5 Reasons You’re NOT Growing | STOP KILLING YOUR GAINS!

What’s going on Nation? I’m Scott from muscularstrength.com and today We’re going to expose the five fundamental muscle building mistakes that are holding you back from Maximizing your muscle gains, and no I’m not talking about the people who are trying to maintain a certain look. That’s totally different I’m talking about the guys in the gym that have been lifting weights for years trying to make gains But they still look the same as they did the first day They walked through the door so if this sounds like you and you want to stop building some muscle Then you need to make sure that you really pay attention and for those of you who might be seeing gains But maybe they’re not as fast as you’d like you better pay attention, too But before we get started be sure to turn on video notifications so that you never miss a new video upload now Let’s dive right into mistake number one, and that is you think you’re eating enough guys There’s no point in even touching the next four mistakes if you do not fix this one first Your training might be flawless with no weak points whatsoever But you will not gain an ounce of muscle if you do not eat properly to support those gains Period and I’m not just talking about adding some protein shakes to your meal plan guys well Yeah, obviously protein and amino acids in general are the building blocks of muscle But you need more than just adequate protein to reach your muscle building potential So since I know you guys love bullet points I will summarize everything you need to know on your screen right now first off You need to be consuming enough protein how much is enough well typically? One gram of protein per pound of lean body weight should be enough but if you want to be on the safe side you could even go higher and do about 1.5. Grams of protein per pound of lean body weight and remember though lean body weight is your total weight – your Body fat, I’m not saying total weight in general guys next you need to make sure that you’re in a caloric surplus Again guys protein consumption alone means nothing if it’s not accompanied by like caloric surplus Otherwise protein is just simply used for your energy needs Only after your body is getting enough energy and only then can Excess protein be allocated towards building new muscle tissue now I know some of you guys are going to bring up positive nitrogen balance Because there are some videos on YouTube explaining that you can build muscle without being in a surplus of calories however, I highly disagree And if you would like to see an in-depth video on that be sure to comment below and click that notification bell So you don’t miss it once. I make it but moving on next up we have you need to be consuming enough calves Why is important guys well? Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred source of energy if you do not provide your body with the fuel it needs How can you expect to have the energy required to smash it workouts break POS and become stronger or bigger? The easy answer is you can’t and lastly guys your meal plan needs to be clean And this simply means that the protein carbs fat in calories that you’re tracking They’re just numbers on your muscular strength comm app guys these numbers are only Quantities of how much you ate but you need to ensure that the quality of your food sources is enough to maximize your muscle building potential remember that getting your macronutrients from high-quality Sources of food means you’re also getting indispensable Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals that will play a vital role In your muscle building and your health in general This is why when people say things like protein is protein grow and they eat shitty processed food all day Look ripped as heck look ripped as hell and claim if it fits your macros You should know by now that they’re lying to you, and they’re on drugs So don’t fall for the gimmicks guys So now that you’ve got your meal plan in order and you’re adhering to it every single day with Dedication we can move on to the next mistake, that’s killing your gains and that is you’re performing too many exercises Guys more is not always betta period performing Five-six-seven, we’re even sometimes eight exercises for one body pot is the very definition of killing your gains You go to the gym to stimulate not Annihilate your muscles okay? It seems that most of us have this image in our head that our workouts have to be 90 minutes And we need to just keep hammering out as many different exercises as we can find Until that 90 minutes is up guys this is backwards thinking I mean you definitely don’t want to leave anything left in the tank But you’ll be able to see much more growth and track your progress Performing five to ten sets on a compound movement that will be responsible for the majority of your muscle growth versus rushing through three sets per exercise on six different exercises I literally see guys in my gym rushing from barbells to dumbbells to machines as fast as they can Trying to perform all the exercises they know for a specific body pot Thinking that the more they do the more they’ll benefit the more benefits They’ll get from it But don’t be like those guys for example a standard dumbbell bench press targets every single fiber of your chest for growth you don’t have to do an incline bench press and Decline bench press and flies and push-ups and dips and cable presses and pole overs just to see growth in fact if you were to focus on two Maybe three exercises per body pot and try to become stronger on those exercises you would see much faster growth Remember we always want to work smart not hard Which actually brings me to the next deadly mistake to your gains and that is mistake number three? jumping from program to program every single week All