5 Foods You Should NOT Eat Before a Workout

5 Foods You Should NOT Eat Before a Workout When it comes to preparing for a workout,
you need to make sure you have a combination of carbohydrates and protein to provide a
stream of energy during strenuous exercise and enough nutrients to repair your muscles
afterwards. Not eating before a workout can result in
low blood sugar, lightheadedness and fatigue. While it may be common sense not to load cupcakes,
pizza or beer an hour or two before a session, there are some more amazing – even healthy
under different circumstances – pre-workout foods that are guaranteed to weigh. Read more to find out what ingredients make
the fuel of exercise poorer and what to go instead. GREEN LEAF VEGETABLES While a diet rich in vegetables is recommended
for any normal diet, raw vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli can cause severe
discomfort if consumed before intense physical activity. Its high fiber content almost guarantees that
it causes gas and bloating. If you are feeling like having something light
before the workout, swap a green salad for a green smoothie. Mixing your favorite fruit with half a cup
of vegetables, water, and a little dry oats or granola will come down much easier and
will make a session much more comfortable. SPORT DRINKS Unfortunately, most brands in the market offer
little in the way of nutrition while packing too much sugar. Sure, sports drinks may offer some vitamins
and electrolytes, but that high sugar content quickly passes through your system causing
it to block later. If you opt for a lower sodium tomato juice,
you provide your body with potassium, promote healthy blood pressure, and even help you
stay hydrated thanks to its low sodium content. HUMMUS OR BEAN DIP Beans can be some of the best sources of protein
around, however, hummus and pre-packaged bean sauces too often contain many added oils and
are prone to molding. By soaking the beans before cooking them,
you can be sure that the mold has been released from them. Otherwise, you run the risk of consuming a
high mold food that can lead to inflammation and reduced oxygen consumption. Try going for a few small bites of low fat
cottage cheese instead – it’s lighter, equally satisfying and rich in protein, without all
the oil. RAW SEEDS Similarly, a handful of raw seeds before training
can only leave you with upset stomach and stomach due to its fat content. By combining them with other foods that are
lower in fiber you can limit this side effect. Try mixing a teaspoon or two of your favorite
seeds with a half cup of oats. This combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates
is exactly what your body needs to perform at its best. PROTEIN BARS Clever marketing brought protein bars to the
gym. However, more often than not the protein bar
is loaded with sugar and fairy dust of some kind. When looking for something on the go and a
bar is all you can find, make sure it is one that offers at least a 50-50 split of sugar
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