5 Best Things To Do In Barcelona

– Oh, we just popped up in Barcelona. We’re in your city, and we’re about to do the best things that you could possibly do in Barcelona. Get ready. Hey! (hip hop music) This is gonna be home for
the next couple of days. Get used to it. First things first, one
of the best things to do when you’re visiting Barcelona
is to get a workout in on the beach. All right, so it’s our
first day in Barcelona. And this is gonna be the
first workout of the trip. I went ahead and wrote
down this workout routine, we’re gonna start off with the warm up. Jumping Jacks, mountain climbers,
low plank and high plank. Switching lunges, we’re gonna go for 30 reps for each exercise. A total of three times
to complete the warm up, Then we’re going to get into round one, That’s going to be burpees 10 times. Box jumps right up here 10 times. handstand push ups, 10 times, and then we’re going to finish
off with archer push ups, we’re going to max those out. So that’s going to be
the routine for the day, and this is going to be our
gym for the workout session. Let’s get started. So with every workout I’m
always like to start off with a light warmup. And for today’s workout routine, we’re actually going to
be focusing on lower body and upper body specifically,
pushing movements, which will be engaging our
quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, shoulders, arms and chest, and
incorporating high intensity exercises in between that are
gonna bring up our heart rate. This is gonna allow us to burn
more fat, build lean muscle, and get the most out
of our workout routine. Let’s go, let’s go. We’re gonna do this what three more times? And then we’re gonna
get the workout started. This is a great workout
for building muscle and burning fat when you
don’t have access to the gym. Or when you’re on vacation and want to take your workout outdoors Woo! All right. It’s time to get the real workout started. That’s going to be burpees 10 times. Box jumps right up here 10 times. You can get this workout routine
and more workout programs by downloading the Heriapro
app in the App Store or Google Play store. Handstand push ups, 10
times, go, let’s go! And with every single workout routine, I always like to incorporate
some type of technique. So for today’s workout, we’re incorporating handstand push ups. (light hip hop music) All right, all right,
all right, all right. Last exercise of the day,
that’s gonna be archer push ups. Let’s get it boys, max out. By downloading the Heria Pro app, you’re going to have access
to all my workout programs and workouts that I post
on a daily and weekly basis specifically designed for building muscle and getting shredded with
minimal to no fitness equipment. There we go, we got
three more rounds to go, that’s gonna complete this routine and then maybe we’ll show you
guys what we’re going to be eating around tonight. If you’re going to work out
on the beach in Barcelona, a good tip would be to
go up a little more north on the beach, past the W Hotel,
there’s going to be a lot less people with great places to drink. So download the Heria pro app, right now and have me as a
personal trainer in your pocket. The next thing you’re going to want to do when you’re in Barcelona
is eat some good food. Alright guys, right now
we’re in the Gothic Quarter. And one of the best
things to do in Barcelona is actually to explore this
place and try some amazing food specifically paella, and tacos. So that’s what we’re gonna do right now. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish from the east coast of Spain. It’s generally made with
seafood, like lobster, muscles, and shrimp in a garlic tomato sauce. Mixed into bomba rice. Tapas or another thing
you’re going to want to try in Barcelona, they’re
basically small plates like an appetizer that
are meant to be shared among a group of people. We get to try a lot of different
things without overdoing it which will make it easier
to be able to control your caloric intake. If you’re eating food or different courses that are higher and carbs and necessary, it’ll be good to burn them
off rather than having them stored in your body and turn into fat. Walk around throughout the
day or walk to the place you’re going to eat at. The views and scenes or dope,
but we’ll get into that later. All food can be enjoyed with moderation. Just like one salad will get you in shape, one scoop of ice cream,
won’t hurt you if you’ve been consistently living a
healthy and active lifestyle. That was an honor having you
help us out in service man. You guys ready? – Yep.
– Cheers guys Let’s get out of here. Next up is to explore the city. There are a lot of cool
spots in Barcelona, and some spots you’re gonna want to visit are the Gothic quarters and Las Ramblas. The Gothic quarters is an
old historic neighborhood in Barcelona with winding
alleyways, epic skate spots, and includes the remains
of the city’s Roman wall, and several notable medieval landmarks with a lot of it being restored
in the early 20th century. So it’s developed a
contrast look of the old mixed with the new. Las Ramblas is a landmark
near the Gothic quarters that’s also worth exploring,
with more alleyways to get lost and cool places to take
photos, and videos. And of course, you want to
walk along the boardwalk by the W Hotel at night where
you’ll find the best views by the water, and all the nightclubs. But overall I gotta
give Barcelona 10 stars. I highly recommend
everybody to go and visit. All right guys, come over here. You guys ready? He’s gonna stretch you guys out. – Spread out, just like this. – It’s just changed my way of living, and he just, I think motivating, you know, to be here with you guys. And you know, take some
classes with the pros. – Woo, all right, so we
just finished the warm up, now we’re getting into the technique. Gonna teach these guys how to handstand, then we’re gonna get
into the back workout. – I’ve always been watching
like Chris Heria’s videos with Zay or like, he’s just like inspired
me totally to come here, to do workouts at home. What they’ve done, not only like tennis, but to just like, the world,
is just something amazing. – All right, You take
care of them real quick? Guys meet me in the other room, we’re gonna stat the workout drill. Three, two, let’s go, one. Training with everyone was a lot of fun. Everyone had great vibes
and were highly coachable. We had a lot of people hold their first freestanding handstands, and
I can’t wait to come back and see their progress. Guys we’re gonna wrap up
today’s workout routine, thank you so much for coming. I’m definitely gonna be back,
I can’t wait to be back. If you guys have any questions at all, of course you guys can ask me right now. And If you guys want to take
some photos, I’ll be over here. (clapping) One of the best things
you can do when visiting somewhere after enjoying
everything they have to offer is to give back any way you can, whether it’s with good
vibes, giving bigger tips, picking up some trash off the beach, or just doing something
for their community. Remember, the more you
give, the more you receive. Alright guys, we’re on
the way to Rome right now, which means our time in Barcelona is up. But thank you guys so much
watching and sticking around with us on the trip as we
showed you our favorite places and things to do around here. Stay tuned for the next video where we’re going to be in Rome, and subscribe if you haven’t already. We post every Thursday
2 pm USA Eastern Time. Mad love baby. (hip hop music) Smash that like button, guys.

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