5 Exercises That Are Terrible For Your Back

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  1. Go away bob and brad ive been complaining about a bad back all day and trying to stretch and when imma bout to sleep this pops up

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  3. seems these guys pick on everything lately then you go way back in some of there old videos and they say opposite some of there stuff is controdicting

  4. You two are a hoot! And I absolutely appreciate all the info you bring everyday! Thank you so much, and keep the sense of humor guys!

  5. Bob and Brad, you crack me up (pun intended) 😂😂😂. Great info tho because when I was part of a workout group, those were the exact exercises they put us to do until I had to quit due to severe back pain. Lo and behold, I was diagnosed with spondylitis 🤷🏼‍♀️.

  6. Almost no one recognizes them for being hard on the back. They are all still VERY prevalent exercises, even among fitness professionals. One thing I can say, PT's will never lack patients. I just happened to see a video of a guy doing really deep squats with a humongously loaded barbell–and I just don't get it. I love weight lifting, but SANE weight lifting. Is the risk of blowing up body parts REALLY worth lifting super-excessive amounts of weight? But I digress…

  7. Great stuff, boys! I have to say, I'm not surprised about the supermans. I've always done then without lifting my legs up because it seems to instantly make my back spasm. I wasn't clear, though, are they just as bad for your back if you do them without the leg raise?

  8. Hello everyone look up a book and it's also one DVD it is called "Callenethics" The author Callan Peninsky . She developed scoliosis (curvature of the spine) while traveling all around the world sleeping on the floor and a having a very heavy backpack. She gives a specific details on why these exercises she put together and why they need to be done their this particular forms

  9. What happened to closed caption (CC) or subtitles ? Please let me know that you add CC on then I go ahead to watch. I look forward to hear form you. Thanks.

  10. Very good, ´´The secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be. – Unknown´´

  11. The Good and the Bad: The Bad: Oh please cut the song and intro! Gets harder and harder to hear after a while. The good thing, love listening to your knowledge. PT has greatly helped me several times so well, I call PTs miracle workers!

  12. Please do more videos for core strengthening and other things good for the lower back or at least that will not be bad for the back … to replace these that we should not do. Love you two…watch you a lot and forward to others .I DO agree …have had a lifetime of dancing, in my seventies and still dance more than many young people and teach too…and i have had issues with these myself. I like Feledenkrais work if you want to look into that .

  13. Your knowledge far outweighs your dorkiness guys lol. Thanks Bob, your welcome Brad, no problem Bob, your the best Bob, no Brad you you are Bob, Brad, Bob, Brad , Brad, Bob,

  14. Just began watching your videos a few weeks ago and started using the great techniques ! I need all the help I can get for a 67 yrs old guy trying to get in shape for golf season.

  15. I can't tell you how many of these I did every day in a rehab hospital, just three years ago, after a serious stroke. the p.t.'s there should have extremely frequent and more important <pertinent> c.e.'s.

  16. My doctor always makes me touch my toes so I told her NO, cuz it’s too hard, I’m 5 ft 11 in & a gut, overweight and 70, so what’s the point of having to do it, cuz I don’t know the answer to that!!! Maybe you can tell me. 👍🏻👍🏻👵🏼

  17. What if we do the superman one with single legs. One leg up at a time? I didn’t know this one was high risk. I will stop it. But the single leg still high risk? I really respect these type of videos. We need it.

  18. Some of the exercises you show we do to strengthen the belly to support the back. So what exercise do you recommend to strengthen the back?

  19. I love you guys and watch your videos all the time! I am a triathlete, yogini and a dancer and really use your tips. Toe touches/forward bends and Superman pose are encouraged by many yoga instructors so I need to re-think them. The " windmill " is one that many of my dance teachers love to use along with a torso rotation as a warmup move. Personally, I think this movement is really dangerous esp. in warmup- it feels terrible so I have to believe my body is telling me something even if it does look very "dancey". Just not worth blowing a disk.

  20. I used to always have back trouble when I slept on my stomach and when I was younger always used the twister board ,also bad

  21. what exercises can be used as substitute and how do these exercises affect the low back (the structures affected and mechanisms of action)

  22. There are probably moisture wicking shirts that have suits or tuxedos printed on them so you can wear them to the gym, look like James Bond while you are working out, and then go save the world afterward. But on a more serious note – most of these exercises are definitely not a good thing to do if you are already having trouble with low back pain; you need to work on strengthening the core muscles first so you can take some of the strain off the muscles in the lower back and be patient with yourself. For me, it took a few years and that is because I was following yoga routines at home. I learned how much of a range of motion I could tolerate, got some stuff to loosen up, and didn't try to force any of the poses. Occasionally I do something that feels fine at the time until the next day when my back & neck tell me that they are not happy about it, but not very often. It's pretty cool feel like I am aging in reverse, sort of – everyone else is starting to have joint stiffness or other medical problems, and while I do have some issues that I have to be wary of aggravating it is nice to be able to have such flexibility in my 50s.

  23. I stopped my exercise classes because I had crippling back pains the next day. Guess what? we did all of the exercises shown here. In fact the touch toes one was a 90 degree bend with arms extended straight out not down. No wonder my back is in in spasm 6 months on!

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