5 Min Fat Burning Cardio Warmup Exercise – 5 Minute Cardio Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is 5 Min Fat Burning Cardio Warm up Exercise 5 Minute Cardio Warm Up Exercises Before Workout
warm up doesn’t require any equipment but you may use either a couple of water
bottles or light dumbbells for extra resistance follow me for those beginner
modifications all right let’s begin we’re going to get your heart rate up to
start I’m going to do some jumping jacks and Claudia is going to do a butt kick
back my version is a little higher impact that you decide which one is
right for you today throughout the course of this routine we’re not going
to count any reps so it’s really just working at a nice little warm-up pace
really in depend on your fitness level whichever variety you choose making sure
to stay nice and light on the balls of your feet keeping a slight bend in your
knees keeping good posture and again just working at your own pace just to
reiterate this is not the main workout yet so exactly no reason to push it just
warm it up here getting your mind right staying focused on this workout to come
all right move into the next one here and five four three two one nice okay
I’m going to grab my light hand weights the next one Claudia’s just going to use
your own body weight we’re going to bend over on a 45 degree angle we have our
thumbs up and we’re going to do a tea swing so bet from a bent over position
this is arms straight just raise them out to the side until your arms are
parallel to the ground keeping those thumbs up again you decide which
variation is right for you today keeping your weight back in your hips going to
work your legs a little bit – that’s good this is a great one to get a little
shoulder mobility here into the warm-up as well let’s do this one for 10 more
seconds good let’s go five four three two one and zero okay I’m going to set
these down we’re doing a side to side punch Claudia’s going to do a quarter
school a side-to-side punch I’m going to do a
full squad and punch you decide which variation is right for you
but I want you to punch all the way across your body and get that twist if
that rotation whichever squat variety you choose only
to make sure you bend it back get those hips first hips Bend back and then bend
at your knees good make sure you keep your knees out and prevent them from
collapsing in very common mistake is letting those knees come in on the squat
don’t let it happen good want to have healthy knees that’s right let’s hit
this one 4 5 4 3 2 1 ok next we’re going to move into a standing arm challah
we’re going to bend over on a 45 degree angle and now we’re going to extend our
arms out with our thumbs down sweep across their body and then extend our
arms back forward it’s almost like a swimming move called an arm hauler a
great way to warm up those shoulders as well as your back so thumbs are down as
you sweep and swim and keep your hands and elbows tight into your body while
you extend your arms straight forward nice keep it up ok let’s hit this one
for 10 more seconds excellent work everybody thinking about that workout
you got coming up you’re going to crush it it’s absolutely going to crush it
alright let’s go three two one zero alright standing straight up slight bend
our knees hands are up overhead I’m going to reach over and do a cross over
toe touch klaudia is going to do a cross over knee touch you decide which one is
right for you based on your flexibility just keeping a slight bend in that knee
as you bend over at your hips using your hips like a hinge keep that opposite eye
on sidearm nice and straight get note hamstrings warmed up hamstrings glutes
lower back has all getting stretched out back there in the posterior chain
nice again focusing on that workout you got coming up alright here we go let’s
hit this one four five more seconds almost there guys almost nice and warm
three two one and zero nice work thank you so much for working out with us
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you again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our pleasure
I’m coach Cosette and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

23 thoughts on “5 Min Fat Burning Cardio Warmup Exercise – 5 Minute Cardio Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

  1. Hi.Can you please make a playlist or suggest some workout videos or make workout videos that targets the whole body and includes a standing warm up and cool down that is totally bodyweight meaning no equipment is used at all for teenage males or teenagers overall who want to lose the excess body fat they carry and become fit?If it'll be a walking,jogging or running workout can you please include complete rest intervals in between or even if it is a cardio,strength or any other sort of workout that it can please be low impact and can all the exercises be standing and can the workouts be done in small space?And can the workout not be yoga inspired?By that I mean a workout with normal breathing.

  2. This is so great! Thank you for making the new warm up! Greatly appreciate it, since no matter what workout you do, you always warm up first.

  3. hello coach. I had a back injury back in 2011, & have been bedridden since. hasfit has helped my immensely. thank you so much for your videos love ya.

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  5. Hey coach! I started doing the teenage workout programme but couldn't continue due to lack of dumbbells. You said that we can use water bottles as substitute . Can they be of any shape and are they effective? *I also have the same request as (Ibad Hassan)

  6. Hello Coach Cozak and Claudia! This was a really good warm up! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  7. Great video!!!! It's about time I did a different warm up again. I've memorized 2 of the other warm ups, now eventually I'll have to memorize this one too! 👍👊👌💪

  8. Hey guys!
    Love your workout videos. Was following your 90-days warrior workout programme. But the website is down :(. Please come back soon.

  9. Hey guys! When I was doing the squats in this work out I noticed I was getting a small sharp pain in the back of my knee towards the outside. Could it be from improper form? Either way I love these warm ups, so thank you!

  10. Thanks Hasfit team! My 4yr old is so used to hearing Coach and Claudia that every single time I do a workout, I have to play this video for her to do so she can workout too!

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