right so if you’re performing a different exercise Routine every single time you step into the gym you’re doing it wrong you failed the gym hashtag fail Okay, guys. You can’t expect your muscles to grow if you keep confusing them all the time Let me Blayne you lift weights and demand more of your muscles than they can handle then your muscles in return are forced to deal with this problem by adapting and becoming stronger and Hopefully bigger all right this stimulus however needs to be Consistent because if you keep changing the stimulus to a different movement pattern Your muscles never really need to adapt because they don’t know what they’re adapting to makes sense right For example if you try to benchpress a hundred and fifty pounds right now And you can barely do it your chest will have to become stronger by the next time you try it again It wants to be able to lift the weight because that’s what you’re telling it to do then Maybe the next time you try to benchpress Maybe you will be able to bench the hundred and fifty pounds But you’ll barely be able to get a hundred and fifty five pounds See where this is going guys Now if you forget all about the bench press next week and swap it in with let’s say dips or flies Would have you really done You’ve just confused your chest and now it doesn’t know what to adapt for The movement pattern is completely different for those exercises so your body has to change all over again to start adapting to that movement But this now begs the question how long should you stay on a specific program? Well the answer is actually much simpler than you think and that answer is until you stop making gains with it It could be three months It could be six months or even a year from now if you’re new to lifting but when that day finally comes in order to bust through your Plateau you will need to find a new program and stick with it until Once again you stop making gains So if you’ve reached a plateau Go over to my site muscular strength calm and pick the program that best suits your goals and stop following it today Mistake number four and one of my favorites is the lack of mind muscle connection? Well so my favorite mistake to make it’s just my favorite mistake to help correct I talk about this all the time too you guys know that Lifting weights is not simply moving an object from point A to point B We’ve all seen the Planet Fitness commercials. I lift things up and put them okay It’s more than that especially if you want to see growth in fact It’s very possible that you’re doing everything else right But you’re still not growing because you’re not allowing the muscles that should be doing the work Completely take over the exercises that you’re performing for example. Let’s say you’re doing back rows You might be using proper form and the movement might look perfect from the outside However most people who don’t know how to connect with their back muscles Tend to overuse their biceps shoulders and even forearms in order to pull the weight back getting almost zero back Stimulation in the process so if you’re one of those guys you need to lighten up on the weight and start from scratch focusing on engaging the right muscles for each lift You basically need to start lifting with purpose and let go of your ego And if you need more help with my muscle connection. I will link you guys to an awesome video I did and I’ll put it in my pinned comment below so make sure you check it out and moving on to our last mistake some mistake number five training too often or not training enough Again guys you’re trading frequency can either make or break your gains Ideally you want to be engaging and challenging every muscle group at least twice a week to maximize muscle growth So you can take full advantage of the anabolic window why do you want to do this? Well once you work out a specific muscle group muscle growth will be in effect for the next 24 to maybe 48 hours if you’re lucky So if you train chest today and wait until next week to train it again You’re essentially ensuring that it is not growing five out of the seven days a week however If you have another chest session later in the week you’re ensure that your chest is always growing now having said that a Push-pull leg split is by far your best bet to achieve that optimal frequency You’ll be doing push-pull legs rest repeat Which gives you enough rest and muscle stimulation at the same time? To see gains and one more thing guys before we really drive this video home I know a lot of you love going to the gym as much as I do Or maybe even more going to the gym every single day might be the best part of your day, but my question to you is When are you recovering you need to set a bit of time aside to let your body heal and recover? You’re not a machine Even Goku only hits a new level of power or Zen chi boost After destroying his body and letting it fully heal I mean he sat in that healing tank for like 40 episodes while his friends were getting beaten to death by Frieza I’m not ready guys hold on. I’ll be right there, right but if you absolutely Need to do something physical on your rest days you can easily go for a run or do some other kind of cardio Stretching or maybe a quick ABS routine at home to fill your needs Be sure to smash that like button if you enjoyed the video subscribe For more great content and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. The funny thing is that if I never started training… I really think I would look like the photoshopped thumbnail image! haha

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  2. I stopped barbell benching and switched exclusively to incline dumbbell press and my chest blew up. Not saying you need to do that exercise, but definitely experiment to find what feels best for you and stick with that

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