I am in need of your valuable suggestions and assistance in understanding different students psychology and handle unruly students. You help is very much appreciated. Please guide me. Mam. Please let me know kindly if you have seen my request.

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