5 Pre-Workout Foam Roller Exercises to Prevent Injuries

Hey what’s up muscle and strength I’m
Scott Herman team BSN and today I want to share with you guys five foam rolling
drills that you should be doing before each workout to help loosen up and
prevent injuries so real quick before we get into the
exercises all I want you to do is two sets of 15 to 20 seconds of working
through the ranges of motion I’m going to show you for each foam rolling
exercise and the first one is going to be for the mid-back and all you’re gonna
do place your foam roller on the ground and you’re gonna lay on it so that it’s
hitting your mid-back and you’re gonna roll through from your lower portion of
your back all the way to the top of your shoulders
just like this you’re gonna get into the position right here and then roll down
come all the way up through the shoulders and then go back to the bottom
and repeat it’s gonna help warm up your thoracic spine it’s going to help
promote spinal extension which is where your back is bent like this and because
we’re rolling through the shoulders it can also help loosen up that area to
make you more effective when doing any pushing or pulling with your arms over
your head for the second foam rolling drill you
guys gonna loosen up your lats and this is very important because tight lats can
lead to lower back pain and also guys it can affect your form on various
exercises one of them being the front squat a lot of you guys get wrist pain
when you front squat and you think it’s because your hands are tight or your
wrists too tight but what’s actually happening is when your front squat you
have to have your elbows up like this and if you have tight lats that’s gonna
pull your arm down which is going to cause the pain in your wrist so you guys
might be trying to do this and loosen your wrists up what you really need to
do is foam roll those lats so what you’re going to do for this
movement is you’re gonna start off with the foam roller pretty much in your
armpit and then once you’re in place here you’re gonna roll all the way
through your lat until you reach your hips so all the way down and then return
back to the starting position and repeat and remember we’re doing this for 15 to
20 seconds and make sure you guys do both sides for the third drill I want
you guys foam rolling the inside and the outside of your legs
those adductors and then right here along the hips and the reason why you
want to do this is because when you’re doing heavy squatting or heavy dead
lifting having tightness in this area can mess with your form and you don’t
want to have any injuries either now the foam roll these areas is really easy to
get the inside or hit the adductors what you’re gonna do is lay on top of the
foam roller like this so the foam roller is pretty much in line with your groin
and then once you’re in this position you’re gonna roll out like this trying
to find any trouble areas and roll back and forth for 15-20 seconds max then as
soon as you’re done doing the inside of both legs you’re then gonna go to the
outside and you’re gonna do the same exact thing you’re gonna start at the
top of the hip right near your waist and then you’re gonna go all the way through
finding those trouble areas which is about right there and then going all the
way down through your quad into your knee and you’re gonna repeat this range
of motion for 15 to 20 seconds on both sides
for the fourth foam rolling drill what you guys are going to do is actually
foam roll through the calves if you have knee problems or knee pain it could be
that your calves are really tight and they’re pulling on that area and all you
have to do to foam roll your calves is you can do both legs at a time or one
leg at a time for me my calves need a lot of pressure in order to foam roll
them so what I like to do is one foot at a time and what I’ll do is take my other
leg and I’ll place it on top like this for added pressure and then I’ll foam
roll through my calf going from my ankle up to the back of my knee and again
we’re gonna do this 15 to 20 seconds per side and the final foam rolling drill is
gonna actually be your chest and what you’re going to do and I’m gonna show
you guys standing up when you lay on the ground you’re pretty much gonna start at
the center of your chest and you’re gonna throw them roll out to the front
of your shoulder all right this is important for a few different things
obviously number one we loosen up the chest and we’re gonna loosen up the
shoulder but this can also be helpful in preventing a PEC tear and even a bicep
tendon tear if you have a lot of tightness in this area so make sure that
when you’re doing this guys you really lay on top of this thing and if it hurts
and remember on any of these drills if it hurts it means you’re probably doing
it right so get on top of there and then slide your body down and go through your
shoulder you should feel this in your deltoid and you should even feel it a
bit in your bicep as well because like I said this is gonna help prevent PEC
tears as well as tears in the bicep tendon as well so just like this 15 to
20 seconds per side and that’s gonna wrap up your foam rolling drills and
guys I know this takes time to do but it takes a lot more time to recover from an
injury than it does to prevent one hope you enjoyed the video be sure to leave
those comments down in that comment section below
like and subscribe and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Great tips.
    By chance is Scott Herman from Boston? I detect a hard accent when he says "arms" or "āms". The only place I've heard it pronounced like that is Boston specifically.

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