5 Essentials for Oily, Dry Acne Prone Skin! How to Get Clear Skin at Home | Wish, Try, Love

100 thoughts on “5 Essentials for Oily, Dry Acne Prone Skin! How to Get Clear Skin at Home | Wish, Try, Love

  1. Hi Wishtrend! Video idea: How to use your skincare products more effectively.
    Thxx! Ily so much, you are the only channel i can rely on for skincare advice

  2. Hi loves💖 These are some frequently asked questions. We’re pinning the answers for them here!

    1. Is it okay for teens to use this kit?

    Yes this kit is okay for teens to use. Wishtrend uses ingredients that are fine on teenage skin, so as long as you don’t have allergies to specific ingredient, it’s fine.

    2. What skin type do you recommend this product for?

    We recommend this kit to those with acne prone skin and/or oily dehydrated skin.

    3. How do I purchase this kit?

    Follow the link below! You can purchase it there. For shipping enquiries, send an email to [email protected] for quick replies.

  3. Please update for dry skin too. 😭 Your videos are really helpful , hope you'll grant my wish .

  4. Is the Klaire's cleansing oil super necessary to begin with for the night routine?

    P.S. I ordered the box and am really exicited to try this new routine. Thank you so much!

  5. actually im only 12 yrs old and i have oily and acne prone skin , should i do skincare or is it bad for my skin ?

  6. I sadly wasn't able to get the live box with the extra gifts and discount as my internet wasn't working that time. But I just bought the main deal box 🙂 I also bought the free vitamin c serum deal yesterday. I can't wait to get my packages!

  7. I feel like some of the products are for anti-aging. Since it’s not recommended to use anti-aging products when you are young, I can’t get the box. Could you make a teenage version?

  8. Wow I literally just received a package from yesstyle that I bought a week ago, which has most of what is in the kit.. I'm- 😐

  9. How long should we wait between each step? Some videos I watch indicate wait times between each step.
    ALSO everytime I put SPF on under makeup my makeup SLIDES off and transfers a lot… is this also because I'm not waiting long enough for it to sink in? Really want to buy this box, just have a couple questions first 🙂

  10. I WOULD LOOOOOOOVEEE TO TRY THIS KIT but i just got a new job,how am I supposed to purchase this😭😭😭 i hope you'll have this deal again in near future✨

  11. Amazing products exactly for my skintype? Yes, please! Ordered my box just now!! Thank you Wishtrend!! 💜

  12. did you know i have problem skin . acne , acne scars and dark spot and thats make me crazy i feel so ugly 😭 im really want to have clean skin. im really need this

  13. Thankyouuuuu my skin is oily and acne prone especially in this humid weather so this is really perfect for me!!

  14. Awww 😍😍 Why Wishtrend always have a such great offering and a lots of great product that so tempt to try it, but my pocket won't allow it 😔😔

  15. I rly want to buy it but i want to wait till the end of the 2 weeks cuz I'm broke but I'm worried cuz its limited stock!

  16. I have dry and a little oily skin , I need it but I don't live in the USA .I live in CANADA.😔😔 I'm 16 years old and love you all😍😍

  17. hi wishtrend please Sponsor meeee I just really obsessed with the klair's Product and I cant find klair' everywhere pleaseeeee Sponsor meee😭😭😭💞

  18. Hello,
    I'm from Brazil. Usually, I buy a maximum of 5 products per order not exceeding $50, so that there is no risk of being taxed by customs. Am I at risk of being taxed if I make the purchase of this kit?

  19. How do you do benefice???!! It's such a great deal I want to order it right now T_T
    Thank you guys so much!

  20. Please make a video about what is the safe ingredients and products for pregnant women.. Pleaseeee~

  21. I just bought the c vitamin serum a week ago and it did wonders! The redness reduced so much I can barely see it Thank you wish for showing these products!

  22. Hello wishternder tv my name is jezi and am from India…..i just wanna say something it just that I had a acne scars on my face searching for a product i end up with wishternder tv after I started using klairs toner and black sugar exfoliation,moisturiser i didn't used cleanser it becomes little bit out of budget and it be a 3 or 4 week am using wanted to say thanks to guy coz my acne scars going light and i love my skin the product made something to my skin and my skin are soo good now……and now am gone buy cleanser and vitamin c serum and vitamin e mask and am started my saving i just wanted to say that i really really love you wishternder you guys are best beauty bloggers ❤️️fighting

  23. I just ordered the box!!!! I’m sooooo excited I know that I can trust you guys with my skincare❤️❤️❤️

  24. Hello WishtrendTV, I have a question how to pay if you don't have a paypal or credit card? I want to pay cash on cash from Philippines please help cause I really want to buy it that product 😊

  25. Hi, could you pleeease do a video about atopy (eczema & allergies) on which skincare and makeup brands that are fragrance, toxic free? It would be such a big help as there are a lot of good products out there such as Cica creams etc and it is hard to tell if they should be used or if they work well for such skin conditions, thank you!~

  26. Do a video on how to deal with acne on just one side of your face.
    Coz rn I have a whoooole outbreak but only on the right side of my face💔

  27. Minakshi Dave
    Can you make a video with products that help with back acne and hyperpigmentation on back… not lot of material on internet which is true and affordable and your recommendations really really work.. will be helpful to so many girls like me who feel self conscious about pigment on back🙏🙏 thank

  28. Omg I couldn’t be happier for this. Thank you so much guys 🤗🤗 I shall purchase it soon! Greetings from London xx

  29. Iam a teen and my skin has smile links large pores and my skin looks older then my age unnie~~ Please help me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  30. Great concept.. products.. offers… do u hav anything similar for anti-aging. I would love to gift it to my mom if possible!!

  31. my kit finally came and i just used it for the first time, my skin already feels so de-clogged, cool, fresh and supple. i can't wait to finish all the products 🙂 this is my first time experimenting with a genuine skincare routine so thank you guys so much for getting me started <3

  32. Thank you!!! Hope to buy everything soon, but now I only bought vitamin drops. That’s fantastic! I’ve used it for 2 weeks and I can see the result already. So happy!

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